Charge For No Health Insurance!

November 11, 2009

If President Obama gets his way, you could very well be penalized with fines and potentially even jail time if you don’t buy into health insurance, even if you can’t afford it.

President Obama in an interview with Jake Tapper of ABC news said this: “I think the general broad principle is simply that people who are paying for their health insurance aren’t subsidizing folks who simply choose not to until they get sick and then suddenly they expect free health insurance. That’s — that’s basic concept of responsibility that I think most Americans abide by,” Mr. Obama said, “penalties are appropriate for people who try to free ride the system and force others to pay for their health insurance.”

Later, Obama stated that he didn’t think jail time for those that do not buy insurance is not the “biggest issue”.

America, we are on the verge of having a despotic government that will fine and potentially jail you if you don’t buy something they tell you to buy, when they tell you to buy it and where. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE FOUNDERS INTENDED! They knew firsthand of the tyranny of government when left unchecked. They experienced it from England who was nearly a half a world away. We are right underneath the government’s thumb. We can see the bottom of the slope and it looks eerily similar to Orwell’s 1984. In fact that book is where we glean the phrase Big Brother. Big Brother is the tyrannical government of Oceania that knows everything about its people, tells them what to think and what to do. Sounds like what our government is becoming right?

We have the right to flood D.C. with emails, phone calls and letters telling them to STOP VOTING FOR MORE GOVERNMENT! This health care bill is nothing more than the newest power grab by politicians who are doing nothing but trampling the Constitution. It is completely unconstitutional and they have no power to do so. We need to tell them that if they keep voting for such power grabs they will be kicked out of office come next year. Trust me.

We do not want a government big enough to give us everything. As someone wise once said, “A government large enough to give us everything is large enough to take everything away.”

More evidence of MSNBC propaganda!

October 26, 2009

My friends, if you go to the MSNBC website right now, on 10-26-09, there, right on their header screams out: TALES OF HEALTH INSURANCE DISASTER!!! Well I added the three exclamation points just for show. But the insidious nature of the headline just begs for attention. Supposedly fair to both sides and a ‘true news organization’ MSNBC blares anti-insurance propaganda while denying to report on what happens to health care when the government gets involved.

True, the three stories they tell are heart breaking indeed, however, one cannot allow one’s heart and emotions control rational thinking and allow our health care system to be transformed into Cuba circa 2009. While there are significant and troubling errors with our health care system, we can’t allow ourselves to become the next Cuba or Britain or Canada.

MSNBC lists several cases where the insurance doesn’t cover or covers too little of the costs associated with the treatment. The problem with their presentation is that they refuse to address the issue that millions are happy with their insurance. While some may fall through the cracks and be unhappy with their situation, this is typical of everything in life. If you want to claim that I’m a heartless conservative ideologue go right ahead. I’ll take it if it means I am a Constitutionalist and holding true to the values that make America so uniquely American.

Americans want reform, but they want it the right way. They want a fair shake by having doctors not running every test imaginable just to cover themselves in case something goes wrong. And that is why we need tort reform NOW! Doctors are scared of not running tests, even ones that are unnecessary because they are subjected to outrageous lawsuits if something happens they didn’t foresee. It is unfair to doctors for having to fear that and unfair to patients who face added costs due to the threat.

Another way to reform health insurance is to allow out of state companies to compete for buyers. This would allow for more competition and would lower prices as companies wage price wars against each other for potential customers. If there is only one or two companies I can choose from, that allows prices to go up since the two can collude together. But when three or more are available to me, then prices inevitably come down because when more choice is there, they have more reasons to make their choices more attractive to the consumer. Economics my friend.

Americans want reform, but limited reform. Not this media promoting, government option mandating, big government malaise. Americans want most of it to stay the same. And nothing MSNBC can say can detract from that.