Hall of Fame

1. Ronald Reagan: known as ‘The Best President in 100 years’, ‘Ronnie’, and ‘Reagan’
2. Rush Limbaugh: known as ‘Rush’, ‘El Rushbo’, ‘The Big Kahuna’, ‘the Maha Rushie’, and ‘the voice of conservative talk radio’ with talent on loan from God.
3. Michael Savage: known as ‘Savage’. Can be eccentric, but stands up for individual liberty.
4. Glenn Beck: known as ‘Beck’. Same as above, but more libertarian.
5. An Informed Mind: known as ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘An Informed Mind’ and ‘The Purveyor of An Informed Blog and Upholder of all things conservative, true and noble’.
6. Tea Partiers: for exercising their right to free speech and protest.
7. America as a whole: there are some bad parts, but Americans are my compatriots and they are generally awesome.

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