The Great Union Hypocrisy

June 7, 2010

My tirade and assault on the unions; nay their corrupt political arms, continues. With a recent piece of literature *cough propaganda cough* coming through my mail box today, I opened it to find a new wave of insults and derogatory remarks aimed at the tea party people. Now, to clear any confusion, I am not a member of a tea party group. However, I FULLY support their ideals and see them as trying to rightfully reclaim their country from a bureaucratic monstrosity and big government bent on spending us into oblivion. Anyway, this union assails to good people from the tea party with statements such as these: “Their paranoia and hatred for anything to do with President Obama have blinded them to the point of a sort of mass hysteria that I believe is a social phenomenon this country hasn’t seen since the days of McCarthyism.” Where do I start? First off, I haven’t seen a whole ton of ‘mass hysteria’ from the tea party. Nope, all I see is a bunch of flag waving and singing patriotic songs. Hmm… are those crazy people patriotic? Nope, jingoistic and nationalist. Shame on those filthy, backwards bomb throwers and rabble-rousers.

Secondly, I think that the anti-war loons from Vietnam through the Iraq war would more so qualify for ‘mass hysteria’, especially the ones that carried signs portraying Bush as Hitler or with a bullet through his forehead. Maybe the Watts or LA rioters. Still drawing blanks unnamed union official?

“The ugliness being stirred up in our Country by the tea baggers needs to stop. The rest of the world sees us as tea baggers and not the kind- hearted people that we are. Just before Tim McVeigh, the mood in the country was ugly as well. Wake up people!” This one I’m really getting sick of. The only ugliness that’s being stirred up is being opened by leftists like *unnamed union official* who constantly refer to tea partiers by a sexualized slur. The same people that are ‘kind- hearted people that we are’ are the ones defaming the tea partiers that have legitimate and substantial worries about the direction our country is heading in. And why is it that every time a conservative (or conservative group) raises hackles about something the left brings up Timothy McVeigh? We conservatives don’t bring up the Black Panthers or Bill Ayers. Also, do you really think grandma’s gonna whip out a Magnum .357 or Uzi from her purse and mow down a bunch of politicos? Maybe we should be concentrating on people like, oh I don’t know… Nidal Hassan or Abdul Malik Mohammed Hussein… heck with it, the boxer bomber? Not every time an atmosphere is ugly it ends in violence, nope, sometimes it ends in political hacks losing their jobs, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are poised for.

“It seems the public is tiring of the anti-Obama rhetoric, but that doesn’t mean it will go away…” Before I continue with this whopper, I had to bring something up. ‘It won’t go away’? You mean like that health care bill from the devil? The one that 65%+ of Americans didn’t want yet was shoved down our throats? Yeah, he knows what he’s talking about. “…Certainly if the economy improves month by month, then the hypocrisy of the teabaggers will become more visible to the public because they’ll realize that the bottom line is that the majority of the teabaggers, for whatever reason, either strongly dislike or simply hate Barack Obama.” Uh-huh. If the economy improves month by month, yeah that’s a big ‘if’ dummy. Especially considering that out of the 400,000 jobs we added in April or May or whatever month it was, 90%+ of them were temp. Census jobs. ‘WOW! Honey, I was just hired to the Census bureau. Only problem… I’ll be out of work in 6 weeks.’ Yeah, economy’s really looking up. Uh-huh. Maybe the economy is not getting better because we didn’t spend enough money on it. Yeah, that’s it. We need to spend more money. So here’s the deal, we’ll spend $20,000,000,000,000 to bail EVERYBODY out and then there’ll be enough money to go around and companies will hire and world hunger will be eradicated etc. The only minor side effect? Our dollars will be worth, oh say… 1/10th of a Zimbabwean dollar. (If that doesn’t register, a hamburger in Zimbabwe costs 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. An egg costs 500 billion.) But darn them teabagging rednecks, they just hate Obama because ‘AAAAHHHH there’s a bleck mann in da whyite hause!!!!!’ Give me a break.

You see my fellow Americans, union leadership is corrupt as a rule. Members in unions are just like everyday Americans. They want their kids to be safe and to have a better life than they had. They want America to be free and prosperous. Most probably have conservative views. But the union leadership has become nothing but a political pawn, a shill, a sheeple for the Democratic Socialist party of America. They should not be taken seriously anymore.

The Cause of UAW’s Life!

November 6, 2009

The new Solidarity magazine has arrived, and their is a lot of fresh meat for me to tear the union apart with.

This new magazine has a message from Ron Gettelfinger on the inside of the cover. He talks about health care through the usual union eyeballs.

