The Great Union Hypocrisy

June 7, 2010

My tirade and assault on the unions; nay their corrupt political arms, continues. With a recent piece of literature *cough propaganda cough* coming through my mail box today, I opened it to find a new wave of insults and derogatory remarks aimed at the tea party people. Now, to clear any confusion, I am not a member of a tea party group. However, I FULLY support their ideals and see them as trying to rightfully reclaim their country from a bureaucratic monstrosity and big government bent on spending us into oblivion. Anyway, this union assails to good people from the tea party with statements such as these: “Their paranoia and hatred for anything to do with President Obama have blinded them to the point of a sort of mass hysteria that I believe is a social phenomenon this country hasn’t seen since the days of McCarthyism.” Where do I start? First off, I haven’t seen a whole ton of ‘mass hysteria’ from the tea party. Nope, all I see is a bunch of flag waving and singing patriotic songs. Hmm… are those crazy people patriotic? Nope, jingoistic and nationalist. Shame on those filthy, backwards bomb throwers and rabble-rousers.

Secondly, I think that the anti-war loons from Vietnam through the Iraq war would more so qualify for ‘mass hysteria’, especially the ones that carried signs portraying Bush as Hitler or with a bullet through his forehead. Maybe the Watts or LA rioters. Still drawing blanks unnamed union official?

“The ugliness being stirred up in our Country by the tea baggers needs to stop. The rest of the world sees us as tea baggers and not the kind- hearted people that we are. Just before Tim McVeigh, the mood in the country was ugly as well. Wake up people!” This one I’m really getting sick of. The only ugliness that’s being stirred up is being opened by leftists like *unnamed union official* who constantly refer to tea partiers by a sexualized slur. The same people that are ‘kind- hearted people that we are’ are the ones defaming the tea partiers that have legitimate and substantial worries about the direction our country is heading in. And why is it that every time a conservative (or conservative group) raises hackles about something the left brings up Timothy McVeigh? We conservatives don’t bring up the Black Panthers or Bill Ayers. Also, do you really think grandma’s gonna whip out a Magnum .357 or Uzi from her purse and mow down a bunch of politicos? Maybe we should be concentrating on people like, oh I don’t know… Nidal Hassan or Abdul Malik Mohammed Hussein… heck with it, the boxer bomber? Not every time an atmosphere is ugly it ends in violence, nope, sometimes it ends in political hacks losing their jobs, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are poised for.

“It seems the public is tiring of the anti-Obama rhetoric, but that doesn’t mean it will go away…” Before I continue with this whopper, I had to bring something up. ‘It won’t go away’? You mean like that health care bill from the devil? The one that 65%+ of Americans didn’t want yet was shoved down our throats? Yeah, he knows what he’s talking about. “…Certainly if the economy improves month by month, then the hypocrisy of the teabaggers will become more visible to the public because they’ll realize that the bottom line is that the majority of the teabaggers, for whatever reason, either strongly dislike or simply hate Barack Obama.” Uh-huh. If the economy improves month by month, yeah that’s a big ‘if’ dummy. Especially considering that out of the 400,000 jobs we added in April or May or whatever month it was, 90%+ of them were temp. Census jobs. ‘WOW! Honey, I was just hired to the Census bureau. Only problem… I’ll be out of work in 6 weeks.’ Yeah, economy’s really looking up. Uh-huh. Maybe the economy is not getting better because we didn’t spend enough money on it. Yeah, that’s it. We need to spend more money. So here’s the deal, we’ll spend $20,000,000,000,000 to bail EVERYBODY out and then there’ll be enough money to go around and companies will hire and world hunger will be eradicated etc. The only minor side effect? Our dollars will be worth, oh say… 1/10th of a Zimbabwean dollar. (If that doesn’t register, a hamburger in Zimbabwe costs 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. An egg costs 500 billion.) But darn them teabagging rednecks, they just hate Obama because ‘AAAAHHHH there’s a bleck mann in da whyite hause!!!!!’ Give me a break.

You see my fellow Americans, union leadership is corrupt as a rule. Members in unions are just like everyday Americans. They want their kids to be safe and to have a better life than they had. They want America to be free and prosperous. Most probably have conservative views. But the union leadership has become nothing but a political pawn, a shill, a sheeple for the Democratic Socialist party of America. They should not be taken seriously anymore.

Random Thoughts!

February 6, 2010

I’m gonna post my random thoughts on a day when snow has accumulated to two feet in some parts of the yard the electric is blinking under the strain of snow on the lines. Sitting here with the sun coming in the window and warming up after a forty-five minute romp in the snow makes me think. This is what real America is.

