Clinton To Attack Tea Party

February 17, 2010

According to Bill Clinton is organizing a pushback to the tea party movement. He and his team are going to ‘identify 7 or 8 national leaders’ of the movement and then try to either threaten them or bribe them into turning. With an inside man/woman they will be able to try and tear the movement apart at the seams. The others that aren’t able to be converted will be subjected to smear tactics and character assassinations.

This is typical of the left. Instead of recognizing that this is a legitimate grassroots movement, they will try and find a ‘leading man’ as it were and use him/her against his/her compatriots in the movement. Unfortunately for them, the tea party has no real leaders as it springs up from the people, just as the founders intended it.

It could get ugly as the progressive movement fights for it’s life against the tea party patriots. A big government Congress and President are fighting against the will of the people and are going to go bare-knuckle very soon as they try and stifle the growing movement that, if successful, will damage the progressive movement unlike any other damage it has seen in a century. Keep your eyes open America. Pugna in Conservatives, nostrum victoria est nox noctis!

Conservative Principles And the Burden of Big Government (Pre-election)

December 20, 2009


   The greatest tragedy of our time is the loss of personal responsibility by the American citizen. The rise of the Democratic party as we now know it is wrought by the corresponding deficiency of active conservative principles by our citizens. The Democratic party now has espoused the greatest big government agenda in the history of our great nation. They promise free money, free healthcare, free college tuition: who is going to pay for it? Where do we get the money? And more importantly, what do we do when that free money runs out? We will have become so dependant on the government that we will have shed all personal responsibility and will no longer know how to earn anything ourselves.

   In fact, we are rapidly heading toward that state now. The Democratic party seems an inexorable juggernaut unable to be stopped by traditional Republican tactics. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama champion the advent of government run healthcare (read: socialistic health-care) which would add untold trillions to the government debt which we are now entangled in. They support many billions of dollars toward the creation of new and far-ranging government programs for the poor and suffering. I am for the removal of poverty from the American scene, but never at the cost of throwing our security into the briny depths of foreign whims. How can we take care of our own citizens’ money issues while throwing the nation into debt and disarray?

   As every conservative knows, big government is the trumping of state and local government and the crushing of the will and freedom of the people of which the government was borne to serve. When government begins to control your wallet, yea, even a part of it, it becomes like a wild animal with bloodlust, it cannot be satiated with just the minor taste, it must consume the entire entity. This means that if we allow our liberal government to control even the minutest fraction of our financial lives, it will eventually grow to be the detestable brute that the founding Fathers intended to prevent through the various checks and balances. We must now elect someone with the great principles that have driven conservatives since the Reagan Revolution: the principles of integrity, honesty, small government, noninterference except when absolutely necessary, freedom of the individual, freedom of the nation, personal accountability and other principles so advocated by conservatives that have long thwarted the liberal pick-pocketing by the scourge of big government.

   You may ask why I speak of big government as an animal, or even a cumbersome and obstinate impediment to liberty. Well the common principles of man have long sustained the human race since the days of Noah and Moses to our current state. When God saw the wickedness of the people, he did not indiscriminately destroy Noah as well as the heathen sinners. No, he saw the righteousness of one and seven and spared them. As well as with the rebellion of Korah against the laws of God brought by Moses from the Mount Sinai, God destroyed Korah and his followers yet spared those that remained loyal to Him. Personal accountability made all the difference. The followers of God made a personal commitment to remain loyal and steadfast when others were blindly following one erroneous man. This can be said of liberalism, we follow blindly in the direction our brute big government leads us. With conservatism; however, personal responsibility is the driving force. Personal accountability in finances, freedom, choice and family. The government stays as much out of your life in a conservative government as it intrudes and obstructs in a liberal-run one.

   Therefore choose for yourself of which you wish to be yoked under: a government that restricts or a government that uplifts? A government that controls or a government that knows it’s role? A government that determines what you can do and when or a government that allows for personal freedom in bounds of natural law? A government that promises big and falls short or a government that stays out and allows you to become all you can be? A government whose yoke is crushing in weight and destructive in nature or a government whose yoke is light and unrestrictive? A government who lives to control or a government who is controlled by those living under it? A government grown to the size of unsustainable range or a government who helps more than controls? These are the questions before us now in the great moment of elective process. The time in which we exercise our will. We still have the choice, do we have the will? We still have the power to shrink this sizeable behemoth to a manageable and freedom loving ordinance run by us and doing our will. Will we step up and say to the government through our ballots that we will no longer be controlled by them, instead they will become adherents to our will?

