Leftist Feminists Slam Tebow

January 27, 2010

The left is enraged by Tim Tebow and his mother’s Superbowl ad touting a pro-life message. While none have seen the ad, read the script or know anything about it sans for the general message, several women’s groups are up in arms over the audacity of CBS to show such an ‘anti-choice’ message.

Let me throw in a disclaimer. I like Tebow, I admire his guts to stand up for his beliefs on such a large stage. It’s easy to stand up for something when you are someone like An Informed Mind, relatively unknown (as for now) and without having your face out there in the public eye. I think his mother did the right thing when she said that she would not have an abortion. She lived her belief that abortion was, is and always will be wrong.

I tried looking through a pro-choice person’s eyes (hard as it was) to see if there was any reason to attack Tim or his mother for the ad. I thought well maybe the ad attacks people who have had abortions. But CBS wouldn’t allow something like that anyway. Ultimately the only thing I could think of was that if offered a logical, coherent and entirely believable and heartwarming alternative to destructive and life ending abortions.

This begs the question, do liberals hate babies? They certainly hate them before they are born because they go to great lengths to provide alternatives to letting the child live. I contend that we are the midst of the greatest genocide in history at the targets are the unborn. Liberals are actively promoting abortion as a facet of both health care and reproductive freedom. But they don’t want pro-lifers to have the right to express their reasons for not choosing abortions nor do they want them to be able to offer alternatives to impressionable and confused young women who are trying to decide between abortion and carrying the baby to term.

This speaks to the tyranny of what used to be a noble or at least freedom oriented political philosophy. Liberals used to be all about rocking the boat and trying to afford individuals the freedom to express themselves. Oh they still are, as long as you agree with them and are pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, pro-big government, pro-socialism.

We need to stand up for the unborn and if it means ideological conflict, bring it on!

The Horror of Abortion

December 11, 2009


   The left’s assault on the sanctity of life is seemingly never-ending, save for when they stand up for rapists, murderers and dictators. But this post is dedicated to showing the viewers the horrors of abortion. I won’t post the actual pictures due to their graphic and explicit nature, but I will link to them and comment on them.

   The first site that has some gruesome images of the aborted fetuses is from The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. The site is dedicated to showing people the horror of abortion through articles, audio\video samples, abortion facts and photos.


   The photos show the parts of various aborted babies from 7 weeks (page 1) to 24 weeks (page 3). The gruesome photos show just what happens to the poor baby as it is systematically slaughtered inside the womb of the mother. In the abortions in progress page, photos show the damage done in the process to the females reproductive system, thus disproving the idea that abortions are harmless to the mother.

   Since I am sure that you have seen enough pictures of the horror of what the poor babies go through, let me give you some sites with the testimonials of the women who have had abortions and now regret them.



   I’ll be posting more on this subject in the future. I do hope you’ve checked out the links I have included. The pictures and the testimonials are heartbreaking.

Obama To Push For Abortion Funding

November 15, 2009

The amendment, authored by Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., went beyond preventing the proposed government-run plan from covering abortion to restrict federal subsidies from going toward private plans that offer abortion coverage. White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod states that Obama will work to strip the amendment from the health care bill because the amendment changes the ‘status quo’ and Obama can’t abide by that.

Wait! Didn’t Obama promise change when he took over? But now he wants to keep the status quo the same? What about hope and change for the unborn Mr. Obama? What about hope for the pre-born victims of the slaughter that they have no voice in stopping? Where’s the hope and change NObama?

This is nothing new. Obama is the most liberal senator and now president in the history of our Republic. Why should we expect him to stand up for the unborn? He, and his party, have made it perfectly clear that they only care about representing those that will vote for them and pay taxes. Since the unborn don’t pay taxes, can’t vote and won’t sing Obama’s praises like propagandized victims of brainwashing, they have no worth to the valueless liberals in the Democrat party.

I salute Bart Stupak for standing up for the unborn by trying to get this amendment into the bill. But with his own party against him, there is little chance that it will be implemented and most odds are towards if any bill gets passed, it’ll include federal funding for abortion. This is the key sticking point with many blue-dogs that have conservatives backing them in their districts. If there is abortion funding in the bill, it could doom it. But idiots Pelosi, ReDe and Obama don’t care. They want their radical leftist health care bill regardless of whether the American people want it or not.

America needs to stand up and say, federal funding for abortion is WRONG!!! Even if you are pro-choice you should be fundamentally opposed to making someone else pay for abortions. This is about abortion whether Obama wants to admit to it. People should not be forced to pay for someone else’s abortion. It is violating our moral and religious rights to not fund someone else’s murder. Dems and libs better pick up on that or there will be a BIG year for Republicans next year.