Real America isn’t the elitism shown by politicians that have flaunted their disregard for the will of the American people. America is parents and kids enjoying a sled ride down the local hill, a cup of hot cocoa enjoyed with a board game, a snowball fight with friends and family. Real America is enjoying God’s green (and white) earth without constant global warming chatter and anti-oil drilling blather. Real America is reveling in accomplishing something with your hands that the government didn’t hand to you. Shoveling the driveway or the steps. Government just doesn’t get it. Government thinks that everything you can do for yourself it can do for you better. Remember the old post office slogan ‘Nothing stops the post office’ or something like that? Yeah, not so much. Just like government that either can’t do anything in general or what they do, they screw up. So why would we want them running health care and determining how much CO2 can be in the air?

Snow makes the best chair. When there’s nigh unto 2 feet of the stuff, just falling backwards into it makes the perfect seat if it weren’t for the cold and wetness of it. I’ve sat on plenty of chairs, couches, cushions, ottomans, tables and every other piece of furniture meant for sitting and few things can compare to God’s gift of snow.

Cocoa is best served with marshmallows. Even when aspirating or swallowing them whole (which I don’t at all recommend) it makes one of the best drinks one can have after a cold day. Coffee is good (lots of creamer and sweetener), tea is good (but time consuming) but cocoa has them all beat. Nothing but hot water and a packet of cocoa’s needed and it can be gotten right out of the tap water.

Chess is a strategy game with a lot of luck involved. Now I don’t want anyone to think that I’m the next Gary Kasparov or Bobby Fisher, I play on my spare time. But through a casual game I notice that the best strategy is nothing if your opponent doesn’t take the bait. One wrong move and you can change from the hunter to the hunted. Much like Congressional seating.

We have become so dependent on the internet and computers that we must do everything in our power to ensure that our vital defense and infrastructure is protected and shielded from intruders who mean us much harm. Due to the snow, we had lost internet service for several hours (having a satellite based connection has its ups and downs). While we managed to survive, we missed several opportunities to find out important information on something as well as the ability to keep in touch with the outside world. Imagine if the entire infrastructure of the internet were to go down due to terrorist attacks or cyber-warfare from some unscrupulous nation-state. The destruction and damage to our national security would be widespread and we as a nation would slow to a crawl. However, in guarding our infrastructure, we need to ensure that we are also guarding against a growing government that would use such emergencies to deny us free speech and free transfer of knowledge. Government must ensure the security of our networks, from both the outside AND the inside.

So, as I look out the window and marvel at the sight, I am getting a tinge deep within me. It is the same tinge that comes every February. The want of spring. Yes the snow is beautiful, yes the furnace is warm. But by this time every year, myself and millions of others are eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring. Warm breezes, open windows, flowers and going barefoot. Soon it will be here. But for now, Happy Winter to all, and may this year bring a continued revival of the principles that make America the greatest nation on earth. God Bless.

More evidence of MSNBC propaganda!

October 26, 2009

My friends, if you go to the MSNBC website right now, on 10-26-09, there, right on their header screams out: TALES OF HEALTH INSURANCE DISASTER!!! Well I added the three exclamation points just for show. But the insidious nature of the headline just begs for attention. Supposedly fair to both sides and a ‘true news organization’ MSNBC blares anti-insurance propaganda while denying to report on what happens to health care when the government gets involved.

True, the three stories they tell are heart breaking indeed, however, one cannot allow one’s heart and emotions control rational thinking and allow our health care system to be transformed into Cuba circa 2009. While there are significant and troubling errors with our health care system, we can’t allow ourselves to become the next Cuba or Britain or Canada.

MSNBC lists several cases where the insurance doesn’t cover or covers too little of the costs associated with the treatment. The problem with their presentation is that they refuse to address the issue that millions are happy with their insurance. While some may fall through the cracks and be unhappy with their situation, this is typical of everything in life. If you want to claim that I’m a heartless conservative ideologue go right ahead. I’ll take it if it means I am a Constitutionalist and holding true to the values that make America so uniquely American.

Americans want reform, but they want it the right way. They want a fair shake by having doctors not running every test imaginable just to cover themselves in case something goes wrong. And that is why we need tort reform NOW! Doctors are scared of not running tests, even ones that are unnecessary because they are subjected to outrageous lawsuits if something happens they didn’t foresee. It is unfair to doctors for having to fear that and unfair to patients who face added costs due to the threat.

Another way to reform health insurance is to allow out of state companies to compete for buyers. This would allow for more competition and would lower prices as companies wage price wars against each other for potential customers. If there is only one or two companies I can choose from, that allows prices to go up since the two can collude together. But when three or more are available to me, then prices inevitably come down because when more choice is there, they have more reasons to make their choices more attractive to the consumer. Economics my friend.

