The Great Union Hypocrisy

June 7, 2010

My tirade and assault on the unions; nay their corrupt political arms, continues. With a recent piece of literature *cough propaganda cough* coming through my mail box today, I opened it to find a new wave of insults and derogatory remarks aimed at the tea party people. Now, to clear any confusion, I am not a member of a tea party group. However, I FULLY support their ideals and see them as trying to rightfully reclaim their country from a bureaucratic monstrosity and big government bent on spending us into oblivion. Anyway, this union assails to good people from the tea party with statements such as these: “Their paranoia and hatred for anything to do with President Obama have blinded them to the point of a sort of mass hysteria that I believe is a social phenomenon this country hasn’t seen since the days of McCarthyism.” Where do I start? First off, I haven’t seen a whole ton of ‘mass hysteria’ from the tea party. Nope, all I see is a bunch of flag waving and singing patriotic songs. Hmm… are those crazy people patriotic? Nope, jingoistic and nationalist. Shame on those filthy, backwards bomb throwers and rabble-rousers.

Secondly, I think that the anti-war loons from Vietnam through the Iraq war would more so qualify for ‘mass hysteria’, especially the ones that carried signs portraying Bush as Hitler or with a bullet through his forehead. Maybe the Watts or LA rioters. Still drawing blanks unnamed union official?

“The ugliness being stirred up in our Country by the tea baggers needs to stop. The rest of the world sees us as tea baggers and not the kind- hearted people that we are. Just before Tim McVeigh, the mood in the country was ugly as well. Wake up people!” This one I’m really getting sick of. The only ugliness that’s being stirred up is being opened by leftists like *unnamed union official* who constantly refer to tea partiers by a sexualized slur. The same people that are ‘kind- hearted people that we are’ are the ones defaming the tea partiers that have legitimate and substantial worries about the direction our country is heading in. And why is it that every time a conservative (or conservative group) raises hackles about something the left brings up Timothy McVeigh? We conservatives don’t bring up the Black Panthers or Bill Ayers. Also, do you really think grandma’s gonna whip out a Magnum .357 or Uzi from her purse and mow down a bunch of politicos? Maybe we should be concentrating on people like, oh I don’t know… Nidal Hassan or Abdul Malik Mohammed Hussein… heck with it, the boxer bomber? Not every time an atmosphere is ugly it ends in violence, nope, sometimes it ends in political hacks losing their jobs, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are poised for.

“It seems the public is tiring of the anti-Obama rhetoric, but that doesn’t mean it will go away…” Before I continue with this whopper, I had to bring something up. ‘It won’t go away’? You mean like that health care bill from the devil? The one that 65%+ of Americans didn’t want yet was shoved down our throats? Yeah, he knows what he’s talking about. “…Certainly if the economy improves month by month, then the hypocrisy of the teabaggers will become more visible to the public because they’ll realize that the bottom line is that the majority of the teabaggers, for whatever reason, either strongly dislike or simply hate Barack Obama.” Uh-huh. If the economy improves month by month, yeah that’s a big ‘if’ dummy. Especially considering that out of the 400,000 jobs we added in April or May or whatever month it was, 90%+ of them were temp. Census jobs. ‘WOW! Honey, I was just hired to the Census bureau. Only problem… I’ll be out of work in 6 weeks.’ Yeah, economy’s really looking up. Uh-huh. Maybe the economy is not getting better because we didn’t spend enough money on it. Yeah, that’s it. We need to spend more money. So here’s the deal, we’ll spend $20,000,000,000,000 to bail EVERYBODY out and then there’ll be enough money to go around and companies will hire and world hunger will be eradicated etc. The only minor side effect? Our dollars will be worth, oh say… 1/10th of a Zimbabwean dollar. (If that doesn’t register, a hamburger in Zimbabwe costs 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. An egg costs 500 billion.) But darn them teabagging rednecks, they just hate Obama because ‘AAAAHHHH there’s a bleck mann in da whyite hause!!!!!’ Give me a break.

You see my fellow Americans, union leadership is corrupt as a rule. Members in unions are just like everyday Americans. They want their kids to be safe and to have a better life than they had. They want America to be free and prosperous. Most probably have conservative views. But the union leadership has become nothing but a political pawn, a shill, a sheeple for the Democratic Socialist party of America. They should not be taken seriously anymore.

