January 15, 2010

The miscarriage of justice for military members accused of crimes has been ratcheted up over the past two years. Last March, 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was slugged with a 25 year sentence (which was later reduced to 20 years) for allegedly murdering a well known Al Qaeda operative Ali Mansur who was operating a cell inside of Lt. Behenna’s area of operations.

Here’s what happened. Mansur allegedly organized an attack on the Lt.’s platoon that left two of his men dead and another two wounded. Mansur was taken into custody but later ordered released. Lt. Behenna was ordered to escort the scumbag (er… the man) to his home.

En route, Lt. Behenna reportedly questioned Mansur, seeking information regarding the location of his terrorist confederates and inquiring about who was supporting them financially.

What happened next has been disputed. The Lt. says that the terrorist scum lunged at him and that he shot Mansur in self defense, killing him. However, the government, the same government that should be trying to protect our soldiers, charged Lt. Behenna with premeditated murder. In the trial that followed, expert testimony that surely would have exonerated the Lt. was withheld from the court.

The prosecution alleged that the Lt. stripped Manur naked, seated him on a rock and executed him. However, the highly respected forensic expert Dr. Herbert Leon MacDonnell, director of the Labratory of Forensic Science in Corning, N.Y. informed prosecutors that the forensic evidence showed that the blood spatter on the rock was consistent not with an execution style murder but with self-defense shots.

However, after this explanation to the prosecution, he was sent packing and was not called as a witness. Surely his testimony would have exonerated and freed this good man and cleared his name. Nevertheless, it seems that the United States government is more committed to avenging the death of a sworn enemy of the United States than they are with protecting American lives and honor. May God help us.