   Now is not the time for apathy on the part of the great conservative spirit within every American. Now is the time to act, to set forth a new revolution: not one wrought by violence or death, not of communism nor Marxism nor liberalism. A peculiar revolution indeed it shall be, instead of ‘progressing’ to a new depth of personal unaccountability, we shall instead ‘progress backwards’ as it were, to the shining shores of liberty and the sunny plains of personal freedom. We can truly progress, but we shall progress genuinely, for once, toward a right and just goal of freedom and responsibility and the removing of the yoke of government that has become a prevalent factor in the ongoing demise of the liberty we have had for two hundred and thirty two years. We shall indeed break the bondage imposed by government and replace it with a righteous government of old, one of noninterference save the case of war, violence or fraud.

Communist Dominoes Are Falling… Or Are They?

December 2, 2009

May 18, 1990 Ronald Reagan gave one of his most famous speeches. It was pertaining to the notion of communism and the collapse of the system throughout Europe. He said: “Let me tell you the basis of my optimism for our future. What has made the United States great is that ours has been an empire of ideals. The ideals of freedom, democracy, and a belief in the remarkable potential of the individual. Power isn’t simply wealth or troops. Power is also spirit and ideas. And these we have in abundance.”

“The attitude of wanting to be the biggest and to go the farthest and to get there first and to do the most good when we arrived is part of our national character. Americans have always been larger than life. We wanted to establish the best government on Earth. We wanted to put a man on the moon. This is the spirit we set loose. This is the passion that invented the revolutionary technologies and a culture young people everywhere envy.”

“And this is the attitude that has defeated communism. At some dark, lonely moment during the last decade, a terrible realization set in upon the leaders of the Soviet Union. They realized that their system could not take them where the United States and the rest of the free world was going.”

“The West’s economics and technologies were a powerful booster blasting us into orbits the Communist world could not hope to reach. Our communications technology sailed over the barbed wire and concrete walls, letting their citizens know what democracy could offer, what free markets could provide. Our computer technology left them bewildered and behind, paper societies in an electronic age…”

“Communist dominoes are falling all over the world. We must continue to give Communist dominoes a good push whenever and wherever we can. There are still those that must fall-China, North Korea, North Vietnam, North Yemen, and of course, Cuba. Cuba is next in democracy’s sweep. And let me say directly to Fidel Castro-like Honecker in East Germany, like Ceausescu in Romania, like Noriega in Panama, like all the other has-been dictators of despair, you cannot fight democracy’s destiny. Fidel, you’re finished!…”

“We should not be timid in our embrace of democracy. We should be as bold and brash in our democratic ideals as ever in our history. The Golden Age of Freedom is near because America has remained true to her ideals. This is not the time to let our support for democracy wane.”

That was some of the wisest words I have ever seen written on paper. They are as relevant today as they were 19 years ago. But sadly, his words are not ringing true, and they aren’t because we have the polar opposite of him in Obama. Let me break it down. America still has those bold, brash, and confident ideals of getting there first and doing it best. The only problem is, our government, the very people that are supposed to be making sure that we can and encouraging us on, is now telling Americans that we are no better than anyone else and we should all gather around a campfire and sing Kumbaya. I don’t think so. Americans are larger than life and if Europeans can’t compete, that’s THEIR fault, not ours.

Communism was on it’s death-bed when Reagan left office and George Bush took office. Unfortunately some, thinking Communism was dead, took their foot off the throttle and allowed Communist embers to smolder silently for years. This is on George Bush and Clinton especially. We could have dealt a major blow to China, North Korea etc. to focus the same attention on them that we did on the USSR. But we wanted peace and non-confrontational approaches after five decades of anti-communism. So we allowed China, N. Korea etc. to live in their Communism. Now we have Commies in the White House and undermining America through our president. Sadly, Reagan is probably rolling over in his grave.