“…it’s also missing… a strong public health insurance option, which would lower premiums by ensuring real competition among health insurers.” The UAW’s president here states that a strong public option would lower premiums by ensuring competition. DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH Ronnie boy!!! Does he actually think union members are stupid enough to believe that line? Does HE believe it? Fact: We were told that there would be 120 million doses of the H1N1 shot by October, there was 20 some, a 77% decrease in the stated efficiency. What the government wants to do a lot of they don’t meet their expectations yet when they say it is only going to cost so much, its costs EXPLODE.

There is basically nothing in the article that represents facts. The only thing he says factually is “Taxing worker’s benefits is wrong.” Yup. RIGHT ON BROTHA!!! PREACH IT!!! Okay, everything else is blather.

Why doesn’t the union see that the Democrat health bill will bankrupt the country? Are they so enamored by golden boy Obama that they’ll take his word on everything? Do they think that the union boss knows better than 57%+ of Americans? The truth is, the cause of the UAW’s life is bankrupting companies to take them over and evidently now it is also bankrupting the country to fill their own coffers. Despicable. More to come when I have more time.

UAW Dreamin’

October 16, 2009

Yes my friends, today I received the See Here magazine for October. As I think I mentioned before somewhere (See Hall of Shame), my dad worked with the UAW and as a retiree he gets the magazine unless opting out. I’m glad he keeps the mag. for it gives me fresh ammo in my ongoing war with them. Now, to the misinformation and slander…

The President’s Report by the president of the local union starts out giving out the usual hullabaloo about how proud he is of Obama visiting the plant and how proud he is of the plant workers for treating Obama with respect and all that baloney. But what happens next is classic union, leftist work. He slobbers over how much an Obama signed Cobalt would go for on ebay. (I’d complain if I got it, but that’s just me.) After that comes the ra-ras for new CEO imposed by the Obama magistra… err, administration. Shortly thereafter he praises the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (You know? The one that has $3,000 signs springing up all over the country. Yeah that one) for having “cut taxes, provided emergency relief by extending unemployment benefits to laid off workers, and investing heavily in infrastructure improvements and new projects.” Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and want to hug Obama and never let him go??? Me neither! The fact is, the ‘new projects’ and ‘infrastructure improvements’ are actually re-paving roads that don’t need it and throwing up hundreds of signs in the most inopportune places. Yeah, don’t you just love it?

And then he goes overboard. He attacks the tea party protesters. But he does it subtly without a direct attack because he would probably find a few of them in his own plant. He calls them ‘tea-baggers’, a sexualized slur denoting despicable actions. If he would call them by their preferred name, I might not find it as offensive. (Mind you, the ‘teabaggers’ name was popularized by the likes of liberal talking head Keith Olbermann on MSNBC in the 9:00 PM EST time slot. Watch the vitriol for a few minutes, it’ll make you MAD, I guarantee it.)

After some more of the sickening rhetoric that makes you think you’re in the middle of a sappy love story, comes THIS doozy: “Most of all it is the understanding he brings to the table when talking about how we deserve better than the attitude that has prevailed from Washington to the boardrooms of big corporations. Attitudes that have rewarded wealth over work, selfishness over sacrifice, and greed over responsibility.” There’s a shot at those greedy, evil, rich, horrible monsters of capitalism. Uh-huh, uh-huh. And what about UAW President Ron Gettlefinger who reportedly makes over $150,000 a year. Is he not rich? Well of course not when you compare him to those evil CEOs making millions per year. Right? Well you see, the thing with that is, CEOs have to actually RUN the company. I say, sure maybe those CEOs would make good by refusing some of the money when people are suffering but it is their right to make money and I don’t begrudge them that. If I became CEO of some major company, I think I’d appreciate the big money myself. But I digress.

And then, just when we thought the president of the local union couldn’t outdo himself… he does. HE BASHES THE ENTIRE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!! “Then the economy imploded, right in front of the American people, who collectively seemed a caricature of the three monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). This would be funny if it wasn’t so @#$% denigrating to the people that are buying the products off of GM and it’s lousy union.

Lastly, he mentions getting all the UNION people back to work. “We will not rest until ALL members of this union are back to work.” Wait, I thought the union was for getting Americans back to work? Well it seems it doesn’t matter who the union employs, as long as they’re union. Stay tuned for more union coverage AND more coverage about my ongoing war with the union.

UPDATE: On the UAW website:, Ron Gettelfinger states that affordable health care is a right not a privilege. Hey Ron, ever read the Constitution or Bill of Rights? Hint: It’s not in there. So as much as bleeding heart liberals want you to believe it, health care is a privilege for those that pay, not a right for everyone to obtain at the financial expense of others.