Liberalism and Communism: Not Much Different

October 31, 2009

Liberalism has many slippery slopes that makes it one or tops two steps from outright communism. Let’s look at the similarities. Liberalism evidently doesn’t value life. Communists have killed over 100 million people since 1917. Liberalism has, through abortion killed 50 million babies in a massive infanticide. They are also pushing the legalization of doctor assisted suicide. Communism’s stance on life: worthless. Liberalism’s stance on life: Worthless except when you are a criminal. Then you are a poor person indicted by an unfair justice system.

Liberalism and communism are separate somewhat in the areas of private property. Communists see that all property should be owned in common and overseen by the governing authorities. Liberalism doesn’t mind having private property as long as everyone else’s is taxed enough to provide for the common good. Evidence Michael Moore: He rails against capitalism in his new propagan… er, I mean documentary yet when questioned by Sean Hannity about his own personal wealth he him-hawed around the questions surrounding how he became so exorbitantly wealthy. The truth is, liberals don’t mind wealth so long as yours goes towards their goal of social justice and redistribution of wealth.

Taxes is another area where libs and commies are similar. Both want high taxes to support a behemoth government that takes care of everyone. Liberals also take it a step further by making taxes not only a way to pay for government, but also to make up for real and supposed injustices in the past. They want rich people to pay A LOT more than what they are paying now so they can give that money to the poor disadvantaged people that have been taken advantage of through the evil, greedy corporate culture of capitalism. Liberals will never admit that America through it’s capitalist system has raised more people from poverty to middle class status than any socialist country in the world. Nay, than ALL the socialist countries in the world.

Liberals also seem to revel in praising socialists and communists. At least four of Obama’s key administration officials have praised communists. Anita Dunn and the FCC chief are the two most prominent. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama admires some of the tactics and ideas of socialists.

Americans need to wake up to the evil of liberalism. I think that the movement is already beginning. With conservatives being more numerous than liberals by a two to one margin, Americans are diametrically opposed to the liberal viewpoint. But we need to be vigilant and begin to reverse the trend of liberalism in the arts, medicine, media and other areas. Liberalism in its most basic form is akin to communism and fascism.

Communists, Socialists, Liberals Oh My!

October 17, 2009

My friends, there are just a few differences between communists, socialists and liberals. Communists advocate the complete government ownership of everything, socialists advocate the government ownership of essential industries, liberals don’t seem to mind private ownership of things as long as they advocate all things liberalism. But in terms of health care, it gets a lot closer.

Liberals, socialists and communists all think that health care should be a government sanctioned right of the populace. Whereas conservatives such as myself realize that the Constitution does not guarantee health care, a car, computer, radio, HDTV or broadband as a right. What ARE rights are sometimes hidden by liberals who want to keep Americans uninformed and on the sidelines. Here’s a non-exhaustive list:

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Life
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Protest
Freedom of the Press

Americans are entitled to those things and if we are denied them, we can DEMAND them. Because if the government thinks they can take away our right to them, they will become even more power hungry. As Americans we have every right to PEACEFULLY protest and demand that our rights not be infringed upon. Liberals though seem to want to allow only the speech with which they agree.

In my discourses across the internet, I find an increasing number of socialists and communists that are preferring if the United States would become socialist to fit there idea of perfection. No amount of truth and information can convince them otherwise, for they are dead set in the idea that socialism is the perfect governance. Here is what a communist America would look like for the average American.

6:00 A.M.: Wake up, walk into the bathroom. Grab your “Americana” government made razor and shave, all the while whistling “My Party tis of thee, sweet land of dependancy”.
6:15 A.M.: Grab your newspaper: Goverment Sanctioned News and sit down at your government/union made table to drink your “Statist Orange” juice.
6:45 A.M.: Busing down the toll road to your job at Amtrak “The only government approved railway (Actually, the only railway
8:00 A.M.: Sit down and do nothing for another 2 hours as ‘undesirables’ and ‘enemies of state’ filter by on Amtrak jail cars.
10:00 A.M.: Pop in a piece of “Governmint” gum. Chew until the flavor jumps out and runs around the station.
Noon: Sign out and grab a bite to eat from the foreman, who in reality is a government spy to make sure everyone is ‘happy’, ‘content’ and supporting of the ‘party’.
2:00 P.M.: A friend goes down kicking and screaming after the foreman finds him murmuring something about the party. He’s handcuffed and escorted out of the building where a black van ‘chauffeurs’ himto his next destination.
4:00 P.M.: The seat collapses under you. You pick up the pieces and read the bottom of the chair: “Proudly made by the Americana state party.” You raise an eyebrow.
6:00 P.M.: You sign out for the day, walk to the podium and pledge allegiance to the party.
8:00 P.M.: At home. Suddenly the lights go out. That’s it for the night. The state decided that lights go off at 8 to save energy and help the environment. Good night America.

Is this what you want America to look like liberals? I sure as heck don’t. I think Ronnie would be rolling over in his grave seeing how close some liberals are trying to make us look like the USSR. Luckily there are still some out there who are fighting the liberal spin and trying our darndest to see America through as what we are, free, strong, and with liberty and justice for all. For a incomplete list of these noble souls, go to the Hall of Fame page. You want to see those that are trying to get us to the Americana of above, go to the Hall of Shame.