Feds Stab Sheriff Joe in the Back

October 19, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his tough crackdowns on illegal immigrants and drug smugglers and for forcing his inmates to live in tents in the Arizona desert, has been stabbed in the back by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Sheriff Joe is known by many as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and has vocal supporters and vocal opponents. However flamboyant or controversial that he is, he has won reelection by double digit margins in many of his election wins.

Recently however, as Joe goes about his business of rounding up illegal immigrants and dropping the crime rate in Maricopa County, the feds stabbed him in the back with an injunction removing him of his federal power to arrest offenders based solely on their immigration status. Now under federal law Sheriff Joe only has the power to check the status of inmates that are already in jail.

This is an outrage. 44% of inmates in Sheriff Joe’s jail and tent city are white so the idea that he targets hispanics unlawfully is a crock. So what caused the feds to attack Joe? Well could it be the pink underwear Joe forces the inmates to wear? Get real people. It is because Obama is going hard on enforcement and soft on illegals. No one can say otherwise. This man was doing an effective job at cutting the illegal immigrant rate in his county and Obama had to take down the most well-known sheriff that was having success against the scurge of illegal immigrants. This is just like Obama, Pelosi and the democrats throwing the CIA under the bus for waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed. They, for political expediency, had to undermine the credibility of the organization at the forefront of protecting America. Same as this. America needs to realize that our lawmen are not the problem. They are actually upholding the Constitution unlike some in Washington D.C. My words to Sheriff Joe: Keep up the good work.

PS: The sheriff vows to continue arresting illegals under Arizona law.