Computer technology was used in the Iran crisis to relay messages of brutal suppression of thoughts, ideals, freedom. What did our president do? Stand in solidarity with the Iranian people demonstrating for freedom? No, he said that we don’t want to meddle in another nation’s internal affairs. Reagan knew the difference between meddling and promoting freedom. Obama apparently doesn’t or doesn’t care. Twitter, Facebook, text messages and cell phones were used by freedom seeking Iranians, just as Reagan said. Yet Obama did not have the foresight, or the backbone, to stand in solidarity with those poor souls. For that, we have maybe hundreds killed, thousands wounded and America’s stance tarnished.

We still need to give a firm push on the dominoes of Communism. There are still far too many prolific Communist systems around the world. One is around 100 miles from our shores, another is our second largest trading partner. Others are openly oppressing their people and we, under Obama, are doing nothing to counter that. It is a sad day when the French hold a stronger line against a tyrannical regime than the leader of the Free World. This is a serious problem that Obama, and only Obama, can correct. He needs to man up and show the evil regimes of the world that America will talk, but when that fails, we are prepared to back up our words with action. Obama can take a page from Israel. As my dad says, “You have to give Israel credit, they don’t take any cr** from anybody.” Indeed if we are to remain the leader of the Free World, we need to show that there is great benefit to being our allies and heck to pay if you attack us.

Reagan said we shouldn’t be timid in our embrace of democracy. That is exactly what Obama is being. He was timid on Iran, his plan is timid on the Taliban and Al Qaeda and his timidity in dealing with the Russians and the missile defense shield is sickening. Whereas we should be proving to our allies that we are dependable, strong, resolute and able, we are proving to our enemies that we are undependable, wishy-washy and prone to giving up. The only way to beat Al Qaeda and every other enemy is to outblast and outlast them. We are basically saying, “Last this long, and we’ll give up.” What a terrible thing to say to people that want to see us all dead. America, get back to pushing dominoes. Maybe not communist dominoes, but we need to get those last ones down. Now is not the time to let off the throttle like we did 15 years ago. Islamic Extremism needs to be killed while we have the chance. And I say directly to Obama, “MAN UP! PROVE AMERICA HAS IDEALS AND WILL FIGHT FOR THEM!”

Valueless Liberalism

October 28, 2009

Through my online debates with members of the opposing viewpoint, I have found that a shockingly large number of liberals have no real morality. I have always believed that conservatives have the higher degree of morality due to support for life, marriage and freedom. But recently through discourse on the Drudge Retort, I have found that many far left liberals don’t mind silencing dissent, speaking out for freedom to die, and generally are all about ME.

I, through my natural inclination to debate and debate fiercely, entered into a discussion on the merits of the pro-life position conservatives have taken. I saw people who heralded the murder of Terry Schiavo through slow starvation as a ‘great moment’ in our history. I also saw people determined that it was their right as a woman to kill of the baby inside of them ‘because I don’t want a party of white men telling me what to do with my body.’ Still others were on my side claiming life was valuable and the teaching of intelligent design should be encouraged to offer a valuable alternative to the THEORY of evolution. They were ridiculed. One of my posts was removed because it contained an element of religion.

Liberals in the 40s, 50s and 60s were heralded for their open mindedness and tolerance. The liberal mindset though has come full circle, from tolerance for all to only tolerance for what they want to hear. Liberals complain of the Bush doctrine of the Patriot Act which allowed warrant-less wiretaps, yet they want to shout down all opposing viewpoints. Liberalism used to be the carefree open mindset which focused on personal generosity. Now it is a close minded, our view is the only view if you don’t agree with us we will shout you down and drown you out, take more of someone else’s money to pay for ‘social justice’ programs.

Liberals now applaud when someone is guaranteed a right to die, such as a baby or suicidal person, yet they denounce those that want to stick up for life. Pro life people just hate the woman with the baby, people that oppose doctor assisted suicide are simply people that don’t want others to be able to end their own misery. Yet they, the slaughterers of the unborn and defenders of murderers, are great humanitarians, promoting liberty to the pregnant and life to the prisoners.

Americans, when are we going to stand up to the valueless liberalism that is pervading our colleges, our organization, our government? Why do we listen to people who want murderers to live and be set free from prison yet don’t mind the systematic and painful dismembering and slaughtering of the unborn? Stand up for morality.

