Election Day 2009!

Election day is here America. Americans will go to the polls in another display of what makes America, American. The free elections that have been held every years since our inception as a nation will continue today with thousands of local issues and a few key state races. In New York’s 23rd district, Conservative Doug Hoffman runs against Democrat Bill Owens. In New Jersey, incumbent Democrat governor John Corzine is battling for his life against Republican challenger Chris Christie and in Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell is leading Democrat Creigh Deeds by 12% in recent polls.

The biggest race for the Republican party today could very easily be the race that has no Republican in the race. Doug Hoffman is battling for the heart and soul of the Grand Ole Party. Local Republican leaders picked Dede Scozzafava to run against Democrat Bill Owens. Scozzafava was endorsed by Acorn, the Working Families group and other liberal, progressive groups. She dropped out and endorsed… the Democrat.

This race is the most important because it will show if the Republicans in New York want a liberal/moderate democrat or someone that is actually true to the party platform of limited government and anti-abortion. Republicans don’t need to expand the tent or become Democrat lites to get elected. They need to stand on principle. Let’s see how the three major races work out tonight.

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