The Great Union Hypocrisy

June 7, 2010

My tirade and assault on the unions; nay their corrupt political arms, continues. With a recent piece of literature *cough propaganda cough* coming through my mail box today, I opened it to find a new wave of insults and derogatory remarks aimed at the tea party people. Now, to clear any confusion, I am not a member of a tea party group. However, I FULLY support their ideals and see them as trying to rightfully reclaim their country from a bureaucratic monstrosity and big government bent on spending us into oblivion. Anyway, this union assails to good people from the tea party with statements such as these: “Their paranoia and hatred for anything to do with President Obama have blinded them to the point of a sort of mass hysteria that I believe is a social phenomenon this country hasn’t seen since the days of McCarthyism.” Where do I start? First off, I haven’t seen a whole ton of ‘mass hysteria’ from the tea party. Nope, all I see is a bunch of flag waving and singing patriotic songs. Hmm… are those crazy people patriotic? Nope, jingoistic and nationalist. Shame on those filthy, backwards bomb throwers and rabble-rousers.

Secondly, I think that the anti-war loons from Vietnam through the Iraq war would more so qualify for ‘mass hysteria’, especially the ones that carried signs portraying Bush as Hitler or with a bullet through his forehead. Maybe the Watts or LA rioters. Still drawing blanks unnamed union official?

“The ugliness being stirred up in our Country by the tea baggers needs to stop. The rest of the world sees us as tea baggers and not the kind- hearted people that we are. Just before Tim McVeigh, the mood in the country was ugly as well. Wake up people!” This one I’m really getting sick of. The only ugliness that’s being stirred up is being opened by leftists like *unnamed union official* who constantly refer to tea partiers by a sexualized slur. The same people that are ‘kind- hearted people that we are’ are the ones defaming the tea partiers that have legitimate and substantial worries about the direction our country is heading in. And why is it that every time a conservative (or conservative group) raises hackles about something the left brings up Timothy McVeigh? We conservatives don’t bring up the Black Panthers or Bill Ayers. Also, do you really think grandma’s gonna whip out a Magnum .357 or Uzi from her purse and mow down a bunch of politicos? Maybe we should be concentrating on people like, oh I don’t know… Nidal Hassan or Abdul Malik Mohammed Hussein… heck with it, the boxer bomber? Not every time an atmosphere is ugly it ends in violence, nope, sometimes it ends in political hacks losing their jobs, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are poised for.

“It seems the public is tiring of the anti-Obama rhetoric, but that doesn’t mean it will go away…” Before I continue with this whopper, I had to bring something up. ‘It won’t go away’? You mean like that health care bill from the devil? The one that 65%+ of Americans didn’t want yet was shoved down our throats? Yeah, he knows what he’s talking about. “…Certainly if the economy improves month by month, then the hypocrisy of the teabaggers will become more visible to the public because they’ll realize that the bottom line is that the majority of the teabaggers, for whatever reason, either strongly dislike or simply hate Barack Obama.” Uh-huh. If the economy improves month by month, yeah that’s a big ‘if’ dummy. Especially considering that out of the 400,000 jobs we added in April or May or whatever month it was, 90%+ of them were temp. Census jobs. ‘WOW! Honey, I was just hired to the Census bureau. Only problem… I’ll be out of work in 6 weeks.’ Yeah, economy’s really looking up. Uh-huh. Maybe the economy is not getting better because we didn’t spend enough money on it. Yeah, that’s it. We need to spend more money. So here’s the deal, we’ll spend $20,000,000,000,000 to bail EVERYBODY out and then there’ll be enough money to go around and companies will hire and world hunger will be eradicated etc. The only minor side effect? Our dollars will be worth, oh say… 1/10th of a Zimbabwean dollar. (If that doesn’t register, a hamburger in Zimbabwe costs 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. An egg costs 500 billion.) But darn them teabagging rednecks, they just hate Obama because ‘AAAAHHHH there’s a bleck mann in da whyite hause!!!!!’ Give me a break.

You see my fellow Americans, union leadership is corrupt as a rule. Members in unions are just like everyday Americans. They want their kids to be safe and to have a better life than they had. They want America to be free and prosperous. Most probably have conservative views. But the union leadership has become nothing but a political pawn, a shill, a sheeple for the Democratic Socialist party of America. They should not be taken seriously anymore.

Tea Party Protesters Aim For Mainstream Media

October 17, 2009


   The Tea Party is back in force as protestors gather in front of NBC studios in Burbank, CNN in Atlanta and affiliates of NBC, ABC and CBS across the nation. The protests entitled “Can You Hear Us Now” are going to be aimed at showing the media the public’s outrage over biased reporting and bigger government. 

   Now this is what I’m talking about folks. Tea Party protesters are legitimate, grassroots people that are sick and tired of the PC baloney that you can’t criticize the president. I thought that dissent was the highest form of patriotism!? Not if you are conservative or if you think that the government should serve you not the other way around. Is anyone else going to stick up for us? I think not, especially not in the mainstream, drive by media.

