Sleep: The Importance of Our Underappreciated Activity

June 4, 2010

I have become ever more appreciative of sleep over the past couple days. While I cannot divulge the particulars, I can say that I have not been getting my required hours and my attention, wit and ability to work well has been affected. I have never been so thankful for the opportunity to get 8+ hours of sleep.

But, not only does sleep affect the sleeper, but it affects everyone around him/her as well. While it does seem easier to wake when one doesn’t enter the deep sleep mode, in the long run and over the course of a long day, never reaching deep sleep mode drains on you more even though waking is harder. (Unscientific research for sure, but my experience corroborates this.) Not only this, but once one reaches about 14 hours of no sleep, it is as if he hits a brick wall.

Which is what I reached about three hours ago. With not a speck of caffeinated coffee in the house and no other way to stay awake save for slapping myself with a backhand swat, I forge ahead, Q-tips propping open my drooping eyelids, my yawns ever more frequent. It’s a Friday night and I’m looking forward to the sleeping in that comes with each sweet Saturday morning.

With all that said, I can state that I think that a fitful and uneventful sleep is a blessing from God. Nothing can compare to waking on your own terms with a full Saturday ahead. Except maybe on an Fall day with college football to look forward to. But I digress.

Enough with my sleepy rambling… if I’m lucky I’ll be off to dreamland in the next hour and a half, but for now, I think I’ll rest my eyes a bit.