NEWSFLASH: Government Program Will Cost More Than Initially Expected

April 23, 2010

Yes folks, you heard that headline right. Isn’t it a shock? No one would have expected that! Except conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and of course, An Informed Mind. The Health and Human Services now say that the costs of the new health care bill recently signed into law by Barry Obama will COST MORE than stated by Obama. More news of similar ilk to come.

Legacies of Men

April 9, 2010

There are some men who, by deed or by word, enter into our minds as men of honor. These men cement their stolid reputation as they enter into the collective memories of their fellow countrymen by their deeds in peace or war. These are men whose deeds long outlive themselves in the conscience of patriots throughout the country. George Washington’s brilliant tactical move of crossing the Potomac to ambush the Hessians to his honorable leading of the country in peace after our long, hard war for freedom was won. The founding fathers pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to each other, knowing full well that if the war was lost, they would hang for treason against the crown. These are men of renown, honorable, knowing that truth and duty and freedom, regardless the cost are more honorable than servitude and peace and security. Stating that ‘he who forfeits freedom to gain security deserves neither,’ these men forged a nation in war and with the blood of patriots laid our foundation. By the tears of many and the sweat of their toil they set forth a document whose words would be the foundation of a free nation, whereby all who strive have the opportunity to succeed, where all who toil may have bread, where the work of thy labors results in the fruit of thy field, where the government, long an oppressive mechanism for the suppression of liberty would be constrained, handcuffed and where all would be guaranteed freedom. These are the men who are eternally viewed as giants among men, patriots all.

And then there are those whose legacies betray a different kind of man. They are those who shrink from duty, thinking nothing more important than there own well-being, bought by the blood of better men. These are the men whom are worthy of nothing more than scorn and derision, for they have sold their brethren for a loaf of bread; and for a drink of water have enslaved their brothers and sisters. They are worthless, traveling about searching for rest but finding none, for they are unworthy to set their feet at the doorstep of those whom they have sold. Like foolish Esau of old they sell their birthrights and the birthright of their brothers for a bowl of lentils, dishonorable, lying, they are cowards. They claim principle yet are little more than opportunistic fiends, holding their hands out to enemies, begging for pardon by the tears of those who they betray. Ideological foes who carry nine inch blades, ready to plunge them into the backs of their countrymen at any opportunity. They speak pretty and fitting words, appeasing the ears yet their sights are aimed squarely at the heart, ready to strike at any moment, hiding in the shadows, lurking in the darkness of night, whose deeds are evil, whose intentions are only wrong forever. These men are the men of dishonest, their acts are immoral, their thoughts are of wrongdoing and iniquity. Their principles are spoken fittingly yet their hearts hear none of it.

These are men like Bart Stupak. A man who sold every unborn into the hands of unloving butchers, who earn their bread by the blood of the slain unborn. The pre-born cry out from the womb, ‘Won’t anyone speak on our behalf? Won’t anyone stand for us?’ Yet they derive their answer from the traitorous deeds of one whose name is unfit to be uttered. He who betrayed his cause for a pittance, a 1/4 million dollar check for his district cannot buy the blood off of his hands. Our fight is not only a fight for liberty now, but a fight that the right of all men is life! Should those in their unwilling mother’s wombs be sealed in death, whose cries are only heard by the Almighty and who by stone walls and iron hearts are taken from the land of the living and killed by the strong hands of professional butchers? We who claim to offer health to all by the collective are by not speaking out instead offering death to those who are our greatest asset and joy. The innocent are slain so that the guilty may enjoy pleasure. A nation cannot long endure when it’s heart is on the murder of its own.

This man, whose name is unfit to be uttered, is retiring from his office today. The cries of the blood that runs in the slaughter mills of the unborn is crying out from the ground in silent accusation against him. Perhaps his conscience is struck, maybe perchance he has turned from his wicked and treacherous ways. I pray to God that he has seen the evil of his deeds and in penitence steps down. However, I see only that he, as before, steps down only for his own well-being, where the eye of his betrayed cannot see him, where he can live out his time in relative obscurity.

Nuclear Arms and America

April 7, 2010

The United States has become significantly less safe under Barack Obama than we have ever been in the past. President Obama has now stated that the U.S., under his administration, will not use nuclear weapons in any case against a non-nuclear state. This basically means that even if we are attacked with a biological or chemical weapon, we will not nuke the agressor.

Naturally leftists are cheering the president for taking America down a notch. Yea, our European, more sophisticated and less backwoods *choke, gag, spit* ‘allies’ are glad that the only superpower is basically self-destructing under Obama. But countries like Japan, South Korea and Israel should be very worried. Even the American people should be worried. Our nuclear arsenal is the greatest deterrent the world has ever seen. At the height of the Cold War the Soviet Union had a larger military than we. If it weren’t for our advanced nuclear weapons we might have went to war. Today China, India, and others have larger militaries than we do. Yet we keep our status as superpower because of our power projection, world-wide influence and ability to neutralize potential foes via our large number of nukes. This is our greatest threat against China, whose military is modernizing and whose power projection is being increased.

So what does this mean Mr. President? Does that mean that if China invaded next month without using nukes on us, would we just sit back on our haunches with 20 million invading Chinese troops overrunning us? Would we seriously not drop the bomb on them if they attacked conventionally? Besides the threat of 200,000,000+ armed American citizens our nuclear payload is our safety against expansionist potential regional or super-powers. An emerging China, whom we depend upon for borrowing and cheap labor, is looking at eventually contending with the U.S. in regional power and has longer term goals of being to us soon what the USSR was yesteryear. China, however, doesn’t have our advanced nuclear arms and missile defense. This keeps them in check, for now. With Obama’s promise to not use nuclear arms, China has been green-lighted to speed their military upgrades and potential conflict with Taiwan. Do we really need a wet behind the ears president who doesn’t understand the complex diplomatic dance and international intrigue of the world stage deciding that we won’t use nukes?

This puts in question every American’s safety. Obama seems to think that his charm offensive is going to appease the Sino expansionism and lead to international peace whereby nuclear weapons become obsolete and every nation beats their swords into plowshares. Unfortunately, we live in reality, not some far off land where money grows on trees and dictators are talked out of their totalitarianism. This begs the question, will Obama come to his senses before a serious national security threat arises? Or has it already?

An Informed Decision

April 1, 2010

My dear readers. It is with deep regret and utter sincerity that I announce my intention to cease with my blog. Since October 2009 I have informed you all with conservative posts about everything from faith to politics to race to some sports and technology. However, due to increased liberal hostility and stress from battling progressives, I am forced to resign my position and allow my blog to fade into the sands of time, as but a quaint memory in the never ending battle against progressives and their attempts to ruin our constitution. God help us.

And now, do you know what? APRIL FOOLS!!! I am not ending my quest to vanquish my country of liberalism. I will continue to bring you new posts showing the insanity of the liberal position and the unworkability of big government. I will continue to get on the nerves of leftist media propaganda pushers like Chris Matthews, ‘Fat Ed’ Sullivan, Keith Olbermann etc.

So no liberals, this is not your lucky day. I am not shutting down, I am not shutting up, I am not quitting. Neither is the tea party or the concerned Americans that are going to take back our country. Now’s the time to prepare. November is the time for action via our ballots.