Liberalism and Communism: Not Much Different

October 31, 2009

Liberalism has many slippery slopes that makes it one or tops two steps from outright communism. Let’s look at the similarities. Liberalism evidently doesn’t value life. Communists have killed over 100 million people since 1917. Liberalism has, through abortion killed 50 million babies in a massive infanticide. They are also pushing the legalization of doctor assisted suicide. Communism’s stance on life: worthless. Liberalism’s stance on life: Worthless except when you are a criminal. Then you are a poor person indicted by an unfair justice system.

Liberalism and communism are separate somewhat in the areas of private property. Communists see that all property should be owned in common and overseen by the governing authorities. Liberalism doesn’t mind having private property as long as everyone else’s is taxed enough to provide for the common good. Evidence Michael Moore: He rails against capitalism in his new propagan… er, I mean documentary yet when questioned by Sean Hannity about his own personal wealth he him-hawed around the questions surrounding how he became so exorbitantly wealthy. The truth is, liberals don’t mind wealth so long as yours goes towards their goal of social justice and redistribution of wealth.

Taxes is another area where libs and commies are similar. Both want high taxes to support a behemoth government that takes care of everyone. Liberals also take it a step further by making taxes not only a way to pay for government, but also to make up for real and supposed injustices in the past. They want rich people to pay A LOT more than what they are paying now so they can give that money to the poor disadvantaged people that have been taken advantage of through the evil, greedy corporate culture of capitalism. Liberals will never admit that America through it’s capitalist system has raised more people from poverty to middle class status than any socialist country in the world. Nay, than ALL the socialist countries in the world.

Liberals also seem to revel in praising socialists and communists. At least four of Obama’s key administration officials have praised communists. Anita Dunn and the FCC chief are the two most prominent. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama admires some of the tactics and ideas of socialists.

Americans need to wake up to the evil of liberalism. I think that the movement is already beginning. With conservatives being more numerous than liberals by a two to one margin, Americans are diametrically opposed to the liberal viewpoint. But we need to be vigilant and begin to reverse the trend of liberalism in the arts, medicine, media and other areas. Liberalism in its most basic form is akin to communism and fascism.

Valueless Liberalism

October 28, 2009

Through my online debates with members of the opposing viewpoint, I have found that a shockingly large number of liberals have no real morality. I have always believed that conservatives have the higher degree of morality due to support for life, marriage and freedom. But recently through discourse on the Drudge Retort, I have found that many far left liberals don’t mind silencing dissent, speaking out for freedom to die, and generally are all about ME.

I, through my natural inclination to debate and debate fiercely, entered into a discussion on the merits of the pro-life position conservatives have taken. I saw people who heralded the murder of Terry Schiavo through slow starvation as a ‘great moment’ in our history. I also saw people determined that it was their right as a woman to kill of the baby inside of them ‘because I don’t want a party of white men telling me what to do with my body.’ Still others were on my side claiming life was valuable and the teaching of intelligent design should be encouraged to offer a valuable alternative to the THEORY of evolution. They were ridiculed. One of my posts was removed because it contained an element of religion.

Liberals in the 40s, 50s and 60s were heralded for their open mindedness and tolerance. The liberal mindset though has come full circle, from tolerance for all to only tolerance for what they want to hear. Liberals complain of the Bush doctrine of the Patriot Act which allowed warrant-less wiretaps, yet they want to shout down all opposing viewpoints. Liberalism used to be the carefree open mindset which focused on personal generosity. Now it is a close minded, our view is the only view if you don’t agree with us we will shout you down and drown you out, take more of someone else’s money to pay for ‘social justice’ programs.

Liberals now applaud when someone is guaranteed a right to die, such as a baby or suicidal person, yet they denounce those that want to stick up for life. Pro life people just hate the woman with the baby, people that oppose doctor assisted suicide are simply people that don’t want others to be able to end their own misery. Yet they, the slaughterers of the unborn and defenders of murderers, are great humanitarians, promoting liberty to the pregnant and life to the prisoners.

Americans, when are we going to stand up to the valueless liberalism that is pervading our colleges, our organization, our government? Why do we listen to people who want murderers to live and be set free from prison yet don’t mind the systematic and painful dismembering and slaughtering of the unborn? Stand up for morality.

“Precious gift, that’s what you were,
God knit his work within her womb,
But a hardened heart and a selfish wish,
Turned that place into your tomb.

I wonder what you would have become,
If choice had not got in the way,
Of hearing you laugh and watching you run.
But in my heart your life has begun,
Who had the right to deprive us
Of all of the things we’d have done?

I Wonder…

My only peace is knowing
That He is at your side.
That He holds you close,
And tucks you in at night.

I’ll bear this empty hole,
Without you in my life,
Knowing that someday,
You’ll run to me — eternally.”

That is from the song “I Wonder: A Love Song to the Son I Never Knew” as performed by Jamie Dickmann. It is so heart breaking. Why do we allow this in America. Abortion is murder. No matter what the valueless left says or what ‘choice’ dictates. We need to stop this.