Obama Bashes Opponents In Meat-chicken Speech

May 3, 2010

In a recent speech given by president Obama at the U of Michigan, Obama didn’t encourage the next leaders of our nation, economy etc to become the great thinkers and doers of tomorrow, but he bashed opponents who disagree with his idea of large government becoming the answer to all of our problems: “But what troubles me is when I hear people say that all of government is inherently bad,” said Obama, who received an honorary doctor of laws degree. “When our government is spoken of as some menacing, threatening foreign entity, it ignores the fact that in our democracy, government is us.”

Where do I start? First off let me address the idea that someone is saying all government is bad. No one is saying that, except the anarchists who are CRAZY. If there is too little government, things WILL fall apart. That is what led to the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation were so weak that the states were doing whatever they wanted and acting like their own countries. The Constitution was made so that the federal government was just strong enough to bond the states together and that’s it. Too much government leads to tyranny. The founders put us closer to anarchy, but far enough away that we’d stick together.

Secondly, our founders DID speak of government as a NECESSARY evil. George Washington said “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” They saw that we needed a government, but wanted to seriously constrain it so that our own would never enslave us as the British did. That is why a strict interpretation of the Constitution is the only true interpretation. Activist judges have lead us down the road to totalitarianism, we are almost there. The IRS has been given new powers to enforce the health care mandate, the IRS is seeking out individuals with ‘combat experience’ as well as ordering new shotguns. Why does a tax collection agency need new shotguns and 16,000+ agents, some with combat experience? But I digress.

Lastly, nitpicking a bit, we are not a democracy but a republic. Our president can now, not only be titled ‘The Worst President of Our Lifetime and Beyond’, but historically stupid as well. Bravo Mr. President, or should I say (in honor of the bashing of the ‘irresponsible’ actions of Arizona) Senor El Presidente.

Random Thoughts!

February 6, 2010

I’m gonna post my random thoughts on a day when snow has accumulated to two feet in some parts of the yard the electric is blinking under the strain of snow on the lines. Sitting here with the sun coming in the window and warming up after a forty-five minute romp in the snow makes me think. This is what real America is.

Real America isn’t the elitism shown by politicians that have flaunted their disregard for the will of the American people. America is parents and kids enjoying a sled ride down the local hill, a cup of hot cocoa enjoyed with a board game, a snowball fight with friends and family. Real America is enjoying God’s green (and white) earth without constant global warming chatter and anti-oil drilling blather. Real America is reveling in accomplishing something with your hands that the government didn’t hand to you. Shoveling the driveway or the steps. Government just doesn’t get it. Government thinks that everything you can do for yourself it can do for you better. Remember the old post office slogan ‘Nothing stops the post office’ or something like that? Yeah, not so much. Just like government that either can’t do anything in general or what they do, they screw up. So why would we want them running health care and determining how much CO2 can be in the air?

Snow makes the best chair. When there’s nigh unto 2 feet of the stuff, just falling backwards into it makes the perfect seat if it weren’t for the cold and wetness of it. I’ve sat on plenty of chairs, couches, cushions, ottomans, tables and every other piece of furniture meant for sitting and few things can compare to God’s gift of snow.

Cocoa is best served with marshmallows. Even when aspirating or swallowing them whole (which I don’t at all recommend) it makes one of the best drinks one can have after a cold day. Coffee is good (lots of creamer and sweetener), tea is good (but time consuming) but cocoa has them all beat. Nothing but hot water and a packet of cocoa’s needed and it can be gotten right out of the tap water.

Chess is a strategy game with a lot of luck involved. Now I don’t want anyone to think that I’m the next Gary Kasparov or Bobby Fisher, I play on my spare time. But through a casual game I notice that the best strategy is nothing if your opponent doesn’t take the bait. One wrong move and you can change from the hunter to the hunted. Much like Congressional seating.

We have become so dependent on the internet and computers that we must do everything in our power to ensure that our vital defense and infrastructure is protected and shielded from intruders who mean us much harm. Due to the snow, we had lost internet service for several hours (having a satellite based connection has its ups and downs). While we managed to survive, we missed several opportunities to find out important information on something as well as the ability to keep in touch with the outside world. Imagine if the entire infrastructure of the internet were to go down due to terrorist attacks or cyber-warfare from some unscrupulous nation-state. The destruction and damage to our national security would be widespread and we as a nation would slow to a crawl. However, in guarding our infrastructure, we need to ensure that we are also guarding against a growing government that would use such emergencies to deny us free speech and free transfer of knowledge. Government must ensure the security of our networks, from both the outside AND the inside.

