Liberalism and Communism: Not Much Different

October 31, 2009

Liberalism has many slippery slopes that makes it one or tops two steps from outright communism. Let’s look at the similarities. Liberalism evidently doesn’t value life. Communists have killed over 100 million people since 1917. Liberalism has, through abortion killed 50 million babies in a massive infanticide. They are also pushing the legalization of doctor assisted suicide. Communism’s stance on life: worthless. Liberalism’s stance on life: Worthless except when you are a criminal. Then you are a poor person indicted by an unfair justice system.

Liberalism and communism are separate somewhat in the areas of private property. Communists see that all property should be owned in common and overseen by the governing authorities. Liberalism doesn’t mind having private property as long as everyone else’s is taxed enough to provide for the common good. Evidence Michael Moore: He rails against capitalism in his new propagan… er, I mean documentary yet when questioned by Sean Hannity about his own personal wealth he him-hawed around the questions surrounding how he became so exorbitantly wealthy. The truth is, liberals don’t mind wealth so long as yours goes towards their goal of social justice and redistribution of wealth.

Taxes is another area where libs and commies are similar. Both want high taxes to support a behemoth government that takes care of everyone. Liberals also take it a step further by making taxes not only a way to pay for government, but also to make up for real and supposed injustices in the past. They want rich people to pay A LOT more than what they are paying now so they can give that money to the poor disadvantaged people that have been taken advantage of through the evil, greedy corporate culture of capitalism. Liberals will never admit that America through it’s capitalist system has raised more people from poverty to middle class status than any socialist country in the world. Nay, than ALL the socialist countries in the world.

Liberals also seem to revel in praising socialists and communists. At least four of Obama’s key administration officials have praised communists. Anita Dunn and the FCC chief are the two most prominent. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama admires some of the tactics and ideas of socialists.

Americans need to wake up to the evil of liberalism. I think that the movement is already beginning. With conservatives being more numerous than liberals by a two to one margin, Americans are diametrically opposed to the liberal viewpoint. But we need to be vigilant and begin to reverse the trend of liberalism in the arts, medicine, media and other areas. Liberalism in its most basic form is akin to communism and fascism.

Afghanistan Unravels as Obama Parties It Up…

October 31, 2009

Afghanistan Unravels as Obama Parties It Up….

Free Speech Squelchers

October 30, 2009

I have tried my best to avoid going after my fellow bloggers but a recent episode has just made me change my opinion. On ‘the Drudge Retort’ by Ben Hoffman I have been engaged in an ongoing debate with him and various others liberals. The topic, Republicans and big government, abortion and the sanctity of life. My posts have been repeatedly deleted simply because my points have been superior in every way to the opposition’s, mostly superior to Hoffman’s points.

This is classic liberal attitude. They talk the talk but when it comes to real debate with a suitable opponent they clam up, call you names, denigrate you and delete your comments. It’s been shown through Obama’s war on Fox News and MSNBC’s coverage of the town hall and tea party protests. We shouldn’t expect anything better. But on this blog, this man supposed himself to be such a good defender of all things constitutional so I expected a heated, yet fair debate. No such thing. Classic liberal blather. Delete comments, never acknowledge them or give a reason for their unexpected deletion.

Now I, being a Constitutionalist and believing in private property and free speech agree with his right to moderate comments. In fact I myself do so and find nothing wrong with doing it. However, I, as laid out in my Comment Policy page allow diverging viewpoints so long as the comments do not slander, attack or profane myself, other commentators or my faith. None of these things were said or done by me and nothing warranting my removal was included. Therefore I do not recommend debating or trying to debate this man. He will simply delete your comments as long as you have superior points which will be approx. 94% of the time.

Ethics Probe Leaked

October 30, 2009

A Congressional Ethics probe has been leaked over the internet through a peer to peer file sharing site. The list includes the names of some high profile Democatic senators as well as a couple Republicans. I cannot disclose their names but can tell you that over two dozen house members have been revealed as under investigation.

While I decry both sides for their potential ethics violations, is this not a final nail in the coffin of the Democratic pledge to have a more ‘open and transparent’ government then the Republicans they took over from in 2006? Is this the noble Democrats showing their true colors? Democrats are no better than Republicans when it comes to transparency or openness and certainly aren’t better at avoiding ethics violations. In fact Democrats such as Charlie Rangel (N.Y.) and John Murtha (P.A.) have been such blatant offenders that if they were in non-political jobs they would have been fired and potentially thrown in prison years ago. This speaks to the aristocracy of the government and the need of Americans to demand Senators and Representatives to hold themselves to a higher standard or face the wrath of the voters.

Is there no wonder why our country is on a downhill slide right now? Our elected officials who are supposed to be looking out for the good of the country and adhering to the laws set forth by the Constitution are blatantly and repeatedly going against that loved old document. While we struggle with high prices, high inflation, losing jobs and ever increasing taxes, government officials are stuffing their own pockets and stuffing the pockets of their special interest groups like ACORN, GE and Big Labor.