Now Is The Time…

March 22, 2010

Yes my friends, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. This health care bill has passed. Now comes the time for legal action, civil disobedience and all other manners of opposition that we are legally entitled to as United States citizens. Now is the time for states to pass laws unbinding themselves from this burden that has been placed on their shoulders. Now is the time to call for the impeachment of Barack Obama for unconstitutional actions. Now is the time for citizens to refuse to adhere to an unconstitutional infringement upon their liberties. Now is the time for all good men to act.

Now is the time for Republicans and conservatives to restate their opposition to this bill and their commitment to having it repealed. Now is the time for Republicans to gear up to make sure that Barack Obama is a one term president. It is the time to ensure that Nancy Pelosi never again becomes the Speaker of the House, that once respectable house of the people that is now little more than an enclave of corruption, arm twisting and bribery, that once honorable institution that is now little more than a partisan playhouse wherein one party passes groundbreakingly bad legislation over the will of the people. Now is the time for all good men to act.

This bill will do nothing to address the problems with health care but will cause massive amounts of new problems. New government programs will allow for more red tape, less innovation, more taxes and worse care. This bill will provide federal funds for abortion despite Obama’s symbolic gesture of an executive order disallowing abortion funding. Stupak was duped and he screwed the American people with his vote. My prayer is that he will be replaced with a true pro-lifer. A conservative Republican. Now is the time for all good men to act.

Nothing we can say or do will remove the fact that socialist democrats have passed the most marxist, statist piece of legislation in the history of our proud Republic. But what we can say and do is repeal it before the damage is done. We must take this fight to the conservative Supreme Court and have it nullified by showing it’s true constitutional problems. This bill can be defeated even now, repealed, annulled, nullified. It can be and it should be. Let every Republican now raise his/her voice in support of taking this bill to the SCOTUS. It is the time for every Republican challenger and incumbent run on the repeal of this monstrosity. Now is the time for all good men to act.

I watched the whole spectacle yesterday. Starting at 1:30 in the afternoon I watched as Pelosi and co. were heckled by angry protesters all the way up to 11:45 P.M. after the final vote was cast. I watched as socialist dems cheered the demise of freedom in America. It was then that I swore in my wrath that I will do everything in my power to bring America back to where it was when I was a child. Where it should be according to the Constitution and our founding fathers. It is my time to do everything I can to support conservatives and Republicans like John Boehner, Michelle Bachmann and Mike Pence who resolutely fought this bill and continue to do so. Now is the time for all good men to act.

“Almighty God, Creator of all things, Upholder of the universe, we come before Thee today to ask that You not remove Thy gracious hand of blessing from our land. I ask that Thou put within the hearts of Americans a contrite spirit, that we might return to Thee and repent of our wicked ways. We ask that Thou protect our leaders, but that Thou might convict them and cause them to turn against this bill that dishonors You through the slaughter of the unborn. Please Lord we beseech Thee, save our land. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray, amen.”

Hell(th) Care

March 19, 2010

My friends, we are on the brink of a precipice from which we will not easily return. Thanks to princess pelosi and the democrats, we are now simply 2 days and a vote away from becoming another country with socialized medicine. The sad thing is that 73% of Americans DON’T WANT this bill. According to several sources the phones on the hill are ringing off the hook with the vast majority of calls being against this monstrosity of a bill. Yet somehow, inside the beltway bubble and within princess pelosi, harry the hairy ape reid and obama’s sphere of influence, the representatives are more concerned with the speaker of the house than they are with their employers, the American people.

Now, for all the liberals/progressives/marxists/commies out there, well they’ll probably say ‘look at that idiot! He can’t spell (title) and doesn’t know how to capitalize (proper names). WRONG! I, An Informed Mind, know full well all the conventional rules of grammar, I am instead choosing to do what I can to oppose those that are usurping our rights and trampling our Constitution. Congressional democrats are going against the American people and I can guarantee you there is going to be a revolution in this country. But it is going to be a peaceful, electoral revolution. Americans are going to vote en masse to throw the jack-n-apes out of office come this November. And I can say this, they had better be prepared to defend this bill because the Republicans are coming and they are campaigning on the dems voting a health care bill down an unwilling public’s throat.

There is still hope that this bill won’t pass. Yes votes can become no votes through the public voicing their extreme hatred for this bill and by dems either seeing the light or feeling the heat. However, if it does pass, I will do everything in my power to force Congress and every elected official to repeal this infringement of our rights. Never before has government mandated the purchase of a good. Contrary to progressive, marxist theology, health care is not… wait let me say this with maximum emphasis NOT a right. Something that can be bought and sold is not a right but a good. Same as a car is not a right, nor a job. Only in Soviet Russia do they think that such things are rights. Rights come from GOD as stated in the Constitution: “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Congress has no right to transfer, take or give rights. If they did it would be tyranny and that is exactly where we are headed.

