Free Speech Squelchers

October 30, 2009

I have tried my best to avoid going after my fellow bloggers but a recent episode has just made me change my opinion. On ‘the Drudge Retort’ by Ben Hoffman I have been engaged in an ongoing debate with him and various others liberals. The topic, Republicans and big government, abortion and the sanctity of life. My posts have been repeatedly deleted simply because my points have been superior in every way to the opposition’s, mostly superior to Hoffman’s points.

This is classic liberal attitude. They talk the talk but when it comes to real debate with a suitable opponent they clam up, call you names, denigrate you and delete your comments. It’s been shown through Obama’s war on Fox News and MSNBC’s coverage of the town hall and tea party protests. We shouldn’t expect anything better. But on this blog, this man supposed himself to be such a good defender of all things constitutional so I expected a heated, yet fair debate. No such thing. Classic liberal blather. Delete comments, never acknowledge them or give a reason for their unexpected deletion.

Now I, being a Constitutionalist and believing in private property and free speech agree with his right to moderate comments. In fact I myself do so and find nothing wrong with doing it. However, I, as laid out in my Comment Policy page allow diverging viewpoints so long as the comments do not slander, attack or profane myself, other commentators or my faith. None of these things were said or done by me and nothing warranting my removal was included. Therefore I do not recommend debating or trying to debate this man. He will simply delete your comments as long as you have superior points which will be approx. 94% of the time.