America, we need to vote the bums out that are indicted in this probe. Even if they haven’t been convicted or charged with anything, why are they under investigation? Surely some suspect actions in the past have occurred. This isn’t about the party at this time. We need to vote out the people that think it is their right to trample the Constitution, raise taxes, pay off supporters and fail to disclose millions of dollars in income. America doesn’t want this corruption Congress. You’d better wake up and listen.

$2.2 Million per word!

October 29, 2009

According to a recent online document from Politico, the new House bill that has been proposed works out to $2.24 million per word. If the bill costs 894 billion over the next ten years the massive 1,990 page bill would work out to almost two and a quarter million dollars per word.

And this is a good thing why exactly? I’m not that old and I remember a day when a million bucks was a lot of money. But these idiots in Washington are basically printing these bills with gold ink. It’s like they are shooting for a really large number just to impress us. You would think that the tea party movement has spurred them to rethink their commitment to spending large amounts of money. But I guess not. They’re more concerned about appeasing their liberal minds and to heck with the country. Forget that our children and grandchildren will have to suffer through ENORMOUS taxes to pay off this debt. Forget that they are basically selling us out to the Chinese so they can have their precious little health care reform.

Is it not enough that we have nationalized the banks and car companies? Do they want to nationalize health care to? Dumb question. Of course they do. They want complete government control over everything because, doggone it, the free market just doesn’t know how to do anything right. Yeah, about that. Last time I checked, UPS and FedEx are doing a heck of a job better than the post office at delivery.

Liberals and progressives seem as if they are wanting, WANTING to destroy this country through financial ruin. Conservatives are wanting to get us back on track and get us to a more stable place. But if we allow the liberals and Democrats to win again come 2010, we are saying that we don’t really care about the country. We just want our welfare and free health insurance paid for by somebody else.

Is Obama Trying to Shut Down the Internet?

October 28, 2009

A new bill that was proposed in April would give President Obama sweeping new powers over control of the nation’s networks and internet traffic. Some heralded it as a step in the right direction of negating or lessening the impact of potential cyber attacks.

This bill would essentially allow the American people to be fed information by government officials and would force large cable, phone and other companies to shut down their pipelines and close the information portals that allow for the free spread of information. Such a bill ostensibly is to protect networks from attack and banking, security and other systems from complete failure, but the secret to the bill is that it basically puts the information highway under the control of one man, a man who has shown he holds a grudge against those who bring up points against him, Barack Obama.

This bill, while not giving control under normal conditions, would allow the government to shut it down without warning. And then who would determine if there was a valid threat? But surely the government would be absolutely truthful when dealing with such issues right? I mean, it’s really got our best interests at heart, trust me.

We need to be vigilant in that this isn’t a type of pseudo-Fairness Doctrine Internet Edition. The free spread of information through blogs, alternative news sites and forums on the internet has opened up the news and allowed for false rumors propagated through liberally biased news organizations to be dispelled by studious bloggers. America, don’t let one man control the internet. If you do, it could be the end of unbiased media as we know it. More on the Fairness Doctrine Radio Edition in the weeks and months to come.

Windows 7 Impressions

October 28, 2009

Well my friends, my computer now has an operating system. And what a glorious one it is. Less than two hours after starting the Windows 7 upgrade process that would transform my computer from a Vista dog to a 7 champ, I am done and most of my pictures, media, documents and favorites are back in place. And my impressions…

Stunned! Not at all in a bad way though as every good experience I have had with 7 is blown away be even more good ones. Granted, this is probably just the first impressions and I will probably find something wrong with the OS as everyone inevitably does. But at this moment Windows 7 is the best OS in a LONG time.

SPEED: The sheer speed of the OS is amazing. I can’t count how many times I sat and twiddled my thumbs while Vista did something SLOWLY. With 7 it boots faster, shuts down faster, resumes from sleep faster, transfers files faster and plays media faster. Everything that Vista did wrong in terms of speed and responsiveness 7 does right. Switching between tabs on Firefox has no hiccups like Vista did. Opening programs and the media player is faster. More things can be done with less processor usage.

LOOK: Basically the same as Vista which is good if you’ve been using Vista for years and need to keep the basic feel of the UI memorized. The new taskbar takes some times getting used to but I’m already finding it to be helpful and easy to use. The start menu looks exactly the same with the sole difference being the return of the word based icons for shutdown-sleep-etc. The icons and notifications bar on the bottom right hand side of the screen isn’t cluttered and the new functionality is impressive.

COMPATIBILITY: I was worried about my sound card being unrecognized after the Release Client couldn’t install my sound driver. But as soon as the setup process was done the familiar and somewhat irritating Windows bootup sound sprang from my speakers to a chorus of ‘Hallelujahs’. My antivirus program works well with an update coming tonight. Windows Update is already finding a few even newer drivers for my modem and wireless card, though they already work flawlessly. The real test comes when I try to install all my programs. We’ll soon see more about that.