All Christians that love their country should begin praying RIGHT NOW that this bill does not pass. “Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, upholder of the universe, we beseech Thee humbly in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, that Thou imbue our leaders with wisdom, that Thou strengthen the foundation of our Republic and that Thou change the minds of them that would vote for this bill. Lord, we know that all nations are next to nothing to You and that Thou regardest not a wicked man, but we ask Thee humbly to protect and preserve our nation by Thy providence and keep this bill from passing. We ask that we may glorify Thy name in honor, Amen.” I believe that the same God that removed the sickness from the body of Hezekiah, the same God that raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, the same God that made the sun stand still in the Valley of Aijalon can change the course of our history in that we may go back to freedom and liberty instead of into the long dark night of government tyranny. I believe that if we come humbly before Him, believing, in faith we can defeat this bill or repeal it if it does pass. Pray dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

For you conservatives that are not Christians we can still defeat this bill. However, I cannot unwind my Christianity from my conservatism. To me they are inextricably intertwined. It goes Christian, American, Conservative. All are important to me. But back on subject, flood Congress with your phone calls, emails, faxes, letters. Go to the Congressional offices and stage a sit-down. Take a bullhorn and make your voice be heard. Congress, if they don’t hear you now, they NEED to hear you SOON before this evil bill from the pit of hell is passed. If it is, it will be that much harder to repeal it.

(Toll Free numbers below! Call and tell everyone you know to call as well. Make your voices heard about NOT WANTING THIS BILL!!!)

The Left’s Assault on Assault Weapons

March 12, 2010

The left’s obsession with banning ‘assault weapons’ is fascinating. They tout the weapons as machine guns, full blown war fighting weapons that are more relevant in Chechnya than in Chatanooga. But the truth is, the left is using propaganda to sway voters minds and to try and enforce ever more restrictive gun laws and thereby take away Americans’ second amendment rights.

Assault weapons are little more than military weapon look-alikes. They are not machine guns, when one pulls the trigger bullets do not fly out in bloodbath inducing regularity. One pull of the trigger equals one bullet. The difference is that, like handguns, you can keep pulling the trigger and bullets keep coming out, unlike traditional rifles or hunting weapons which after you fire you need to reload. Some of the weapons include militaristic features such as pistol grips and flash suppressors. However, criminals do not prefer such weapons in many cases as they prefer easy to conceal and carry handguns. Therefore, by grabbing the long guns off of citizens, the government is making Americans less safe.

The framers of the Constitution knew that firearms had many purposes. Thomas Jefferson touted guns as for sport, preferring the use of firearms to games involving balls. Washington and others used firearms to hunt, both for sport and for food. However, they also knew that guns are essential to the rights of a free people. Tyrants don’t rule when the people are armed. That is the basis of the quote “when the people fear the government there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people there is liberty.” Guns are essential to the repulsion of foreign invasion as well as domestic oppression. The founders knew this and the reason that we ultimately did win against the British in our war for independence was because ordinary citizens took up arms and became citizen soldiers.

I’m not advocating the purchase of assault weapons. I don’t personally see the need of owning one myself. However, I do see the folly in taking arms out of the hands of lawful owners. My family owns several weapons. We have never once committed a crime with those weapons nor have we been tempted to. Weapons are not the problem, the problem is the fallen state of sinful man. Banning weapons doesn’t fix anything, it just makes the lawful owners less able to defend themselves from the criminals that will get guns regardless of gun laws. So, as a proud conservative and gun rights supporter, STOP TRYING TO BAN GUNS!!!

Communist Dominoes Are Falling… Or Are They?

December 2, 2009

May 18, 1990 Ronald Reagan gave one of his most famous speeches. It was pertaining to the notion of communism and the collapse of the system throughout Europe. He said: “Let me tell you the basis of my optimism for our future. What has made the United States great is that ours has been an empire of ideals. The ideals of freedom, democracy, and a belief in the remarkable potential of the individual. Power isn’t simply wealth or troops. Power is also spirit and ideas. And these we have in abundance.”

“The attitude of wanting to be the biggest and to go the farthest and to get there first and to do the most good when we arrived is part of our national character. Americans have always been larger than life. We wanted to establish the best government on Earth. We wanted to put a man on the moon. This is the spirit we set loose. This is the passion that invented the revolutionary technologies and a culture young people everywhere envy.”

