Marriage: One Man, One Woman?

November 1, 2009

The war on marriage has been going on for decades now, but only in the past ten years have those that wish to redefine marriage gained any traction. Liberals and their allies in congress are trying to redefine marriage to the detriment of families everywhere inside the United States.

My interactions with liberals show that, among other things, they wish to summarily destroy the foundations of society. These foundations are liberty, morality, marriage, culture and religion. Their most recent barrage has come in trying to force gay marriage upon the populace through the courts and backroom deals that negate the votes that millions have cast in opposition to the redefinition of marriage. They cite the 2003 court case Lawrence v. Texas in which the courts decided that the government has no right to criminalize any act committed in private. Since then, pro-gay marriage groups have used the court decision to push for the legalization, at the state level and the federal level as a ‘civil right’.

Liberals creepily urge that gay marriage and full marriage rights be granted to homosexual couples despite the facts that gay couples are far less likely to stay together beyond three years than heterosexual people. They also seem to ignore the fact that in European countries in general and Scandinavian countries in particular, allowing homosexual marriage has led to the complete breakdown of the family and has led directly to the birth rate out of wedlock skyrocketing to well over 50%. Marriage is also looked at disdainfully by the youth who, due to lack of structure and discipline in the home, are increasingly turning to crime and anarchist groups to fulfill the void.

But, seemingly beyond the pale years ago, moves are being made to further break down marriage to not only between two men, two women or a man and a woman, but also to include two women and one man, two men and one woman or any other combination of men and women. Polygamy has been banned in the United States for decades and the unofficial reason the Mormon church moved to Salt Lake City in Utah.

How sick is the idea that marriage could include polygamists and polyamorists (those that ‘trade’ husbands and wives for relations between members of the ‘marriage’)? Could one not think of a more vile and creepy way of defining marriage? Well it seems those at NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) did. They seem to believe that a boy as young as 13 can be considered consenting to sexual relations with adult men. Similar groups are coming out of the woodwork like the cockroaches they are to petition to decriminalize pedophilia. Such activities are going on and no one can deny them. Marriage is under attack from the left constantly. Americans need to stand up and say that marriage is between one man and one woman. Period.

But the sad truth is, Americans have said that and they continue to do so, yet their votes are being struck down as the issue going to an election is being dubbed unconstitutional. Activist judges and leftist government officials deem the people’s voices hateful and try to overturn the state bans on gay marriage. Christians and conservatives need to come to the defense of marriage before it is too late. Don’t let the left redefine marriage. Because after marriage between one man and one woman is no longer honored, the slope gets slippery and we can see the bottom even now.

Sean Penn’s Buddy Chavez Limits Shower Time

October 23, 2009


   Hugo Chavez, ‘president’ of Venezuela has told Venezuelans to limit the length of their showers to three minutes to combat the low rainfall and dwindling water supply in the El Guri reservoir, one of the world’s largest. “Some people sing in the shower, in the shower half an hour,” he said during a televised cabinet meeting. “No kids, three minutes is more than enough. I’ve counted, three minutes, and I don’t stink.”

   Well, the ever more erratic leftist leader has garnered some high profile supporters here in the United States. Well I should say, in Hollywood, including the likes of Sean Penn and Danny Glover. Liberals all, they admire how the leftist president has handled caring for the poor, the environment and generally sticking his thumb in former President Bush’s eye.

   This is another example of liberals always wanting to control other people’s lives. They think the government should step in and tell people how to live in order that the environment can be protected by the almighty politicians and loving liberals. They are willing to throw our freedom under the bus in order that a  prairie mouse can live more comfortably.

   You know folks, I’m all for protecting animals. In fact I am probably one of the most angered people when I hear about a dog abused or a cat killed or something like that. But when you tell me to take a three minute shower so the common minnow can have a deeper pond, that’s too much. People should ALWAYS be more important than animals and if a human’s liberty is infringed upon (I mean something like their guaranteed rights and common sense rights, not something like dog fighting or eating domestic animals) in order to help the ‘environment’ you lose me.

   This isn’t about the environment, or animals or ecology or anything like that. This is about liberals and leftists wanting the government to control our lives even more than they already do. I say enough is enough. Freedom is what this country is based upon and freedom we are going to reclaim. A oppressed people can only be pushed so far before they say, “You know what, I’ve had enough with you.” and kick the politicians to the curb. Start representing us or you won’t be representing anybody. Washington, are you listening?