Hall of Shame

1. President Barack Obama: known as Baracka Hussein OOOBama!
2. Speaker Pelosi: known as Yzma (from Emperor’s New Groove)
3. Harry Reid: known as Dingy Harry ala El Rushbo!
4. The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
5. The Liberal Media
6. Anti-War Loons: mostly them that defame our military
7. Hugo Chavez
8. Fidel Castro
9. Osama bin Laden (Scratch one Islamofascist!)
10. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
11. SEIU
12. Acorn: known as ‘the most corrupt organization of all time’
13. UAW: my dad worked for them but since, they have become a liberal propaganda mouth for all things Obama. (Once one of the authors for their trashy magazine called Americans opossed to NObama racist the gloves dropped.)
14. Jessie Jackson
15. Al Sharpton
16. John Kerry
17. Al Gore
18. Liberals who, when having no legitimate counterpoint, attack you and delete your comments.
19. Liberals who resort to character assassinations and false accusations to demonize their opponents.
More to come…

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