Communist Dominoes Are Falling… Or Are They?

December 2, 2009

May 18, 1990 Ronald Reagan gave one of his most famous speeches. It was pertaining to the notion of communism and the collapse of the system throughout Europe. He said: “Let me tell you the basis of my optimism for our future. What has made the United States great is that ours has been an empire of ideals. The ideals of freedom, democracy, and a belief in the remarkable potential of the individual. Power isn’t simply wealth or troops. Power is also spirit and ideas. And these we have in abundance.”

“The attitude of wanting to be the biggest and to go the farthest and to get there first and to do the most good when we arrived is part of our national character. Americans have always been larger than life. We wanted to establish the best government on Earth. We wanted to put a man on the moon. This is the spirit we set loose. This is the passion that invented the revolutionary technologies and a culture young people everywhere envy.”

“And this is the attitude that has defeated communism. At some dark, lonely moment during the last decade, a terrible realization set in upon the leaders of the Soviet Union. They realized that their system could not take them where the United States and the rest of the free world was going.”

“The West’s economics and technologies were a powerful booster blasting us into orbits the Communist world could not hope to reach. Our communications technology sailed over the barbed wire and concrete walls, letting their citizens know what democracy could offer, what free markets could provide. Our computer technology left them bewildered and behind, paper societies in an electronic age…”

“Communist dominoes are falling all over the world. We must continue to give Communist dominoes a good push whenever and wherever we can. There are still those that must fall-China, North Korea, North Vietnam, North Yemen, and of course, Cuba. Cuba is next in democracy’s sweep. And let me say directly to Fidel Castro-like Honecker in East Germany, like Ceausescu in Romania, like Noriega in Panama, like all the other has-been dictators of despair, you cannot fight democracy’s destiny. Fidel, you’re finished!…”

“We should not be timid in our embrace of democracy. We should be as bold and brash in our democratic ideals as ever in our history. The Golden Age of Freedom is near because America has remained true to her ideals. This is not the time to let our support for democracy wane.”

That was some of the wisest words I have ever seen written on paper. They are as relevant today as they were 19 years ago. But sadly, his words are not ringing true, and they aren’t because we have the polar opposite of him in Obama. Let me break it down. America still has those bold, brash, and confident ideals of getting there first and doing it best. The only problem is, our government, the very people that are supposed to be making sure that we can and encouraging us on, is now telling Americans that we are no better than anyone else and we should all gather around a campfire and sing Kumbaya. I don’t think so. Americans are larger than life and if Europeans can’t compete, that’s THEIR fault, not ours.

Communism was on it’s death-bed when Reagan left office and George Bush took office. Unfortunately some, thinking Communism was dead, took their foot off the throttle and allowed Communist embers to smolder silently for years. This is on George Bush and Clinton especially. We could have dealt a major blow to China, North Korea etc. to focus the same attention on them that we did on the USSR. But we wanted peace and non-confrontational approaches after five decades of anti-communism. So we allowed China, N. Korea etc. to live in their Communism. Now we have Commies in the White House and undermining America through our president. Sadly, Reagan is probably rolling over in his grave.

Computer technology was used in the Iran crisis to relay messages of brutal suppression of thoughts, ideals, freedom. What did our president do? Stand in solidarity with the Iranian people demonstrating for freedom? No, he said that we don’t want to meddle in another nation’s internal affairs. Reagan knew the difference between meddling and promoting freedom. Obama apparently doesn’t or doesn’t care. Twitter, Facebook, text messages and cell phones were used by freedom seeking Iranians, just as Reagan said. Yet Obama did not have the foresight, or the backbone, to stand in solidarity with those poor souls. For that, we have maybe hundreds killed, thousands wounded and America’s stance tarnished.

We still need to give a firm push on the dominoes of Communism. There are still far too many prolific Communist systems around the world. One is around 100 miles from our shores, another is our second largest trading partner. Others are openly oppressing their people and we, under Obama, are doing nothing to counter that. It is a sad day when the French hold a stronger line against a tyrannical regime than the leader of the Free World. This is a serious problem that Obama, and only Obama, can correct. He needs to man up and show the evil regimes of the world that America will talk, but when that fails, we are prepared to back up our words with action. Obama can take a page from Israel. As my dad says, “You have to give Israel credit, they don’t take any cr** from anybody.” Indeed if we are to remain the leader of the Free World, we need to show that there is great benefit to being our allies and heck to pay if you attack us.

Reagan said we shouldn’t be timid in our embrace of democracy. That is exactly what Obama is being. He was timid on Iran, his plan is timid on the Taliban and Al Qaeda and his timidity in dealing with the Russians and the missile defense shield is sickening. Whereas we should be proving to our allies that we are dependable, strong, resolute and able, we are proving to our enemies that we are undependable, wishy-washy and prone to giving up. The only way to beat Al Qaeda and every other enemy is to outblast and outlast them. We are basically saying, “Last this long, and we’ll give up.” What a terrible thing to say to people that want to see us all dead. America, get back to pushing dominoes. Maybe not communist dominoes, but we need to get those last ones down. Now is not the time to let off the throttle like we did 15 years ago. Islamic Extremism needs to be killed while we have the chance. And I say directly to Obama, “MAN UP! PROVE AMERICA HAS IDEALS AND WILL FIGHT FOR THEM!”