Sarah Palin REALLY Terrifies The Left

February 13, 2010

Through my personal experiences on the internet, blogs and supposedly unbiased news sites I have become increasingly aware that Sarah Palin TERRIFIES the left in America. No one has stirred this much dislike that I can remember. The left paints her as a hick, dummy, airhead, uninformed blowhard, disingenuous cur. They try to say she doesn’t think, she’s a racist, she needs notes on her hand. She doesn’t know history and GASP she didn’t go to Stanford, Harvard or Yale. Forget about the fact that she’s actually run something unlike *cough* Obama *cough*. She has run a town, a state, a business and a family. She hasn’t traipsed all over D.C. or had an affair. (Are you listening John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford etc.)

So, despite the fact that she’s inherently a better person than most on Capitol Hill the vast left wing conspiracy is out to get her. One question… why? What is so bad or wrong with Palin? Easy. She’s a threat. She brings a true passion to everyone that hears her. She has the support of a vast population. And one of the most important things, she is completely unhindered by that unAmerican prospect of political correctness. In the same way that many people were, and still are, afraid to criticize Obama due to his race, Palin can criticize away. However, the liberal media finds it perfectly acceptable to bash her without any cause. The reason… she is a conservative. It has been fashionable for years now to treat conservatives contemptuously while saying that if a minority is criticized, it is racism.

But I digress. Palin does have some issues that make her less of a force in the Republican party. One, she elicits very strong emotions. She is like the Maha Rushie, Rush Limbaugh, in that there are few that have no opinion on her. She either is loved or hated. That could work against her in the independents’ minds. I think that she needs to turn around the public’s negative perception of her qualifications before she makes a serious run at the presidency.

Her delivery can be a bit jarring and disconnected when delivering a speech. This is very much something that can be corrected and I think that she should work on it as often as possible. Her voice tends to rise as she gets to more stressed points and it becomes almost unbearable even for me, a Palin supporter.

Palin is poised to set the world on fire if she runs in 2012. And with her most recent speech delivered to the tea party convention, it appears that she is determined to do so. I think that if the Republican party melds together a Mitt Romney knowledge of economics and a Sarah Palin passion from the base, the Republicans will be VERY hard to beat, especially if the economy doesn’t recover substantially.

PS: To all you lefties out there… I WANT THE ECONOMY TO RECOVER. However, if it doesn’t look for a landslide Republican victory in 2010 and later in 2012.

Obama Wastes Time Attacking Fox

October 18, 2009

The end really is here. Our president of the United States is wasting time attacking a reputable news organization while twiddling his thumbs on a WAR! While it takes weeks and months to determine the veracity of the reports on the ground out of Afghanistan, Obama and his cohorts can immediately take aim at Fox News and Glenn Beck for their ‘pushing a point of view’. Oh yeah… they really distort them facts don’t they?

And HOW DARE THEY even think of asking a tough question of His Highness, the One? How dare that conservative hate-monger Bill O’REILLY have a tough interview for Obama? And that Glenn Beck… hoo-boy… he’s something else isn’t he? Always hating on the One because of his color or some stupid little thing like… oh I don’t know.. communist ties.

Here’s the thing that drives the Obama administration crazy about Fox News. They actually report the facts with the liberal spin of MSNBC. The ‘news’ on the MSNBC channel is even tainted with the liberal bias of openly liberal and covertly leftist anchors such as Chris ‘thrill up the leg’ Matthews, Dylan Ratigan, Chuck Todd, Tamron Hall, David Shuster, Kelly O’Donnell and Andrea Mitchell. Fox has fair and balanced coverage where the anchors at least try and keep their political views to themselves while being fair to both the president and his opposition.

Says Anita Dunn (White House Communications Director): “What I think is fair to say about Fox — and certainly it’s the way we view it — is that it really is more a wing of the Republican Party,” Dunn said on CNN. “They take their talking points, put them on the air; take their opposition research, put them on the air. And that’s fine. But let’s not pretend they’re a news network the way CNN is.” CNN, the same ‘news’ channel that slams Rush Limbaugh, attributing racist remarks to him that they later admitted they couldn’t verify actually came from him at all. Right, right. Keep on drinking the kool-aid Anita. And here’s the thing: they probably do think that FOX is a wing of the Republican party because they have been listening to CNN and MSNBC for all these months, wallowing in the liberal spin for so long, fairness and tough questions seem straight out of the Republican playbook.

You know, if you want to attack a news organization, go right ahead. It’s your right. And FOX certainly can dispel your attacks with facts. But don’t sit in the White House acting like you’re the best thing since democracy when there are boys on the ground dying while you ponder what your next attack on Fox News will be. That is the epitome of idiocy and downright unpatriotic.