“And this is the attitude that has defeated communism. At some dark, lonely moment during the last decade, a terrible realization set in upon the leaders of the Soviet Union. They realized that their system could not take them where the United States and the rest of the free world was going.”

“The West’s economics and technologies were a powerful booster blasting us into orbits the Communist world could not hope to reach. Our communications technology sailed over the barbed wire and concrete walls, letting their citizens know what democracy could offer, what free markets could provide. Our computer technology left them bewildered and behind, paper societies in an electronic age…”

“Communist dominoes are falling all over the world. We must continue to give Communist dominoes a good push whenever and wherever we can. There are still those that must fall-China, North Korea, North Vietnam, North Yemen, and of course, Cuba. Cuba is next in democracy’s sweep. And let me say directly to Fidel Castro-like Honecker in East Germany, like Ceausescu in Romania, like Noriega in Panama, like all the other has-been dictators of despair, you cannot fight democracy’s destiny. Fidel, you’re finished!…”

“We should not be timid in our embrace of democracy. We should be as bold and brash in our democratic ideals as ever in our history. The Golden Age of Freedom is near because America has remained true to her ideals. This is not the time to let our support for democracy wane.”

That was some of the wisest words I have ever seen written on paper. They are as relevant today as they were 19 years ago. But sadly, his words are not ringing true, and they aren’t because we have the polar opposite of him in Obama. Let me break it down. America still has those bold, brash, and confident ideals of getting there first and doing it best. The only problem is, our government, the very people that are supposed to be making sure that we can and encouraging us on, is now telling Americans that we are no better than anyone else and we should all gather around a campfire and sing Kumbaya. I don’t think so. Americans are larger than life and if Europeans can’t compete, that’s THEIR fault, not ours.

Communism was on it’s death-bed when Reagan left office and George Bush took office. Unfortunately some, thinking Communism was dead, took their foot off the throttle and allowed Communist embers to smolder silently for years. This is on George Bush and Clinton especially. We could have dealt a major blow to China, North Korea etc. to focus the same attention on them that we did on the USSR. But we wanted peace and non-confrontational approaches after five decades of anti-communism. So we allowed China, N. Korea etc. to live in their Communism. Now we have Commies in the White House and undermining America through our president. Sadly, Reagan is probably rolling over in his grave.

Computer technology was used in the Iran crisis to relay messages of brutal suppression of thoughts, ideals, freedom. What did our president do? Stand in solidarity with the Iranian people demonstrating for freedom? No, he said that we don’t want to meddle in another nation’s internal affairs. Reagan knew the difference between meddling and promoting freedom. Obama apparently doesn’t or doesn’t care. Twitter, Facebook, text messages and cell phones were used by freedom seeking Iranians, just as Reagan said. Yet Obama did not have the foresight, or the backbone, to stand in solidarity with those poor souls. For that, we have maybe hundreds killed, thousands wounded and America’s stance tarnished.

We still need to give a firm push on the dominoes of Communism. There are still far too many prolific Communist systems around the world. One is around 100 miles from our shores, another is our second largest trading partner. Others are openly oppressing their people and we, under Obama, are doing nothing to counter that. It is a sad day when the French hold a stronger line against a tyrannical regime than the leader of the Free World. This is a serious problem that Obama, and only Obama, can correct. He needs to man up and show the evil regimes of the world that America will talk, but when that fails, we are prepared to back up our words with action. Obama can take a page from Israel. As my dad says, “You have to give Israel credit, they don’t take any cr** from anybody.” Indeed if we are to remain the leader of the Free World, we need to show that there is great benefit to being our allies and heck to pay if you attack us.

Reagan said we shouldn’t be timid in our embrace of democracy. That is exactly what Obama is being. He was timid on Iran, his plan is timid on the Taliban and Al Qaeda and his timidity in dealing with the Russians and the missile defense shield is sickening. Whereas we should be proving to our allies that we are dependable, strong, resolute and able, we are proving to our enemies that we are undependable, wishy-washy and prone to giving up. The only way to beat Al Qaeda and every other enemy is to outblast and outlast them. We are basically saying, “Last this long, and we’ll give up.” What a terrible thing to say to people that want to see us all dead. America, get back to pushing dominoes. Maybe not communist dominoes, but we need to get those last ones down. Now is not the time to let off the throttle like we did 15 years ago. Islamic Extremism needs to be killed while we have the chance. And I say directly to Obama, “MAN UP! PROVE AMERICA HAS IDEALS AND WILL FIGHT FOR THEM!”

