Is Romney Unbeatable?

March 7, 2012

   Super Tuesday has come and gone and Mitt Romney did his best to portray himself as the inevitable triumphant victor of the party. Winning 6 of 10 states last night, including bellweathers Ohio and Virginia, Romney’s delegate count has now inched past 400, leaving Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich in the dust. At 176 and 105 respectively, both Santorum and Gingrich are now far behind Romney, the first time that Romney has solidly staked a claim at inevitability.


   So this begs the question, is Romney unstoppable now? He has approximately 700 more delegates to go, but everyone else needs 1000. Is there any way for either man to get to the required 1144 delegates? Absolutely! There are 1541 more delegates to be assigned with the biggest hauls coming from California (172), Texas (155), New York (94), Pennsylvania (71), Illinois (67) and Missouri (52). So there is no doubt that TECHNICALLY all four candidates COULD win the nomination. But of those big states I mentioned, Romney will run very competitive or win each and every one. Santorum will likely win Pennsylvania and Gingrich will be competitive in the south, but Romney with his war chest and superior organization will compete for almost every state. This makes his the far and ahead front runner.


   At this point, Romney is looking very confident and for good reason. He squeaked out a win in Ohio that three weeks ago he wasn’t even competitive. He is starting to consolidate the base. The only question is, can he pull in the amount required if Gingrich or Santorum drops out and the remaining candidate gets the other’s support? Time will tell. But An Informed Mind has his money on Romney.


For an in depth look at delegate counts thus far:

Romney And The Left

March 6, 2012

My friends, I want to tell you one thing. The left just can’t figure out how to attack Romney best. First they say he’s a conservative businessman with too much wealth to be able to know what middle class Americans are struggling with. Then, to tailor their attacks, claim he is a moderate at best and cannot be trusted to be a conservative on fiscal or values positions. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is not Ronald Reagan, nor is he William Buckley or any other conservative ideal. I wish he were more in line with my views. However, he is at least a fiscal conservative who will bring this country back from the brink that Hussein Obama has taken us to. Mitt Romney is, I believe the best, most competent and by far, the most likely to win against Obama and his cronies. Getting off topic a bit, it used to be that a candidate’s family was by and large off limits. A candidate’s wife, children, parents etc. were not to be attacked by either side as a show of respect and common courtesy, seeing as how the relatives were not running and therefore their thoughts, statements etc. were of little importance to the campaign as opposed to the actual candidate’s positions. However, liberals have taken to saying that Ann Romney’s statement that she doesn’t consider herself wealthy BECAUSE of her wealth is an indicator that the Romneys are out of touch and cannot fathom the difficulties ordinary Americans face. They are taking her completely out of context. What she actually said was that she considers herself wealthy, not because of her wealth, but because of her family and friends and loved ones. Most Americans, wealthy and not, would say the same. I am not wealthy, save for in the love and support I have of my parents, my siblings, my friends. In striving to bring down Romney, liberals have stooped to attacking the man’s wife, by all accounts and very nice person. I see nothing wrong with what Mrs. Romney said and I find her an excellent example of humility and grace in the midst of trials. And I find Mitt Romney a much better example of what a president should be, in that he does not focus on dividing the country, but on uniting. Surely The Left, which hailed Obama as the Great Uniter, He Who Would Cure All Ills, and The One, can get behind a man who has a plan to fix the economy and get Americans believing in America again, right? Unfortunately, The Left doesn’t want that! The Left instead wants Americans in bondage to Big Government. Mitt Romney therefore, is antithetical to The Left and must be defeated. I hope millions of Americans join with me tonight and strike a blow to The Left with a vote for Romney!