Leftist Feminists Slam Tebow

January 27, 2010

The left is enraged by Tim Tebow and his mother’s Superbowl ad touting a pro-life message. While none have seen the ad, read the script or know anything about it sans for the general message, several women’s groups are up in arms over the audacity of CBS to show such an ‘anti-choice’ message.

Let me throw in a disclaimer. I like Tebow, I admire his guts to stand up for his beliefs on such a large stage. It’s easy to stand up for something when you are someone like An Informed Mind, relatively unknown (as for now) and without having your face out there in the public eye. I think his mother did the right thing when she said that she would not have an abortion. She lived her belief that abortion was, is and always will be wrong.

I tried looking through a pro-choice person’s eyes (hard as it was) to see if there was any reason to attack Tim or his mother for the ad. I thought well maybe the ad attacks people who have had abortions. But CBS wouldn’t allow something like that anyway. Ultimately the only thing I could think of was that if offered a logical, coherent and entirely believable and heartwarming alternative to destructive and life ending abortions.

This begs the question, do liberals hate babies? They certainly hate them before they are born because they go to great lengths to provide alternatives to letting the child live. I contend that we are the midst of the greatest genocide in history at the targets are the unborn. Liberals are actively promoting abortion as a facet of both health care and reproductive freedom. But they don’t want pro-lifers to have the right to express their reasons for not choosing abortions nor do they want them to be able to offer alternatives to impressionable and confused young women who are trying to decide between abortion and carrying the baby to term.

This speaks to the tyranny of what used to be a noble or at least freedom oriented political philosophy. Liberals used to be all about rocking the boat and trying to afford individuals the freedom to express themselves. Oh they still are, as long as you agree with them and are pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, pro-big government, pro-socialism.

We need to stand up for the unborn and if it means ideological conflict, bring it on!