Angry Protesters Make Their Voices Heard on Cap. Hill

House Democrats walked through throngs of angry protesters shouting ‘Kill the Bill!’ among other things on their way to the House for the upcoming vote on health care. Tea Party protesters made themselves heard, including a few who shouted racial epithets at black members. The number of those were small and did not represent the whole crowd.

In all honesty, things are looking better for us than I previously thought, as it now appears that there are less than 200 strong yes votes and the dems need at least 23 of the 26 undecideds. Democrats though remain confident that they will pass this bill.

Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued an urgent plea against government run health care replete with charts and graphs representing the steep increase in debt and deficit if this bill is passed. His mother in law is on a drug for ovarian cancer that would be banned if government ran the pharmacies. God Bless him for his testimony and ardent opposition to this bill.

9 Responses to Angry Protesters Make Their Voices Heard on Cap. Hill

  1. Zero purports to know what the “Tea Party as a whole encourages.” He has judged them “an angry mob of racists in general.”

    I wonder from what experiences he derives these blanket conclusions.

    Think what you want. I know my own heart. I know what I have experienced, first-hand, in the last year. Nobody I’ve encountered at Tea Party events gives a rat’s furry behind about skin pigment.

    • Zero says:

      Actually I was referring to the specific group of protesters where these remarks occurred. Along with a large number of protests where Tea Party members were protesting also had similar issues of deserving the accusations of racism and the like.

      The specific group in question was acting as “an angry mob of racists in general”.

      I say that the “Tea Party as a whole encourages it” because other than a few individuals, no one who associates with the Tea Party makes any public statement condemning these people. In many cases they are seen as “heroes” standing up against “oppression”. I do not purport that the entirety of the Tea Party is racist, however it is encouraging the behavior when their members do this and receive no condemnation. In fact, many members scramble to quote as “nooneofanyimport” has done that these comments “are just alleged” or “may be false”. They attempt to cover it up or otherwise imply it didn’t occur.

      Once again I clarify that by no means do I claim the entire Tea Party is full of racists. I just claim that they do not discourage it which is the same as encouraging it.

      • That is quite a pretzel twist of words, Zero. You are assuming that the allegation is correct, while I assume the allegation is false. So we stand at impasse. You find the accusers more credible, while I find the defendants more credible. There is no definitive evidence either way. One word against another. Fair enough?

        Yet for the Tea Party folks to gain some sort of credibility with you, it seems we would have to assume guilt and plead some serious mea culpa.

        But I’m not apologizing for something I don’t adhere to (racism), didn’t witness, and am not convinced even happened. In the myriad of Tea Party events I have attended, Tea Party participants I have met, and internet communications exchanged, I have never heard anything racist.

        Whether the word was uttered or not hardly even matters. The point is that this alleged incident is being used to discredit an entire movement. A movement based on love of liberty, country, Constitution.

        Don’t pretend to have any idea what folks within local Tea Party groups encourage or discourage. You just want to use the label “racist” to dismiss them. That way, you don’t have to take their underlying message seriously.

      • Excellent point nooneofanyimport. I couldn’t have stated it better myself.

      • Thank you, Informed Mind. I tells ya, the smear campaign makes me so angry and sad at the same time. Now the media has moved to the angry phone messages, and I hear of reports of smashed windows. But it’s not objective. They’ll say whatever they can, and inflate as much as they can, to shut us up. God help us.

  2. Zero says:

    Actually, specific details were given. One man called Rep. Lewis a N*****r and spat at him, and another called Rep. Frank a f****t.

    • And I condemn those remarks. However, two examples from the thousands that were there is a tiny minority and not worth comparing to the other protesters. It also brings to mind that tea party protesters were called ‘angry mobs’ ‘domestic terrorists’ ‘racists’ etc. with impunity.

      • Zero says:

        They were called these things because of their actions. Their statements and actions show them to be an angry mob of racists (in general) these statements also show this.

        In addition, you may condemn these remarks. But the Tea Party as a whole encourages this behavior and these remarks. They do not condemn those who make these remarks. That makes them just as liable to the remarks as the “tiny minority” who spoke them.

  3. Apparently there is no details given about these racial slurs and it may indeed be false. Dana Loesch covered at length, and I covered her, some others, and my own pics from the Capitol protest yesterday . . .

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