FEATURES: There is no more movie maker, photo gallery or other of the sometimes maligned Vista programs. For the most part the Windows Live Essentials do a good job of replacing their Vista counterparts. Live Writer is one of the best new programs and I have written several of my blog postings with that tool. Live Movie Maker is kind of watered down but it’ll work if you need it to.

All in all, 7 is a HUGE improvement over Vista and I am now starting to kind of like the media player I mentioned in my other Windows 7 postings. Hopefully this OS will be a turning point for MS to make better and better OSes in the future.

Valueless Liberalism

October 28, 2009

Through my online debates with members of the opposing viewpoint, I have found that a shockingly large number of liberals have no real morality. I have always believed that conservatives have the higher degree of morality due to support for life, marriage and freedom. But recently through discourse on the Drudge Retort, I have found that many far left liberals don’t mind silencing dissent, speaking out for freedom to die, and generally are all about ME.

I, through my natural inclination to debate and debate fiercely, entered into a discussion on the merits of the pro-life position conservatives have taken. I saw people who heralded the murder of Terry Schiavo through slow starvation as a ‘great moment’ in our history. I also saw people determined that it was their right as a woman to kill of the baby inside of them ‘because I don’t want a party of white men telling me what to do with my body.’ Still others were on my side claiming life was valuable and the teaching of intelligent design should be encouraged to offer a valuable alternative to the THEORY of evolution. They were ridiculed. One of my posts was removed because it contained an element of religion.

Liberals in the 40s, 50s and 60s were heralded for their open mindedness and tolerance. The liberal mindset though has come full circle, from tolerance for all to only tolerance for what they want to hear. Liberals complain of the Bush doctrine of the Patriot Act which allowed warrant-less wiretaps, yet they want to shout down all opposing viewpoints. Liberalism used to be the carefree open mindset which focused on personal generosity. Now it is a close minded, our view is the only view if you don’t agree with us we will shout you down and drown you out, take more of someone else’s money to pay for ‘social justice’ programs.

Liberals now applaud when someone is guaranteed a right to die, such as a baby or suicidal person, yet they denounce those that want to stick up for life. Pro life people just hate the woman with the baby, people that oppose doctor assisted suicide are simply people that don’t want others to be able to end their own misery. Yet they, the slaughterers of the unborn and defenders of murderers, are great humanitarians, promoting liberty to the pregnant and life to the prisoners.

Americans, when are we going to stand up to the valueless liberalism that is pervading our colleges, our organization, our government? Why do we listen to people who want murderers to live and be set free from prison yet don’t mind the systematic and painful dismembering and slaughtering of the unborn? Stand up for morality.

“Precious gift, that’s what you were,
God knit his work within her womb,
But a hardened heart and a selfish wish,
Turned that place into your tomb.

I wonder what you would have become,
If choice had not got in the way,
Of hearing you laugh and watching you run.
But in my heart your life has begun,
Who had the right to deprive us
Of all of the things we’d have done?

I Wonder…

My only peace is knowing
That He is at your side.
That He holds you close,
And tucks you in at night.

I’ll bear this empty hole,
Without you in my life,
Knowing that someday,
You’ll run to me — eternally.”

That is from the song “I Wonder: A Love Song to the Son I Never Knew” as performed by Jamie Dickmann. It is so heart breaking. Why do we allow this in America. Abortion is murder. No matter what the valueless left says or what ‘choice’ dictates. We need to stop this.

Windows 7 Installation

October 28, 2009

Hello America, I am taking a break from politics for a moment to let you know that I am going to be upgrading my 2 1/2 year old computer to Windows 7 Home Premium. I have had good times with Vista, I have had bad times with Vista, I have had…. oooh, lockup! No I’m kidding. But now with Windows 7 released and my pre-ordered edition in my hands, I am doing a clean install and then reinstalling all my apps, software, media etc.

This is not really a full-fledged post, but more like a post to let everyone know that if I don’t post for a while, the reason is probably that my computer blew up and I am in traction. (Again I jest, but with Windows installations in the past, there have been some issues. I doubt mine will have any. But just in case…)

Anyway, expect another post highlighting liberal futility, big government foolishness and media bias soon. Maybe even today. But more like tomorrow. Either way, look anxiously forward to the moment in which I re-don my gloves and take upon my shoulders once more the mantle of leadership of youth conservatism.

No Posts Today!

October 27, 2009

Sorry my friends, but due to my computer being down with an upgrade to 7 in the works, there will be no posts today. Apologies and the issue will be resolved soon. Fear not though, a new post is in the works. As always conservatism shall prevail as soon as my computer issue is resolved. God Bless you and God Bless America. (Don’t listen to Jeremiah Wright… like Obama did for twenty years. Ooh, I got a shot in without having use of my PC, am I good or what?)