“Precious gift, that’s what you were,
God knit his work within her womb,
But a hardened heart and a selfish wish,
Turned that place into your tomb.

I wonder what you would have become,
If choice had not got in the way,
Of hearing you laugh and watching you run.
But in my heart your life has begun,
Who had the right to deprive us
Of all of the things we’d have done?

I Wonder…

My only peace is knowing
That He is at your side.
That He holds you close,
And tucks you in at night.

I’ll bear this empty hole,
Without you in my life,
Knowing that someday,
You’ll run to me — eternally.”

That is from the song “I Wonder: A Love Song to the Son I Never Knew” as performed by Jamie Dickmann. It is so heart breaking. Why do we allow this in America. Abortion is murder. No matter what the valueless left says or what ‘choice’ dictates. We need to stop this.

Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

October 22, 2009

To borrow a phrase from Michael Savage: Liberalism is a mental disorder. I have become more and more convinced of this saying watching how our elected officials are leading us into a very bleak financial future. Let me begin with the MASSIVE new government spending proposed by liberals. 1. Liberals want a health care bill passed that will cover everyone in the United States. This new bill, well actually the latest ‘new bill’ costs “under 900 billion dollars.” Whoo-hoo! Actually the bill costs more like 1.1 trillion because they aren’t counting a bill that would reimburse doctors for Medicare treatment. You see, liberals snuck that part out of the original bill and made it into an entirely different bill so that the health care bill would be more acceptable. So much for being an open and accountable new congress eh?

2. The bailouts and stimuli already have spent over 2 trillion dollars of money we don’t have. They are actually spending money that our children are going to (presumably) make. They are paying for services NOW with the promises of payment LATER. Everyone with a common knowledge of economics knows this DOESN’T WORK! Only liberals with their uninformed mindset believe they can get away with this without seriously harming the economy now, our children later and the country ALL THE TIME. Bailouts to financial giants, automotive companies, banks, insurance companies and Big Labor have cost us way more than the original 150+ billion that Bush instituted. Congressional Democrats are spending like a drunk sailor with only one exception, sailors generally spend their own money.

3. The massive government spending is sending the dollar to an all-time low. Foreign nations are discussing ditching the dollar in exchange for a basket of currencies, including the pound, yen and euro, but no dollar. Yes, it would go from having the dollar being the only currency oil is traded in, to having no dollar at all. The reason? We are now printing money like it were Monopoly dollars. Our currency is no longer on the gold standard and if oil is separated from the dollar, it really has nothing that backs it up. It literally becomes as valuable as the ink and paper on which it is printed. And with a THIRD stimulus plan becoming more likely by the day, the dollar might not survive the liberals’ reign in D.C. We need to tell liberals and Democrats to STOP RUINING THE COUNTRY! Stop printing money! Stop spending money we don’t have! Pay off the deficit before any more frivolous spending! NO MORE STIMULUS!

4. Since when did it become morally right to take someone else’s money to pay for something you want to do? If a citizen did that, he/she would be thrown in jail for robbery. Well that is exactly what modern liberalism does. It takes from those it considers to be less worthy and gives to who they believe deserves your hard earned money. Liberals always want to take money from ‘that horrible rich man’ and give to the poor soul who is trampled by oppression and held down by society’s unfair rules: usually someone on welfare and medicaid who hasn’t tried finding a job in ten years. If you want to give to charity and use your money to spend helping someone else, I COMMEND YOU! But when charity becomes mandated by government, it’s not really charity anymore is it?

5. Liberals are always rooting against their country. In the United States liberals always are apologizing for our past and denying that we are any different from any other country in the world. Hey liberals, take note of this: Since WWI the United States has taken no territory except bases from any other conquered country. Also, the United States has spent more of it’s own money helping rebuild the very countries that we were at war with than anyone else. We were attacked by Japan and we spent years and billions rebuilding the country and now it is one of the most prosperous nations on earth. Google Marshall Plan libs.

Liberals truly are my countrymen and I want them to open their eyes. Liberalism is something you can recover from. It is not a life-threatening situation. Just read up on the facts and allow common sense to prevail. And become informed because an informed mind is a conservative mind.