So, as I look out the window and marvel at the sight, I am getting a tinge deep within me. It is the same tinge that comes every February. The want of spring. Yes the snow is beautiful, yes the furnace is warm. But by this time every year, myself and millions of others are eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring. Warm breezes, open windows, flowers and going barefoot. Soon it will be here. But for now, Happy Winter to all, and may this year bring a continued revival of the principles that make America the greatest nation on earth. God Bless.

Tea Party Protesters Aim For Mainstream Media

October 17, 2009


   The Tea Party is back in force as protestors gather in front of NBC studios in Burbank, CNN in Atlanta and affiliates of NBC, ABC and CBS across the nation. The protests entitled “Can You Hear Us Now” are going to be aimed at showing the media the public’s outrage over biased reporting and bigger government. 

   Now this is what I’m talking about folks. Tea Party protesters are legitimate, grassroots people that are sick and tired of the PC baloney that you can’t criticize the president. I thought that dissent was the highest form of patriotism!? Not if you are conservative or if you think that the government should serve you not the other way around. Is anyone else going to stick up for us? I think not, especially not in the mainstream, drive by media.

   We as Americans have every right to protest for the redress of our grievances. Those grievances can be summed up as 1. unfair taxation, 2. unequal representation, 3. growing government, 4. eroding civil liberties and others. Let me break it down by each grievance.

   Unfair taxation: This is one of the most economically idiotic administrations to date. Evidently they were asleep during economics class because only a dunce would think that you can raise taxes to historic rates and expect a economic turnaround. The truth is, about 40% of every dollar you make goes to taxes. That is bordering on a socialist system. Countries in Europe have tax rates at the 45-50% rate. We are quickly losing more and more of our money to the government and it is unacceptable.

   Unequal representation: Our elected officials, mostly liberal democrats are ignoring the public’s outrage over taxes and health care and are ramming the bill down our throats. Excuse me, but aren’t our officials supposed to support what we support, not what they want to happen? By ignoring public demand and supporting the health care bill, they are breaking the trust of their constituents and all should be voted out promptly i the next available election.

   Growing government: Have you tried to get a fishing or hunting license recently? What about a gun permit or a zoning permit? Have ya gone to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the past six months? Chances are, if you have, you know where I’m going with this. Government is growing at a truly scary rate and we are the unlucky ‘beneficiaries’. The 2010 census will ask more intrusive questions than ever in the past and our privacy and freedom are getting thrown under the bus because government thinks they know what is best for us. Under the Constitution, powers that have not been directly relegated to the federal government are reserved for the states and for the people. That means the government doesn’t have a right to tell you to buy health insurance, to not buy large gas guzzlers or to brush your teeth twice daily. But it seems lately that bureaucrats in Washington are ignoring and blatantly going against it to grab more power for themselves. It’s sad but true and we need to stop it right NOW!

   Eroding civil liberties: Last time I checked the Constitution said that we have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble and protest for the redress of our grievances. (See the First Amendment) But it seems the government is now more willing to shut up certain groups to keep other groups happy. Talk radio is under attack by leftists and liberals who want to bring back the much maligned Fairness Doctrine which is really not fair at all. (The fairness doctrine states, in layman’s terms, that if a radio station allows a person of one political, religious or other view, they must allow the same time to a person whose ideas are polar opposite. Hence the fairness idea. The problem with that is, instead of fostering debate, radio stations would rather shut up the first group than go through the hurdles of finding an equal and opposite viewpoint.) Freedom of religion is under attack in our courtrooms, schools and public places. Children are told not to dare mention the name Jesus or sing O Holy Night lest Muslims and Atheists be offended. Protesters are shuttled behind barricades lest they actually step anywhere near what they are protesting. Groups now need a permit to assemble if there are more than a certain number of people.

   America, what are we becoming? Have we totally thrown out the Constitution as law of the land? Have we totally abandoned the first amendment? I don’t think we have. I think we have voted in people that conflict with our values and we are beginning to see that. And I think the tea party protesters are good Americans that are leading the fight to get back to our core integrity and freedom expressed in the Constitution.

   Now we have the choice to become what have always been. We have the chance to go back to freedom, civil liberty, integrity and conservatism. America, will we take that chance?