Filmmakers Who Took Down Acorn Forced to Defend Themselves

October 21, 2009

In the latest controversy over disgraced organization ACORN, the filmmakers who originally posed as pimp and prostitute to test ACORN workers in five cities are being forced to defend their actions against the Philadelphia press. The Philadelphia press is taking ACORN’s side in the matter and reports that the two filmmakers were immediately shown the door and a police report was filed. The filmmakers contend, and video shows that the two were actually counseled on how to skirt tax and immigration laws. The two repeatedly told ACORN employees about their prostitution ring and that it would involve underage girls from El Salvador.

Why does the Philly press immediately side with the corrupt organization rather than with the two courageous souls that went right into the lion’s den in a valiant attempt to bring down the organization? This is another attempt to silence critics of ACORN and similar leftist groups and Obama supporters. The easiest way to silence critics is to take away their validity. Obama and his allies learned this in their days as community organizers. Criticism is inherent to democracy and without it, totalitarianism reigns. That is what the press is supposed to do. The press is supposed to be the watchdog of democracy, asking tough questions regardless of who has control of Congress and the White House. The press is not supposed to have a favorite party. You as an individual can, but your job as a journalist is to not let it show through in your reporting. Unfortunately, the last bastions of true journalism are Fox News, the internet and talk radio. The mainstream press has abandoned it’s duty and is therefore, worthless.

But back to the issue at hand. The filmmakers have revealed another video of the Philly ‘sting’ to prove that they weren’t shown the door but rather they were inside for a lengthy amount of time. The new video shows the outside of the ACORN Philly office which only has one door, a door which stayed closed for an ample amount of time once the pair was inside. This video evidence again shows the depths to which ACORN will stoop to keep the money flowing. More to come…