Free Thought and Liberals

November 8, 2009

Ignoring my own advice, I continue debating liberals on the Drudge Retort. But that is about to end. While I don’t mind a true debate where we use facts etc. to debate each other, I do mind when someone takes the Bible verses out of context and do not listen when you show them the falseness of their own points. In this case TrueLogic has taken several Bible verses out of context. I have, seeing the futility of trying to debate such a dishonest person, ceased to comment on that forum. I recommend that others follow my lead.

This speaks to the larger issue of free thought and liberalism. Liberals used to promote tolerance for all and other such rosy things. However, when they took the reins of power in D.C. those ideas flew out the window and now opponents are liars, frauds, un-Christian, disingenuous and worse. (See the attacks on me at the Drudge Retort) I was indeed shocked and saddened that my fellow conservatives did not rally to my aid on the Drudge Retort but instead shrank back into the shadows. Since I would not allow my honor to be attacked any longer I was forced out of the forum and as such I will never debate their again as it has been proven that the people on that site have no honor, no dignity and no intelligence accept that which is given to them by Obama.

I really don’t care about what liberals think. I don’t care if they attack my views or my political beliefs. However I cannot and will not tolerate the non-stop attacks on my God. These liberals are the same group that wanted to hang Joe Wilson for calling Obama a liar yet numerous times I was called a liar by dimwits that no nothing of who I am nor anything about my family, my life or my beliefs. It seems that the people involved with liberalism are so virulently anti-Christianity and anti-conservative they can disregard what they have said and slander someone else without cause. For these people I have no use.

Free thought is anathema to liberals. They do not want you to think at all unless you are thinking of how great government, environmentalists and unions are. They want you to be perpetually informed by the government and government alone. They have a disdain for America because Americans are unique in their constant desire to inform themselves through sources that do not include the government. They disregard the Constitution and the founders in order to follow ideas of collectivity, socialism and repressed free thought. Liberalism is a mental disorder and a cancer that wastes away society and forces people into shackles of government dependency. It has been shown that those that become dependent on government rarely make their way off of the government’s back. This is sad in a country where individuals have always tried to work their way up the ladder through their own efforts and not piggy-back off of everyone else. One poster on this site even suggested that I am not being hired because I don’t have a ‘can-do’ attitude. What a fool he is! I believe that I can do, I believe that government can screw up, overspend, under-perform and over shackle people and business. Perhaps this poster didn’t hear that I had put applications in every business I could find. Perhaps he doesn’t want to admit that though the stimulus is great for shovel makers and sign makers, it has done nothing for people like me who can’t find a job to save our lives.

Eventually conservatism will show that once again it is THE working formula to a strong country, a free people and perhaps most important of all, free thought. Under conservatives liberals have their rights to speak, even the nonsense and constant blather and attacks, are ours being taken away by the ‘tolerant’ progressives?

Free Speech Squelchers

October 30, 2009

I have tried my best to avoid going after my fellow bloggers but a recent episode has just made me change my opinion. On ‘the Drudge Retort’ by Ben Hoffman I have been engaged in an ongoing debate with him and various others liberals. The topic, Republicans and big government, abortion and the sanctity of life. My posts have been repeatedly deleted simply because my points have been superior in every way to the opposition’s, mostly superior to Hoffman’s points.

This is classic liberal attitude. They talk the talk but when it comes to real debate with a suitable opponent they clam up, call you names, denigrate you and delete your comments. It’s been shown through Obama’s war on Fox News and MSNBC’s coverage of the town hall and tea party protests. We shouldn’t expect anything better. But on this blog, this man supposed himself to be such a good defender of all things constitutional so I expected a heated, yet fair debate. No such thing. Classic liberal blather. Delete comments, never acknowledge them or give a reason for their unexpected deletion.

Now I, being a Constitutionalist and believing in private property and free speech agree with his right to moderate comments. In fact I myself do so and find nothing wrong with doing it. However, I, as laid out in my Comment Policy page allow diverging viewpoints so long as the comments do not slander, attack or profane myself, other commentators or my faith. None of these things were said or done by me and nothing warranting my removal was included. Therefore I do not recommend debating or trying to debate this man. He will simply delete your comments as long as you have superior points which will be approx. 94% of the time.