Switzerland Bans Islamic Minarets

November 30, 2009

In a recent vote, Swiss voters decided to ban construction of new minarets. In Islam, the minaret is a tall tower that usually is higher than surrounding buildings that sounds the call to prayer for Muslims five times a day. The blaring call to prayer has caused anger among many Europeans as their daily routine is interrupted by the loud calls.

This is a surprise victory for many in the country that oppose further Islamification of Europe. Many see the increasing Islamic minorities as threats to traditional European culture and religion. Halal food shops are springing up, and many restaurants are caterinng to Islamic customers by taking pork and other ‘unclean’ food out of their menus.

An Informed Mind has no animosity towards Muslims. However I do think that Islam is a religion of war and it should be treated as such since it has basically declared war on western culture and countries. Muslims should be treated with respect and not harassed. However we cannot act as though Islam is a peaceful religion like Christianity. Turkey’s Prime Minister even said, “Minarets are Islam’s bayonets.” Peaceful? Methinks not. I applaud the Swiss for standing up to those who would cry intolerance and realizing that Islam is not as peaceful as they claim.