EPA: Your Breath Can Kill You

   In another stunning move of monumental stupidity, the EPA has now told us that our breath is dangerous to us and the planet. It is now undertaking steps to begin regulating CO2, Carbon Dioxide, a regular part of the atmosphere and everyone’s breath.

   While I don’t deny that we need to do our best to not pollute, this isn’t about pollution. This is stupidity, pure and simple. Since the beginning of the earth there has been varying amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 is naturally trapped. Do none of these ‘scientists’ have a brain of their own to research these things without organizational bias getting in the way?

   Whereas I have little scientific knowledge outside of high school level biology, I do keep up to date on the whole global warming issue and find myself informing myself more and more through research on the subject. It seems to me that this is just another way to tax people and regulate industry to be able to pay for more and more government largesse.

   America has been driving and using coal-fired electric plants for many years. In fact, when we were the number 1 manufacturer in the world, we used a lot of energy, usually dirty energy and we did not see the whole ‘everyone is going to be poisoned etc. arguments that are trying to scare people into supporting the various new controls that government wants to impose. Why then should we impose new regulations on industries when they are already being burdened by more regulations than in other countries. You would think that issue #1 for Obama and his Democrat stooges in Congress would be for ending the recession first and tackling global warm… oops, I mean climate change when that ends. We have had cars for over a hundred years, coal fired plants for as long, maybe longer, and other dirty sources of energy that SPEW CO2 for a LONG time. If there was global warming, we would be steaming by now. We would literally be stewing in our own juices. But that is not happening.

   The whole regulation of carbon is sure to ruin our economy even further and put America’s industries in an even worse position when we are facing an ever growing China and cheaper sources of labor elsewhere. I only hope that we can reverse this nonsense before it destroys our country.

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