EPA: Your Breath Can Kill You

December 9, 2009

   In another stunning move of monumental stupidity, the EPA has now told us that our breath is dangerous to us and the planet. It is now undertaking steps to begin regulating CO2, Carbon Dioxide, a regular part of the atmosphere and everyone’s breath.

   While I don’t deny that we need to do our best to not pollute, this isn’t about pollution. This is stupidity, pure and simple. Since the beginning of the earth there has been varying amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 is naturally trapped. Do none of these ‘scientists’ have a brain of their own to research these things without organizational bias getting in the way?

   Whereas I have little scientific knowledge outside of high school level biology, I do keep up to date on the whole global warming issue and find myself informing myself more and more through research on the subject. It seems to me that this is just another way to tax people and regulate industry to be able to pay for more and more government largesse.

   America has been driving and using coal-fired electric plants for many years. In fact, when we were the number 1 manufacturer in the world, we used a lot of energy, usually dirty energy and we did not see the whole ‘everyone is going to be poisoned etc. arguments that are trying to scare people into supporting the various new controls that government wants to impose. Why then should we impose new regulations on industries when they are already being burdened by more regulations than in other countries. You would think that issue #1 for Obama and his Democrat stooges in Congress would be for ending the recession first and tackling global warm… oops, I mean climate change when that ends. We have had cars for over a hundred years, coal fired plants for as long, maybe longer, and other dirty sources of energy that SPEW CO2 for a LONG time. If there was global warming, we would be steaming by now. We would literally be stewing in our own juices. But that is not happening.

   The whole regulation of carbon is sure to ruin our economy even further and put America’s industries in an even worse position when we are facing an ever growing China and cheaper sources of labor elsewhere. I only hope that we can reverse this nonsense before it destroys our country.

Anti-Christmas Globalists Ban Christmas Trees

December 6, 2009

European scientists and U.N. bureaucrats are now, in another slap at Christianity and Christmas, banning Christmas trees from the Copenhagen Global Climate Summit. The summit, being attended by Obama and other dignitaries, has shunned the traditional look of Christmas trees because as Denmark Foreign Ministry official Svend Olling said: “”We have to remember that this is a U.N. conference and, as the center then becomes U.N. territory, there can be no Christmas trees in the decor, because the U.N. wishes to maintain neutrality…”

Ironically, the fir trees that were originally planned to be at the summit trap and bind CO2 to prevent ‘global warming’. This shows the level that Europe and our leaders have stooped to. They go to a ‘climate change’ summit over the objections of critics of warming, yet indulging the morons that think we should avoid Christmas trees to ‘remain neutral.’

Yet another example of political correctness run amok. Europe has long been PC capital of the world with Christians being silenced whereas Muslim minorities are protected. This is another thumb in the eye of traditionalists that don’t mind the Christmas tree being displayed. While I don’t think it is malicious or necessarily intolerant, it is definitely overkill when it comes to inclusiveness. The U.N. should come up with better ways to waste American funds than banning Christmas trees and spending billions and trillions in researching and combating a fictional problem.

Climategate: Why You Should Care

December 4, 2009


   The leaked emails between top climate scientists recently has shown purposeful manipulation of  climate data to demonstrate more global warming than is actually occurring. Many scientists are furious about the emails because they have been ostracized for many years due to their skepticism about man caused global warming.

   But how does this relate to you and what does it mean for the average Joe or Jane in America? Here’s what it means.  Climategate shows that scientists, particularly those that have a vested interest in the climate change idea, are fluffing up their arguments with doctored evidence and suppressing reasonable dissent that shows facts backing up lack of global warming.

   “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.” That is a quote from one of the emails detailing the fact that there is a noticeable lack of warming going on. This is not only proving that there is significantly less warming than scientists are letting on, but also proves that there is an insane amount of dishonesty and lying going on to get money spent on the hoax.

   Another email states: 

“This was the danger of always criticising the skeptics for not publishing in the “peer-reviewed literature”. Obviously, they found a solution to that–take over a journal! So what do we do about this? I think we have to stop considering “Climate Research” as a legitimate peer-reviewed journal. Perhaps we should encourage our colleagues in the climate research community to no longer submit to, or cite papers in, this journal. We would also need to consider what we tell or request of our more reasonable colleagues who currently sit on the editorial board…What do others think?”

“I will be emailing the journal to tell them I’m having nothing more to do with it until they rid themselves of this troublesome editor.”“It results from this journal having a number of editors. The responsible one for this is a well-known skeptic in NZ. He has let a few papers through by Michaels and Gray in the past. I’ve had words with Hans von Storch about this, but got nowhere. Another thing to discuss in Nice !” Since when, in science, does someone discredit another scientist simply because he disagrees with your point? These scientists involved in climategate have a vested interest in making sure the public is deceived into believing that climate change is happening.

   Now, it pertains to us in that we are staring down a Cap and Trade bill that will raise our electricity rates, threaten our sovereignty and break the backs of small business and individuals unnecessarily. We need to stand up and say, “NOT ONE RED PENNY FOR A FRAUD!!!”

The Kneeler in Chief

November 17, 2009

   It seems that our president has a serious problem with keeping his back straight when meeting with other dignitaries. capt.photo_1258388640408-1-0

   Yes, our president has bowed to the Japanese emperor Akihito. It is customary for leaders to exchange warm handshakes, yet Obama took it a step farther. He bowed to the emperor. Bowing at the same height as the opposing dignitary symbolizes mutual respect and friendship. Bowing lower indicates submission.

   Remember Saudi Arabia? Here’s this gem of a picture:


      The funny thing is, if Obama would bow to the American people’s wishes, than he would be just fine. But instead he chooses to bow to the Saudis and Japanese emperor Akihito. Who’s protecting who? This is the man that is supposed to have his finger on the nuclear button in case of an emergency? The troubling truth is, Obama is not just committing a faux pas. He is knocking America down to size, purposefully. He has stated in his multiple apology tours that he doesn’t think there is any such thing as American exceptionalism. He has stated that we’re all in this together and America needs to be led by other countries as much as we need to lead. Hence his willingness to hand over sovereignty based on some environmental whim such as global warming. (Oh I’m sorry, it’s climate change now. But only because it has been proven that we are in a cooling period rather than a warming one. Ouch, truth hurts doesn’t it Al Gore?)

   But back to my point. Another funny thing is ‘Barak’ in Hebrew actually means ‘kneel’. Maybe Barack is Hebrew. Maybe his name is fitting. There is only one letter missing after all.

   This isn’t about bowing. Bowing is perfectly acceptable when done to show mutual respect and admiration. The emperor had it right, a slight bow indicates respect but not submission. Karate classes teach it all the time. Students bow deeper than the sensei because they are his pupils and owe him more respect, students bow to the same height as each other because they are equals and are showing mutual respect and honor. Obama evidently sees Akihito, Abdullah and anyone else he kneels to as his sensei and he is the pupil. If he were just any other politician I wouldn’t mind so much. But he is supposed to uphold American respect and honor around the world. Apparently he doesn’t think we are as deserving respect as Japan, Saudi Arabia etc. are.