Radical Islam and Radical Stupidity

January 10, 2010

My friends, the latest foiled terror plot was again carried out by a radical Christian, gun-toting, fundamentalist, Bible thumping hick from the sticks… oh wait… typo… that’s wrong. Once again the terror plot was hatched and nearly executed by a radical Muslim from Nigeria. The Christmas day attempt at blowing up a plane over Detroit was foiled only when the explosives didn’t explode and a courageous man leaped over seats to subdue the burning would-be bomber.

And once again, very few mentions that this guy was a Muslim. I have said it time and time again that Islam is not a religion of peace but of war and strife and subjecting their enemies. While the majority of Muslims probably are peace-loving, friendly neighbors/friends, they are akin to Christians that go to church but don’t really buy into the whole relationship with Jesus. They may believe in allah and so forth, but really are not following the Koran to the word. If we look inside the Koran we can see that it is full of murder, violence, subjection of women and beheading of infidels.

People might come up to me and say, “Well what about the Old Testament? What about those strict rules of conduct?” The difference is, in Jesus we are set free from the Law and the Law is no longer binding on us. The rules of no mixed wool/polyester shirts is done away with, the prohibition against pork is removed (Can I get a Hallelujah?) In the Koran there is no such removal of the violence and commands to spread Islam by the mouth first but by the sword if people don’t answer. Jesus Christ never once commanded his followers to kill infidels and he actually restored the servant of the high priest’s ear when Peter drew his sword and cut it off. (See Luke 22:50-51) Jesus did not defend himself when tried before Pilate, nor did he allow his disciples to. On the contrary, Muhammed allowed for the slaughter of women (read about the poet who was slaughtered as she nursed her infant) the slaughter of Jews (“A day is coming when the tree will cry out, ‘there is a jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.”) etc.

As much as we want to deny it in our politically correct and squeamish society, Islam is at war with us. There are moderate Muslims that don’t want to fight America and love America but the fundamental religion of Islam is, and always will be at war with the U.S. and the entire modern world. Islam hates those that deny Muhammed, allah or the Koran. Christians are taught to love those that use and persecute them.

Time and again we see that those that wish to do us harm and to destroy our way of life are overwhelmingly Islamic in nature. We see people chanting in the streets of Iran ‘Death to Israel! Death to America!’ We see people that say they love death more than the west loves life. We see a religion that promises those that kill themselves for allah 72 virgins in heaven. Christians are promised that we will see the face of God in heaven and enjoy His presence when we pass from this world unto life eternal. But Islam, in an excellent political and military move, promises a carnal and sexual reward to entice young men to be willing to sacrifice themselves for a cause that will almost certainly lead them to death. Christians value life because the Bible teaches that all men are known by God in their mother’s womb and that He cares for us and sent His Son to die for us so that we may be free from our sins. Muslim terrorists love death because they anxiously wait for their reward of 72 virgins to fulfill their carnal desires.

Also, they are taught from the Koran that an unbeliever is an enemy of allah. Christians are taught that unbelievers are to be witnessed to that they might be won for Christ and pass from death to life. Islam teaches that a man cannot know his eternal destination save for those that die fighting for him. Christians can know that as long as they believe in the only begotten Son of God, their sins are forgiven and heaven is their eternal destination.

As President Obama says, “We are not at war with Muslims.” This is true. We are not at war with Muslims. But we are at war with an ideology that teaches hatred, violence, subjugation and death. We are at war with a religion that kills those that do not convert. Until America can shake ourselves awake from our stupor on the situation pertaining to Islam, we will continue to suffer attacks. America needs to wake up and realize that if we want to win this war, we have to know who we are fighting.

Switzerland Bans Islamic Minarets

November 30, 2009

In a recent vote, Swiss voters decided to ban construction of new minarets. In Islam, the minaret is a tall tower that usually is higher than surrounding buildings that sounds the call to prayer for Muslims five times a day. The blaring call to prayer has caused anger among many Europeans as their daily routine is interrupted by the loud calls.

This is a surprise victory for many in the country that oppose further Islamification of Europe. Many see the increasing Islamic minorities as threats to traditional European culture and religion. Halal food shops are springing up, and many restaurants are caterinng to Islamic customers by taking pork and other ‘unclean’ food out of their menus.

An Informed Mind has no animosity towards Muslims. However I do think that Islam is a religion of war and it should be treated as such since it has basically declared war on western culture and countries. Muslims should be treated with respect and not harassed. However we cannot act as though Islam is a peaceful religion like Christianity. Turkey’s Prime Minister even said, “Minarets are Islam’s bayonets.” Peaceful? Methinks not. I applaud the Swiss for standing up to those who would cry intolerance and realizing that Islam is not as peaceful as they claim.

Homeland Security Working to Prevent Anti-Muslim Backlash

November 9, 2009

In the wake of the tragic shootings at Fort Hood in Texas that left 13 dead and more than 30 wounded, our Homeland Security Secretary is focused intently on keeping further violence from happening. But not in the way you’d think. Are they making sure that no more attacks are completed against our service men and women? No, they are making sure that potential anti-Muslim attacks are quelled.

