Union Busting

   The Unions have grown far too powerful. While unions used to represent workers in their quest for fair hours and fair pay, now their main uses are shaking down business and lobbying for the Democrat party. Anyone disagree with me? Look at any major unions’ past support for politicians. Do you see any more than about 5% of Republicans endorsed by the unions? I found one Republican endorsed by the UAW local

   So what am I saying? I’m saying that we need a few good men (or women) left in the Senate or the House that will say ‘The unions have gone too far’. I think Americans are turning en masse from the leftist agendas of the Democrats and the unions.

   I know this for a fact, there is still a market for American cars, but maybe the market’s not there for GM cars. It hurts because I love the Chevy brand and have always loved the Silverado as a truck. But the markets dictate, in a free country, what is sold and what falls by the wayside. I won’t say that the Chevy and Cadillac brands will fall away. But GM needs to take a look at longtime rival Ford and model themselves after Ford and maybe a little after the foreign carmakers that are thriving in the recession. No one wants to buy cars from a government run company. GM is now essentially a government owned company, and having the CEO put in place by the government certainly doesn’t make it look any better.

   But this isn’t about GM, Ford or the government. It’s about the leftist unions growing grip on politics and the Democrat party. It used to be the unions stood up for their workers and wanted a fair wage for a honest day’s work. Now unions want exorbitant pay for less work and more benefits. Autoworkers in a GM plant have more robotic help at this point than they have ever had in the past, yet they are paid more for doing less and complaining the whole time. And it makes me ever more angry when honest guys like myself can’t find a job to save our souls yet union members get paid $20+ an hour and complain about the work. The financial secretary of the local UAW recently complained and moaned in the union newsletter that he was getting old and that his ‘legs just aren’t what they used to be.’ Uh, what’s that got to do with the union or union finances? Union members, while I think they are mostly okay and not nearly as corrupt as the Big Union bosses, are steeped in the art of complaining. They think they are entitled to ever increasing pay at ever lightening loads and ever more benefits.

   You want to tell me that unions have helped whatever industry or field they work in? Look at Detroit public schools. Almost all schools are unionized by the teacher’s unions. In Detroit 69% of 1900 4th and 8th grade students that were randomly tested scored BELOW AVERAGE. The National Assessment of Educational Progress has a test that is comprised of two parts. The first part grades the average of the students from 1-500. The second part of the test ranks the students from ‘below basic’ to ‘advanced’.  On the first part of the test the national average is 239, Detroit public school students scored an average of 200. On the second part, 67% of 4th graders were ranked ‘below basic’ but even more sickening is that 77% of 8th graders were ranked ‘below basic’.

   Well you might say, ‘oh but that’s not the unions fault!’ Really? You want me to believe that? Oh yes, it is the unions fault. Here’s the ugly truth. The unions keep mediocre to downright worthless teachers on their rolls due to the fact that it is so dang hard to fire a teacher that the state doesn’t bother. So, what do we have now? We have idiot teachers that couldn’t teach a bird how to sing and as a result the poor people of Detroit can’t afford to take their kids to private schools. So now we have unionized idiots trying to ‘teach’ our students and are getting nowhere yet are continually supported by the unions who are in it for nothing but more union dues. See where I’m going with this?

   Unions have ruined the public school system. We used to be one of the envies of the world because of our teachers that wanted to teach and wanted to get young minds to think and analyze and become all that they could. The unions came in like the Grinch on Christmas Eve, took all the money and left imbeciles in the classrooms. Now, instead of having teachers like Anne Sullivan, we have teachers that are having relationships with students and raking in the pay.

   Unions have ruined GM. Look at the CEOs. Everyone says blame the CEO because they’re paid so much money they HAVE to be the cause of GM collapsing. Not really because Toyota, Audi, Nissan etc. all have handsomely paid CEOs. So did GM and so does Ford. The one thing present in GM that isn’t in the foreign companies is the union. Non-unionized car companies are turning a profit and are set to come out of the recession just fine. Yet GM, once the pride of American manufacturing is shriveling and dying. Why? The union arm-twisting and shakedowns of GM cost them big time. The cost of GM cars went beyond what foreign cars cost at the same quality. Foreign companies were not hamstrung with pricey environmental quality taxes. Yet unions try to shift the blame to the fat-cat, capitalist pigs at the top. One word… puh-lease.

   I used to think that Bush was a moron for trying to bust up the unions. Maybe now we need a little good ole fashioned union-busting.  

One Response to Union Busting

  1. sirrahc says:

    It is definitely scary how much power the unions have accumulated over the years, especially lately. And our President acknowledged in print that he “owes” them for helping put him where he is.

    I blogged on this recently in a post called “Empty Promises, Big Labor, and Obama Gets Sued”.


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