Romney vs. Obama

February 18, 2010

Mitt Romney slammed President Obama at the first day of the annual Conservative Political Action Committee amid a fired up GOP crowd. “President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their team have failed the American people, and that is why their majority will be out the door,” said Romney to cheers and applause from a joint session of GOP and Tea Party activists. In what appeared to be another smart move from conservatives to meld the tea party into the GOP, leaders from John Boehner to Mitt Romney slammed the Democrats unmercifully, leading the way for prominent Republicans to rise to the top of 2012 contenders. Many already consider Romney to be the front-runner despite Sarah Palin’s popularity with the tea party patriots. “When it comes to pinning blame, pin the tail on the donkeys,” Romney quipped and the crowd erupted in cheers. It is quite clear that Obama and the Dems are not popular among conservatives.

Here’s what I think. I think that ultimately Mitt Romney will be the likely nominee. I think that his economic know-how is worlds ahead of most every other GOP in the field and might have finally gathered conservatives to his tent. I think that Mitt Romney gives the party the best chance of winning back the White House in 2012.

Introducing Romney was the wildly popular fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republican from MA Scott Brown. This would give Romney more credibility among fiscal conservatives. Romney was a prominent supporter of Brown and many argue that he was one of the driving forces behind the win in MA. Scott Brown called Romney ‘one of the bright lights of the Republican party’.

Romney has several things going for him in a run against Barack Obama. For those who support Palin, let me first say, I like Sarah Palin. I think she’s a genuine person, I think she shares the conservative values that many Americans share. But in a debate with Obama (who is as polished and slick as a used car salesman) she would most likely be chewed up and spit out. Her debate skills are not up to the level of Obama who, being trained in the bare-knuckle politicking of Chicago, would use all means at his disposal to obliterate her. Romney on the other hand, is an excellent debater. He is smart and quick on his feet. He knows everything there is to know about economics and could probably tie Obama into a knot on the issue.
Secondly, Romney is the graceful loser of 2008’s primary battle. The GOP has a long history of handing the nomination to the runner up of the previous primary. His grace was evident as opposed to Mike Huckabee who held on as long as he could despite having no chance whatsoever of winning against McCain. He then, despite claims of animosity between the two, campaigned for McCain and Palin and did everything in his power to campaign for other Republicans. He has been the consummate professional when it came to keeping himself out of the spotlight and instead focusing attention on the party nominee.

Third, despite being appealing to conservatives, he could also, through his economic policy, reach out to independents. He can be charming and convincing to independents whose minds might have already been poisoned against Sarah Palin. Sarah is a great conservative, but despite being the largest group, Dems and Independents outnumber us. Therefore we do need to grab some of the independent vote, and Romney is poised to do so.

I think that if the economy remains stagnant or worsens by 2012 there is no way that the Republicans could blow this chance. I think that Obama is doomed to one term if the economy does not turn around and turn around quickly. If it doesn’t, Romney is poised to win big in the next presidential cycle.

The Demise of Free Speech in America

February 15, 2010

Did you know that if you disagree with Obama you are a racist? News to you? Not to me, you see I’ve been traveling over the web, looking into liberal blogs to get my jollies and insert my Informed Opinion. What I found disturbed me, and somewhat sickened me. I found that the left was in full fledged attack mode against anyone who dared raise a reviling accusation against The One. The same left that called Bush a fascist, made him out to be as bad as or worse than Hitler, that said he had the blood of millions on his and his administration’s hands were now throwing a rather nasty hissy fit against anyone speaking out against Obama.

And there charge? Racism. I was called racist outright and in veiled references. I, and other conservatives like me, were told that we were racists and backwards and that we had no legitimate beef with the president and basically that our arguments were worthless and shouldn’t be listened to. Huh, funny, you see I thought that we would be at least tolerated because of the left’s undying tolerance and respect for all walks of life. Yeah I know, funny isn’t it? Conservatives have been labeled racist by the unions, the media, the vast left wing conspiracy, Jimmy Carter, Ed Rendell… am I missing anyone? That idiot from the New Black Panthers.

It is now vogue for liberals to try and shut down free speech by trying to make us sounds like racists. I don’t mind name-calling. If a liberal calls me names I can dress him down in thirteen different ways, but when you try to shut down debate by building walls and destroying a constitutional right, that makes me mad! Free speech is what this country is built upon. In societies wherein free speech is squelched, dictators and despots invariably rise to the top. In countries wherein free speech is regarded as dangerous or inflammatory and is subsequently shut down, democracy ceases and only certain speech is allowed. This is the antithesis of America and her ideals. Liberals know this, yet they don’t mind. They don’t mind because they are now on top and see America elected Obama as proof of a ‘fundamental’ shift in American thinking. Truth be told, their mandate is much smaller and slimmer and is in the process of being revoked. They don’t think they’ll ever fall out of power, but due to their attack on free speech, America is waking up.