I am serious, I’m not joking. Homeland Security is not making sure that our bases, ports and cities are safe but are spending tax dollars and wasting time making sure no potential outbreak of anti-Islamic sentiment happens. Now obviously I am against any violence against anyone based on their religion, creed, nationality, gender or any other factor. But does anyone remember massive rioting in the streets post-September 11th? Were Muslims chased from their homes? No. Americans are very tolerant and do not blame normal, run of the mill Muslims for the tragedy of September 11th or Fort Hood. We blame the actual religion but not the people.

The wasted money is bad enough, but the sheer idiocy of the idea is striking. I new from the get go we would be in danger from a naive and weak administration, but I didn’t know that they would focus their attention on targeting potential, possibly, maybe anti-Islamic people rather than taking down the actual Islamofascists that want to kill us on a massive scale.

It just shows that Homeland Security should be called the Department of Political Correctness because they are certainly more concerned with remaining PC than they are with keeping us safe.

Jesus Christ vs. Muhammed

October 23, 2009

It seems there are many in the media, the religious institutions and the public that want to compare Muhammed and Islam to Jesus and Christianity. But they are overlooking some very important yet non politically correct issues.

1. Muhammed ordered those that would not convert to Islam to be killed. In his famous Medina campaign, Muhammed and his followers slaughtered those that did not convert peaceably. While it is true Muhammed first offered the intended Islamized conversion and peace, when they refused he brought out the sword. Killing old men, women and children alike, Muhammed showed no mercy. On the contrary, Jesus tells us to preach the gospel peacefully and told His disciples that “He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.” Does this sound like a madman bent on converting non-believers at the edge of a sword? Jesus also repeatedly tells His disciples and us to “love your enemies, bless them that persecute you, and do good to them that spitefully use you.”

2. Muhammed received divine revelation and permission from Allah to take multiple wives to himself, one of which he married at 7 and consumated the marriage with at 9. Jesus however, stated that marriage is between one man and one woman for life. “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” Matthew 19:5 ESV Does this sound like Jesus condoning polygamy?

3. Allah is not Jehovah. Allah is vengeful, wrathful and enjoys sending people to hell. The Koran tells us numerous times that even an Islamic person cannot be guaranteed of eternal salvation until Judgment Day. Whereas the Bible tells us that God wishes no one to perish and the angels in heaven rejoice over every sinner that repents. (Luke 15:10) Jehovah God loved us enough to send His only Son to die that we might live. Allah of Islam says that the only way of guaranteed eternal life in Paradise is to die for the cause of Islam and preferably by killing one or more infidel.

4. Islam states that Islam is the government and if the government is not Islamic, it is not to be submitted to. Many Islamic nations consider their national sovereignty secondary to Islamic rule. Christianity states that Christians are to submit to their secular government, unless that government is specifically ordering the citizens contrary to God’s word. Therefore, Islamic laws often allow for inhumane treatment of criminals. For instance, Islamic law states that the correct punishment for thieves is having the right hand cut off at the wrist. The punishment for adultery is eighty lashes. That is basically a death sentence. Apostasy from Islam is punishable by death.

5. Christianity is a relationship. Islam is religion. Religion has rules, regulations, laws, ordinances and other restrictive policies. A relationship is liberating. While Islam focuses on following rules, Christianity focuses on loving Christ more every day. Christianity is based on your faith in God and His Son’s atoning blood. Islam is based upon your works, and you can never know if your good works outweigh your bad deeds until the scales are balanced. I can love God who loved me enough to send His Son to die for me, I cannot love a god that states that you need to kill others to get to heaven.

So for those that want to compare the two, one must look at all the facts rather than political correctness. Christianity is a world different than Islam.

Obama Adviser Supports Sharia Law!

October 22, 2009

She describes her role in the Obama administration as a communicator to the president and other public officials of “what it is Muslims want.” But Dalia Mogahed has garnered negative attention when she stated on a British television show hosted by an extremist that Sharia (Islamic) law is ‘gender equality’. The hijab laden female adviser to the president states that Islamic women are satisfied by Sharia Law.

Says Steven Schwartz, a prominent American Muslim and outspoken critic of Islamic fundamentalism, “…while Muslims around the world are increasingly turning toward civil society, Dalia Mogahed offers the retrograde fantasy of Shariah as liberating, even as comparable with the principles of the Declaration of Independence.” Excuse me, an adviser to the president is saying Sharia, that required women to be covered hair to heel, that a person can have his right hand cut off for stealing, that says that a woman can be lashed for being found with her hair uncovered, is equal to the Declaration of Independence. Is anyone else finding something wrong with this?

In the United States, we pride ourselves on freedom and keeping government and church separate (often to the point of idiocy). But Islamic countries abide by Sharia and have NO secular law. With the exception of a few more moderate countries, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. all follow strict Sharia and the people are some of the most oppressed in the world. Why would we have an adviser to the president who has such views on the place of a violent, oppressive religion in government.

Also, since Muslims make up between 1-5% of the population, why does the president need a special adviser for Muslim concerns? Does he have a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Confucian adviser? What about for the disabled? Anything special like that for other groups? I didn’t think so. Now, I’m not attacking Muslims or anything, but Obama has a history of cozying up with Muslims to the detriment of other groups. He refused to participate in the National Day of Prayer, yet he had a special Ramadan dinner with Islamic leaders from around the country.

America, we need to fight the growing undermining of our nation and our foundation. We are based on Judeo-Christian values, not Muslim ones. Islam, though I love it’s people, is a religion of war and violence. We need to keep America based on the Constitution, not on Sharia or other international laws. Stay tuned.