Americans want reform, but limited reform. Not this media promoting, government option mandating, big government malaise. Americans want most of it to stay the same. And nothing MSNBC can say can detract from that.

Unions: A Threat to Our Freedom

October 25, 2009

My friends, I have not always been anti-union. I once, mistakenly, thought that unions rea lly were fighting for the ‘little guy’ and that if it weren’t for the unions the corporate heavies and CEOs would shaft the working stiffs as bad as they wanted. But now I realize, hey, the unions are as bad if not worse to the average worker than the management is. Allow me to explain.

The UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO and every other union it seems is for the Employee Free Choice Act (which shall hereafter be labeled as EFCA), which really has nothing to do with either employees or freedom. What it really is is a wordplay because if it sounded like what it would actually do, people would be running for the doors and gnashing their teeth at the demise of our democracy. Let me break it down further for you and give you all the nitty gritty that Big Labor doesn’t want you to know.

Myth #1: The EFCA would make unionizing easier and workers would have more rights as a result. Truth #1: While it would make unionizing easier, the way it would be done is shady and underhanded and denies workers the most basic and fundamental rights of democracy. With this bill tops on the union bosses list of things to get done with their ‘progressive’ allies in congress, every American should inspect it and take note of the loss of rights through its passage. The bill would force companies to allow a simple card check to allow unionization. With it, employees of the company would sign cards if they wanted a union, those who oppose the union simply would not sign. Sound harmless? I didn’t think so. This puts those that don’t want to join at risk of union intimidation… (NO!!! They wouldn’t do that!!! They want to help the little guy!!! Watch the video of an SEIU thug beating up on a town hall protester. You might change your mind.) and those that do accept the union are open to discrimination from management. Also, it would do away with elections, if the majority signs the cards, BAM! Unionized. Now isn’t that just great?! Let’s do away with that quaint little concept of democracy and secret ballots!

Myth #2: Card check would still allow private elections. Truth #2: While this is quasi-true, a big, fat, stinky lie is wrapped in a thin veil of truthfulness. Unions state that they don’t do elections unless there is a 65-80% show of interest in unionizing and card check would allow unionization with just a majority of cards. This means that workers cannot demand an election without becoming union. With current law 30% or higher signed cards means that an election is called. When the election is done, private balloting determines the future of the unionization drive. But with EFCA, if less than 50% sign the cards an election is called. However, if more than 50% sign, the union is recognized, eliminating the right to an election. Since unions do not allow elections with less than 50% (because unions win only 8% of elections called with less than 40% interest) than would almost completely eliminate the election. So while elections could still happen, union bosses would determine the types of union organized drives and determine when to submit the cards or not to at all. This takes ALL rights away from the workers and employers and puts them into the hands of the union.

Now those myths and truths are enough to prove that EFCA is bad for the workers, the employer and the economy at large. The only ones that would benefit is *gasp* the unions. No wonder the UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO are all supporting it. They don’t care about workers, they care about padding their own pockets.

When union people see this they are going to go crazy. They’ll call me racist, sexist, anti-worker, pro-CEO, conservative elitist born with a silver spoon in my mouth, living in Bel-Aire, chewing on caviar, French speakin’, polo playin’, Gulfstream jet ridin’, Toyota drivin’, gun totin’, exotic animal hunting rich guy who just hates anyone cutting into my profit. Tell you the truth, nothing above is true. I don’t have a silver spoon in my mouth because my dad was in the UAW, I live in Ohio, never tasted caviar, can’t say a word in French (and proud of it!), hate polo, hate Toyota, and have never seen an exotic animal in person. But the truth is liberals and progressives and union heavies are more out of touch with Americans than the conservatives are. Because unlike the union bosses, Americans like elections, private ballots and free choice when they vote. Unlike unions Americans don’t want to be pressured to vote either way and want their consciences to be the only things that are swaying their vote. Unlike unions, Americans don’t hate CEOs just because they make money and Americans also know that business is not evil. Unlike the unions, Americans don’t think unions are inextricably tied to the economy and don’t believe that whenever unions suffer, the economy follows suit.

The EFCA isn’t about worker’s rights, except in infringing upon them. This is about advancing unions and lining the pockets of Big Labor to support liberals and progressives for congress. Unions have stated in the past their contempt for Ronald Reagan because of the PATCO air traffic controller strike, yet they deny that he lead our country through 8 years of prosperity. Their iconic favorite… Jimmy Carter. The hypocrisy of it all is astounding. Americans need to stand up and say ‘NO WAY are you taking away our rights to a free and fair election, and you’re not going to intimidate or harass me if I don’t sign.’ Until Americans stand up to unions, they will continue to trample or attempt to trample our rights. Stay tuned, this could very well heat up in coming months.