Glenn Beck. What comes to mind when I say his name? If you are a tea partier, you might think patriot, if you’re a liberal, crazy comes to mind. Whatever you think of Glenn Beck it is undeniable what the left is trying to do to him. Instead of debating with him on the facts, they insult him, call him over the top, stupid, crazy, fat or some other insulting and derogatory name. Whoopi Goldberg called him a ‘lying sack of dog mess’. Wow! Tolerance only goes one way huh?

Beck, and Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, O’Reilly, and everyone else that is catching on to the left, the left wants shut down. And guess what, they are all defenders of free speech. What is do d@mn dangerous about free speech? Free speech allows the folly and treason of many liberals to be exposed. Americans don’t want one sided news, that’s why they are turning off CNN, NBC, MSNBC and other mainstream media channels. They want two opposing sides stating their cases in a respectful manner. Free speech causes that. Talk radio allows for that voice of dissent to come through despite liberal media bias on the mainstream media. Look at the coverage of Palin or the tea party protests. Practically every story done by the media was negative towards both. Yet through the internet, talk radio and Fox News the REAL news that tea partiers are patriotic, small government leaning conservatives got out. This terrifies the left.

Liberals know that to control the country and to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America’ they have to control the flow of information. Thus the demonization of conservatives. If they can convince the American people that Glenn Beck and other conservatives are racists, they can seize control of the media and therefore the American people will be brainwashed or propagandized by their ilk.

Free speech needs to survive in America. Talk radio and the internet is at the forefront of the fight. Blogs and radio shows are doing battle right now over whether you are a racist simply for disagreeing with Obama. Prove that you’re not. There was a very lively conversation/debate going on over at on this very topic. Don’t let the title fool you, down the page comes in the lines about racism and Obama. If conservatives allow liberals to demonize us and take away our legitimacy, the downfall of free speech in America is not far away.

So the next time that a liberal calls you racist, laugh it off and dress him down with a superior Informed Argument against big government and other liberal ideas. Do it long enough and effective enough and he’ll leave with his tail between his legs. AND, free speech will survive.

Sarah Palin REALLY Terrifies The Left

February 13, 2010

Through my personal experiences on the internet, blogs and supposedly unbiased news sites I have become increasingly aware that Sarah Palin TERRIFIES the left in America. No one has stirred this much dislike that I can remember. The left paints her as a hick, dummy, airhead, uninformed blowhard, disingenuous cur. They try to say she doesn’t think, she’s a racist, she needs notes on her hand. She doesn’t know history and GASP she didn’t go to Stanford, Harvard or Yale. Forget about the fact that she’s actually run something unlike *cough* Obama *cough*. She has run a town, a state, a business and a family. She hasn’t traipsed all over D.C. or had an affair. (Are you listening John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford etc.)

So, despite the fact that she’s inherently a better person than most on Capitol Hill the vast left wing conspiracy is out to get her. One question… why? What is so bad or wrong with Palin? Easy. She’s a threat. She brings a true passion to everyone that hears her. She has the support of a vast population. And one of the most important things, she is completely unhindered by that unAmerican prospect of political correctness. In the same way that many people were, and still are, afraid to criticize Obama due to his race, Palin can criticize away. However, the liberal media finds it perfectly acceptable to bash her without any cause. The reason… she is a conservative. It has been fashionable for years now to treat conservatives contemptuously while saying that if a minority is criticized, it is racism.

But I digress. Palin does have some issues that make her less of a force in the Republican party. One, she elicits very strong emotions. She is like the Maha Rushie, Rush Limbaugh, in that there are few that have no opinion on her. She either is loved or hated. That could work against her in the independents’ minds. I think that she needs to turn around the public’s negative perception of her qualifications before she makes a serious run at the presidency.

Her delivery can be a bit jarring and disconnected when delivering a speech. This is very much something that can be corrected and I think that she should work on it as often as possible. Her voice tends to rise as she gets to more stressed points and it becomes almost unbearable even for me, a Palin supporter.

Palin is poised to set the world on fire if she runs in 2012. And with her most recent speech delivered to the tea party convention, it appears that she is determined to do so. I think that if the Republican party melds together a Mitt Romney knowledge of economics and a Sarah Palin passion from the base, the Republicans will be VERY hard to beat, especially if the economy doesn’t recover substantially.

PS: To all you lefties out there… I WANT THE ECONOMY TO RECOVER. However, if it doesn’t look for a landslide Republican victory in 2010 and later in 2012.