The Demise of Free Speech in America

Did you know that if you disagree with Obama you are a racist? News to you? Not to me, you see I’ve been traveling over the web, looking into liberal blogs to get my jollies and insert my Informed Opinion. What I found disturbed me, and somewhat sickened me. I found that the left was in full fledged attack mode against anyone who dared raise a reviling accusation against The One. The same left that called Bush a fascist, made him out to be as bad as or worse than Hitler, that said he had the blood of millions on his and his administration’s hands were now throwing a rather nasty hissy fit against anyone speaking out against Obama.

And there charge? Racism. I was called racist outright and in veiled references. I, and other conservatives like me, were told that we were racists and backwards and that we had no legitimate beef with the president and basically that our arguments were worthless and shouldn’t be listened to. Huh, funny, you see I thought that we would be at least tolerated because of the left’s undying tolerance and respect for all walks of life. Yeah I know, funny isn’t it? Conservatives have been labeled racist by the unions, the media, the vast left wing conspiracy, Jimmy Carter, Ed Rendell… am I missing anyone? That idiot from the New Black Panthers.

It is now vogue for liberals to try and shut down free speech by trying to make us sounds like racists. I don’t mind name-calling. If a liberal calls me names I can dress him down in thirteen different ways, but when you try to shut down debate by building walls and destroying a constitutional right, that makes me mad! Free speech is what this country is built upon. In societies wherein free speech is squelched, dictators and despots invariably rise to the top. In countries wherein free speech is regarded as dangerous or inflammatory and is subsequently shut down, democracy ceases and only certain speech is allowed. This is the antithesis of America and her ideals. Liberals know this, yet they don’t mind. They don’t mind because they are now on top and see America elected Obama as proof of a ‘fundamental’ shift in American thinking. Truth be told, their mandate is much smaller and slimmer and is in the process of being revoked. They don’t think they’ll ever fall out of power, but due to their attack on free speech, America is waking up.

Glenn Beck. What comes to mind when I say his name? If you are a tea partier, you might think patriot, if you’re a liberal, crazy comes to mind. Whatever you think of Glenn Beck it is undeniable what the left is trying to do to him. Instead of debating with him on the facts, they insult him, call him over the top, stupid, crazy, fat or some other insulting and derogatory name. Whoopi Goldberg called him a ‘lying sack of dog mess’. Wow! Tolerance only goes one way huh?

Beck, and Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, O’Reilly, and everyone else that is catching on to the left, the left wants shut down. And guess what, they are all defenders of free speech. What is do d@mn dangerous about free speech? Free speech allows the folly and treason of many liberals to be exposed. Americans don’t want one sided news, that’s why they are turning off CNN, NBC, MSNBC and other mainstream media channels. They want two opposing sides stating their cases in a respectful manner. Free speech causes that. Talk radio allows for that voice of dissent to come through despite liberal media bias on the mainstream media. Look at the coverage of Palin or the tea party protests. Practically every story done by the media was negative towards both. Yet through the internet, talk radio and Fox News the REAL news that tea partiers are patriotic, small government leaning conservatives got out. This terrifies the left.

Liberals know that to control the country and to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America’ they have to control the flow of information. Thus the demonization of conservatives. If they can convince the American people that Glenn Beck and other conservatives are racists, they can seize control of the media and therefore the American people will be brainwashed or propagandized by their ilk.

Free speech needs to survive in America. Talk radio and the internet is at the forefront of the fight. Blogs and radio shows are doing battle right now over whether you are a racist simply for disagreeing with Obama. Prove that you’re not. There was a very lively conversation/debate going on over at on this very topic. Don’t let the title fool you, down the page comes in the lines about racism and Obama. If conservatives allow liberals to demonize us and take away our legitimacy, the downfall of free speech in America is not far away.

So the next time that a liberal calls you racist, laugh it off and dress him down with a superior Informed Argument against big government and other liberal ideas. Do it long enough and effective enough and he’ll leave with his tail between his legs. AND, free speech will survive.

8 Responses to The Demise of Free Speech in America

  1. J.P. Douglas says:

    Good post and I totally like the layout and headers of the blog. The airplanes are cool also!

    • Thank you. Ah, you and I share the layout. Yours in superb yourself, I only wish that the headers would shrink to fit more instead of putting more on a second line. I was going to put the Bill of Rights separate from the Constitution but it put it on a second line. Oh well.

  2. I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you’ve got an interesting point of view.

  3. Zero says:

    I believe you have encountered the fringe of the left (just as many people speak about the fringe on the right). As much as the extremist conservatives give a bad name to actual conservatives, the extremist liberals give a bad name to actual liberals.

    I agree there are many things to have a problem with Obama about, just as many of my colleagues and peers would agree.

    However, as far as accomplishments, the state of the US and everything, I personally believe we’d be worse off if McCain had been elected instead of Obama, despite the problems that I do have with the current administration.

    Most on the left, who would identify themselves as liberal or progressive are people who actively defend the first amendment and free speech. Please do not attempt to classify ALL on the left by the fringe you find on the internet, just as I do not classify ALL on the right based on the fringe I find on the internet.

    • Fair enough Zero. However, I have found much more than just a small part of the left on the internet AS WELL AS the mainstream media are trying to shut down people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and other influential conservatives. It is quite hard to find a true liberal besides yourself and maybe a few others that aren’t trying to shut us down. Maybe you should start your own blog promoting free speech? πŸ˜‰

      • Zero says:

        Personally, I believe people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are fear mongering and just as guilty of lying and misguiding people as those who do the same thing on the left. πŸ˜‰ I’ve actually also been considering doing my own blog promoting free speech and the like. My original idea of a programming blog has stagnated with my own lack of posting lol.

      • I find that if you find a really interesting topic, like liberalism and conservatism to me, and find a time slot that you are at your computer, it is actually hard to not post. Maybe it’s just me though. Anyway, we’ll talk about Beck and Limbaugh later when I can actually type half-decently. I have a serious cut on my main typing finger that makes it a chore to do so.

  4. Thanks for this. What a well put view! I agree 100%

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