Christie Wins in NJ

Fox News has projected Chris Christie the winner of the New Jersey gubernatorial race. John Corzine, the embattled Democratic governor made unpopular due to high property taxes and bad for business status ran a tight race with the former attorney general Christie. Christie was widely expected to lose because of the state’s normally stalwart blue status. This could be a bellwether for the 2010 elections in that independents, who voted for Obama big in 2008, swung back big time to Christie.

In other news: Bob McDonnell in Virginia won big in a Republican sweep of the state, picking up the Lt. Governor and Attorney General positions as well.

New York’s 23rd district is too close to call with Conservative Doug Hoffman running close behind Democrat Bill Owens. Less than 50% of the votes have been counted.

2 Responses to Christie Wins in NJ

  1. Zero says:

    You devoted entire posts to the Republican wins in NJ and VA, but you didn’t post anything about the Democrat wins in NY and CA.

    Maybe these elections were more about the local policy in those areas than actually any kind of demonstration of “the people fighting against the liberal policies of the Obama administration.”

    Just food for thought….

    • Aye, I didn’t devote posts to Dem. wins in NY and CA because the NY win came after I went to bed on election night and by the time I woke up, it was all over the news negating any reason for me to post. In CA there was no national coverage. Therefore, there was no need to post about that.

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