   We as Americans have every right to protest for the redress of our grievances. Those grievances can be summed up as 1. unfair taxation, 2. unequal representation, 3. growing government, 4. eroding civil liberties and others. Let me break it down by each grievance.

   Unfair taxation: This is one of the most economically idiotic administrations to date. Evidently they were asleep during economics class because only a dunce would think that you can raise taxes to historic rates and expect a economic turnaround. The truth is, about 40% of every dollar you make goes to taxes. That is bordering on a socialist system. Countries in Europe have tax rates at the 45-50% rate. We are quickly losing more and more of our money to the government and it is unacceptable.

   Unequal representation: Our elected officials, mostly liberal democrats are ignoring the public’s outrage over taxes and health care and are ramming the bill down our throats. Excuse me, but aren’t our officials supposed to support what we support, not what they want to happen? By ignoring public demand and supporting the health care bill, they are breaking the trust of their constituents and all should be voted out promptly i the next available election.

   Growing government: Have you tried to get a fishing or hunting license recently? What about a gun permit or a zoning permit? Have ya gone to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the past six months? Chances are, if you have, you know where I’m going with this. Government is growing at a truly scary rate and we are the unlucky ‘beneficiaries’. The 2010 census will ask more intrusive questions than ever in the past and our privacy and freedom are getting thrown under the bus because government thinks they know what is best for us. Under the Constitution, powers that have not been directly relegated to the federal government are reserved for the states and for the people. That means the government doesn’t have a right to tell you to buy health insurance, to not buy large gas guzzlers or to brush your teeth twice daily. But it seems lately that bureaucrats in Washington are ignoring and blatantly going against it to grab more power for themselves. It’s sad but true and we need to stop it right NOW!

   Eroding civil liberties: Last time I checked the Constitution said that we have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble and protest for the redress of our grievances. (See the First Amendment) But it seems the government is now more willing to shut up certain groups to keep other groups happy. Talk radio is under attack by leftists and liberals who want to bring back the much maligned Fairness Doctrine which is really not fair at all. (The fairness doctrine states, in layman’s terms, that if a radio station allows a person of one political, religious or other view, they must allow the same time to a person whose ideas are polar opposite. Hence the fairness idea. The problem with that is, instead of fostering debate, radio stations would rather shut up the first group than go through the hurdles of finding an equal and opposite viewpoint.) Freedom of religion is under attack in our courtrooms, schools and public places. Children are told not to dare mention the name Jesus or sing O Holy Night lest Muslims and Atheists be offended. Protesters are shuttled behind barricades lest they actually step anywhere near what they are protesting. Groups now need a permit to assemble if there are more than a certain number of people.

   America, what are we becoming? Have we totally thrown out the Constitution as law of the land? Have we totally abandoned the first amendment? I don’t think we have. I think we have voted in people that conflict with our values and we are beginning to see that. And I think the tea party protesters are good Americans that are leading the fight to get back to our core integrity and freedom expressed in the Constitution.

   Now we have the choice to become what have always been. We have the chance to go back to freedom, civil liberty, integrity and conservatism. America, will we take that chance?

Rush Limbaugh and the War on Conservatism

October 16, 2009


   Well the left is back at it. They’re crowing over their win in keeping Rush Limbaugh out of the NFL. It’s a victory for the left! Rush Limbaugh can keep his dirty, racist, sexist self out of the NFL for good.

   Am I the only one offended by the dragging of this man’s name through the dirt by reverse racists like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? Since when could Sharpton say this about white people, “White folks was [sic] in caves while we was building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” and yet he has the audacity to claim another man is a racist because of one remark that he made? For those who want to know, here is EXACTLY what Rush Limbaugh said, “Sorry to say this, I don’t think he’s been that good from the get-go… I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn’t deserve. The defense carried this team.”

   Does this sound racist to you? Do you know how many black defensive players are and were on the Eagles defense when he made those remarks? He clearly was not attacking McNabb but was attacking the media’s constant need to turn everything into a race-based qualifying issue. At that time, and still to this day there are very few prolific black quarterbacks. That is not a bad thing, it is not a good thing. It is what it is. The liberal media wants everything to become about race as evidenced by the constant lamenting over the lack of back head coaches in college football. Since when did one’s qualifications have anything to do with the color of your skin?

   For instance, if I am a black athletic director and have a mostly black school, am I obligated to give the head coaching job to a white coach because he is a minority at the school even though there is a more highly qualified black coach? NO! I am trying to win, whether the coach is black, white, purple, red, orange or yellow. That goes for everyone. You should be hired or fired based upon your performance and skills, not whether you are a minority or not. But I digress.

   It is just another left wing smear job of an American that decided to speak out against the outrageously moronic establishment of political correctness and the liberal mindset in our culture.