Is Obama Trying to Shut Down the Internet?

October 28, 2009

A new bill that was proposed in April would give President Obama sweeping new powers over control of the nation’s networks and internet traffic. Some heralded it as a step in the right direction of negating or lessening the impact of potential cyber attacks.

This bill would essentially allow the American people to be fed information by government officials and would force large cable, phone and other companies to shut down their pipelines and close the information portals that allow for the free spread of information. Such a bill ostensibly is to protect networks from attack and banking, security and other systems from complete failure, but the secret to the bill is that it basically puts the information highway under the control of one man, a man who has shown he holds a grudge against those who bring up points against him, Barack Obama.

This bill, while not giving control under normal conditions, would allow the government to shut it down without warning. And then who would determine if there was a valid threat? But surely the government would be absolutely truthful when dealing with such issues right? I mean, it’s really got our best interests at heart, trust me.

We need to be vigilant in that this isn’t a type of pseudo-Fairness Doctrine Internet Edition. The free spread of information through blogs, alternative news sites and forums on the internet has opened up the news and allowed for false rumors propagated through liberally biased news organizations to be dispelled by studious bloggers. America, don’t let one man control the internet. If you do, it could be the end of unbiased media as we know it. More on the Fairness Doctrine Radio Edition in the weeks and months to come.

You know what I’m gonna be?

October 24, 2009

Halloween is almost upon us and many people are trying to figure out just what scary creature they are going to be to creep out their neighbors, friends and family. I have a costume so scary you’ll want to hide the little kiddies and think twice before you close your eyes to sleep…

My costume is going to be… the state of the country circa 2011 if the dems aren’t voted out. *SCREAMS IN TERROR* No really, this is a very terrifying outlook if we allow the liberal Democrats in office to stay. They are the ones that are trying to ram another trillion dollar bill down our throats in the form of health care, trying to kill American industry by forcing expensive and nation destroying cap and trade, nationalizing GM and giving control to the unions and trying to destroy the free and unbiased press by marginalizing Fox and trying to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. Is this something you want America to look like?

In truth, it would be kind of hard to come up with a costume that would sum up those frightful yet very possible realities if the Dems aren’t voted out. Now, Democrats alone aren’t the ones to blame, Republicans need to get back to acting like Republicans and I see good signs from them. America has a very frightening and bleak future if we don’t get back to government small enough you can stick it in your back pocket and it not stick you when you sit down. But we can do it, and we need to flood the White House, Senate and House with phone calls about our concerns and let our representatives and elected officials know that if they don’t stop spending our money unlawfully, they will be kicked to the curb faster than the printing presses are printing money.