Union Thugocracy!

November 4, 2009

Unions have a long history of shaking down the very businesses that employ the union’s members. UAW shakes down GM, throws retirees under the bus for the sake of the union boss and helps force GM, an iconic company that used to be the epitome of American capitalism, into bankruptcy. SEIU shakes down everybody they go near. SEIU has strict ties with ACORN, the disgraced community organizing firm whose slimy tentacles have fed democratic campaign coffers and advised faux prostitutes and johns on how to skirt laws. But no one wants to take on Big Labor. Why?

Could it be because if you get in their way, purple shirted thugs from the SEIU might find you and put a beatdown on you like they did to an unfortunate victim in this clip:

Unions: A Threat to Our Freedom

October 25, 2009

My friends, I have not always been anti-union. I once, mistakenly, thought that unions rea lly were fighting for the ‘little guy’ and that if it weren’t for the unions the corporate heavies and CEOs would shaft the working stiffs as bad as they wanted. But now I realize, hey, the unions are as bad if not worse to the average worker than the management is. Allow me to explain.

The UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO and every other union it seems is for the Employee Free Choice Act (which shall hereafter be labeled as EFCA), which really has nothing to do with either employees or freedom. What it really is is a wordplay because if it sounded like what it would actually do, people would be running for the doors and gnashing their teeth at the demise of our democracy. Let me break it down further for you and give you all the nitty gritty that Big Labor doesn’t want you to know.

Myth #1: The EFCA would make unionizing easier and workers would have more rights as a result. Truth #1: While it would make unionizing easier, the way it would be done is shady and underhanded and denies workers the most basic and fundamental rights of democracy. With this bill tops on the union bosses list of things to get done with their ‘progressive’ allies in congress, every American should inspect it and take note of the loss of rights through its passage. The bill would force companies to allow a simple card check to allow unionization. With it, employees of the company would sign cards if they wanted a union, those who oppose the union simply would not sign. Sound harmless? I didn’t think so. This puts those that don’t want to join at risk of union intimidation… (NO!!! They wouldn’t do that!!! They want to help the little guy!!! Watch the video of an SEIU thug beating up on a town hall protester. You might change your mind.) and those that do accept the union are open to discrimination from management. Also, it would do away with elections, if the majority signs the cards, BAM! Unionized. Now isn’t that just great?! Let’s do away with that quaint little concept of democracy and secret ballots!

Myth #2: Card check would still allow private elections. Truth #2: While this is quasi-true, a big, fat, stinky lie is wrapped in a thin veil of truthfulness. Unions state that they don’t do elections unless there is a 65-80% show of interest in unionizing and card check would allow unionization with just a majority of cards. This means that workers cannot demand an election without becoming union. With current law 30% or higher signed cards means that an election is called. When the election is done, private balloting determines the future of the unionization drive. But with EFCA, if less than 50% sign the cards an election is called. However, if more than 50% sign, the union is recognized, eliminating the right to an election. Since unions do not allow elections with less than 50% (because unions win only 8% of elections called with less than 40% interest) than would almost completely eliminate the election. So while elections could still happen, union bosses would determine the types of union organized drives and determine when to submit the cards or not to at all. This takes ALL rights away from the workers and employers and puts them into the hands of the union.

Now those myths and truths are enough to prove that EFCA is bad for the workers, the employer and the economy at large. The only ones that would benefit is *gasp* the unions. No wonder the UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO are all supporting it. They don’t care about workers, they care about padding their own pockets.

When union people see this they are going to go crazy. They’ll call me racist, sexist, anti-worker, pro-CEO, conservative elitist born with a silver spoon in my mouth, living in Bel-Aire, chewing on caviar, French speakin’, polo playin’, Gulfstream jet ridin’, Toyota drivin’, gun totin’, exotic animal hunting rich guy who just hates anyone cutting into my profit. Tell you the truth, nothing above is true. I don’t have a silver spoon in my mouth because my dad was in the UAW, I live in Ohio, never tasted caviar, can’t say a word in French (and proud of it!), hate polo, hate Toyota, and have never seen an exotic animal in person. But the truth is liberals and progressives and union heavies are more out of touch with Americans than the conservatives are. Because unlike the union bosses, Americans like elections, private ballots and free choice when they vote. Unlike unions Americans don’t want to be pressured to vote either way and want their consciences to be the only things that are swaying their vote. Unlike unions, Americans don’t hate CEOs just because they make money and Americans also know that business is not evil. Unlike the unions, Americans don’t think unions are inextricably tied to the economy and don’t believe that whenever unions suffer, the economy follows suit.

The EFCA isn’t about worker’s rights, except in infringing upon them. This is about advancing unions and lining the pockets of Big Labor to support liberals and progressives for congress. Unions have stated in the past their contempt for Ronald Reagan because of the PATCO air traffic controller strike, yet they deny that he lead our country through 8 years of prosperity. Their iconic favorite… Jimmy Carter. The hypocrisy of it all is astounding. Americans need to stand up and say ‘NO WAY are you taking away our rights to a free and fair election, and you’re not going to intimidate or harass me if I don’t sign.’ Until Americans stand up to unions, they will continue to trample or attempt to trample our rights. Stay tuned, this could very well heat up in coming months.

Obama’s Enemies List

October 21, 2009

Former Nixon aid Lamar Alexander (R. Tenn.) has warned Obama not to commit the same errors as disgraced ex-president Nixon in creating an enemies list. Alexander has stated that he is seeing signs that Obama is following the path of Nixon in creating a list of whom he disagrees with. He lists the following as first signs: a reported effort by the White House to marginalize the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a supposed effort by the Health and Human Services Department to put a “gag order” on the insurer Humana, the White House move to take on Fox News, Obama’s repeated criticisms of banks and investment houses, his alleged “taking names” of “bondholders who resisted the GM and Chrysler bailouts,” and the president’s move to make insurers the bogeyman of the health care debate.

I can tell you folks that Obama isn’t just making an enemies list, he already has one and Fox is at the top of the list. Obama has been trying to silence his critics for some time now and this list is just the aggregation of all the people Obama has a hit out for. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama sent his purple shirted thugs from the SEIU to picket and protest Fox News. This has got to stop. A president should not be stooping to the level of attacking his enemies. Govern man! If you actually DO something than you won’t have to worry so much about critics. Bush governed and didn’t bother to attack MSNBC or CNN and he certainly had a better beef than you do. Suck it up and quit whining all the time. I swear this has got to be the most whiny, annoying administration of ALL TIME.

So, do anything to make the president angry and doggone it, you might just end up on his enemies list.