Obama Adviser Supports Sharia Law!

She describes her role in the Obama administration as a communicator to the president and other public officials of “what it is Muslims want.” But Dalia Mogahed has garnered negative attention when she stated on a British television show hosted by an extremist that Sharia (Islamic) law is ‘gender equality’. The hijab laden female adviser to the president states that Islamic women are satisfied by Sharia Law.

Says Steven Schwartz, a prominent American Muslim and outspoken critic of Islamic fundamentalism, “…while Muslims around the world are increasingly turning toward civil society, Dalia Mogahed offers the retrograde fantasy of Shariah as liberating, even as comparable with the principles of the Declaration of Independence.” Excuse me, an adviser to the president is saying Sharia, that required women to be covered hair to heel, that a person can have his right hand cut off for stealing, that says that a woman can be lashed for being found with her hair uncovered, is equal to the Declaration of Independence. Is anyone else finding something wrong with this?

In the United States, we pride ourselves on freedom and keeping government and church separate (often to the point of idiocy). But Islamic countries abide by Sharia and have NO secular law. With the exception of a few more moderate countries, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. all follow strict Sharia and the people are some of the most oppressed in the world. Why would we have an adviser to the president who has such views on the place of a violent, oppressive religion in government.

Also, since Muslims make up between 1-5% of the population, why does the president need a special adviser for Muslim concerns? Does he have a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Confucian adviser? What about for the disabled? Anything special like that for other groups? I didn’t think so. Now, I’m not attacking Muslims or anything, but Obama has a history of cozying up with Muslims to the detriment of other groups. He refused to participate in the National Day of Prayer, yet he had a special Ramadan dinner with Islamic leaders from around the country.

America, we need to fight the growing undermining of our nation and our foundation. We are based on Judeo-Christian values, not Muslim ones. Islam, though I love it’s people, is a religion of war and violence. We need to keep America based on the Constitution, not on Sharia or other international laws. Stay tuned.

One Response to Obama Adviser Supports Sharia Law!

  1. Frannie says:

    I wrote about this when he first took office “Sharia Law ” I knew then we were in big trouble in America . God please help us Americans this man is the Anti Christ himself.It says in the bible there will be a man go into office and the people will be mesmerized by him and bow down to him and you look what we have running our country .Do not tell me he is not the anti Christ .When he could care less about babies at almost full term and some at full term being disposed of . All take overs of the car companies and going in and firing the head officer in it .He is a organizer for he final take over in the end ,he is setting it all up ,he wants americans hurting for food(oursourcing ) and no medical , no umemployement ,no nothing and then we will have to take what he offers . Americans need to take back the gov , they work for us not us them . WE need to be the ones deciding on their raises and they should take what this black radical president is offering us in healthcare and every thing else . He is a communist

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