Unions: A Threat to Our Freedom

October 25, 2009

My friends, I have not always been anti-union. I once, mistakenly, thought that unions rea lly were fighting for the ‘little guy’ and that if it weren’t for the unions the corporate heavies and CEOs would shaft the working stiffs as bad as they wanted. But now I realize, hey, the unions are as bad if not worse to the average worker than the management is. Allow me to explain.

The UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO and every other union it seems is for the Employee Free Choice Act (which shall hereafter be labeled as EFCA), which really has nothing to do with either employees or freedom. What it really is is a wordplay because if it sounded like what it would actually do, people would be running for the doors and gnashing their teeth at the demise of our democracy. Let me break it down further for you and give you all the nitty gritty that Big Labor doesn’t want you to know.

Myth #1: The EFCA would make unionizing easier and workers would have more rights as a result. Truth #1: While it would make unionizing easier, the way it would be done is shady and underhanded and denies workers the most basic and fundamental rights of democracy. With this bill tops on the union bosses list of things to get done with their ‘progressive’ allies in congress, every American should inspect it and take note of the loss of rights through its passage. The bill would force companies to allow a simple card check to allow unionization. With it, employees of the company would sign cards if they wanted a union, those who oppose the union simply would not sign. Sound harmless? I didn’t think so. This puts those that don’t want to join at risk of union intimidation… (NO!!! They wouldn’t do that!!! They want to help the little guy!!! Watch the video of an SEIU thug beating up on a town hall protester. You might change your mind.) and those that do accept the union are open to discrimination from management. Also, it would do away with elections, if the majority signs the cards, BAM! Unionized. Now isn’t that just great?! Let’s do away with that quaint little concept of democracy and secret ballots!

Myth #2: Card check would still allow private elections. Truth #2: While this is quasi-true, a big, fat, stinky lie is wrapped in a thin veil of truthfulness. Unions state that they don’t do elections unless there is a 65-80% show of interest in unionizing and card check would allow unionization with just a majority of cards. This means that workers cannot demand an election without becoming union. With current law 30% or higher signed cards means that an election is called. When the election is done, private balloting determines the future of the unionization drive. But with EFCA, if less than 50% sign the cards an election is called. However, if more than 50% sign, the union is recognized, eliminating the right to an election. Since unions do not allow elections with less than 50% (because unions win only 8% of elections called with less than 40% interest) than would almost completely eliminate the election. So while elections could still happen, union bosses would determine the types of union organized drives and determine when to submit the cards or not to at all. This takes ALL rights away from the workers and employers and puts them into the hands of the union.

Now those myths and truths are enough to prove that EFCA is bad for the workers, the employer and the economy at large. The only ones that would benefit is *gasp* the unions. No wonder the UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO are all supporting it. They don’t care about workers, they care about padding their own pockets.

When union people see this they are going to go crazy. They’ll call me racist, sexist, anti-worker, pro-CEO, conservative elitist born with a silver spoon in my mouth, living in Bel-Aire, chewing on caviar, French speakin’, polo playin’, Gulfstream jet ridin’, Toyota drivin’, gun totin’, exotic animal hunting rich guy who just hates anyone cutting into my profit. Tell you the truth, nothing above is true. I don’t have a silver spoon in my mouth because my dad was in the UAW, I live in Ohio, never tasted caviar, can’t say a word in French (and proud of it!), hate polo, hate Toyota, and have never seen an exotic animal in person. But the truth is liberals and progressives and union heavies are more out of touch with Americans than the conservatives are. Because unlike the union bosses, Americans like elections, private ballots and free choice when they vote. Unlike unions Americans don’t want to be pressured to vote either way and want their consciences to be the only things that are swaying their vote. Unlike unions, Americans don’t hate CEOs just because they make money and Americans also know that business is not evil. Unlike the unions, Americans don’t think unions are inextricably tied to the economy and don’t believe that whenever unions suffer, the economy follows suit.

The EFCA isn’t about worker’s rights, except in infringing upon them. This is about advancing unions and lining the pockets of Big Labor to support liberals and progressives for congress. Unions have stated in the past their contempt for Ronald Reagan because of the PATCO air traffic controller strike, yet they deny that he lead our country through 8 years of prosperity. Their iconic favorite… Jimmy Carter. The hypocrisy of it all is astounding. Americans need to stand up and say ‘NO WAY are you taking away our rights to a free and fair election, and you’re not going to intimidate or harass me if I don’t sign.’ Until Americans stand up to unions, they will continue to trample or attempt to trample our rights. Stay tuned, this could very well heat up in coming months.